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>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A local blogger friend had notify me that a nearby outlet mall is doing quite badly and could be on the edge of closing down. So when my best friend DC called for us to do something, I suggested for us to go and do some retail therapy. The standard activity for us is usually some shopping followed by a dinner.

The mall is not complete dead, it's still quite busy on a Sunday afternoon. The prices are pretty good though; Shoes from Aldo for $15 (too bad they don't have my size), T-shirt for $7, polo shirts for $15 and amazing looking throws from Ralph Lauren for $30. I should have stocked them up for X'Mas gifts next time around.

In the intimate setting of the lofty Kenneth Cole changing room, DC commented that I should try clothes a size smaller, he was right and from his correctness spawned my splurge on a few items just a bit motivation to redouble my efforts.

DC is not quite happy with his life at this moment even though he's successful financially and in his career end, he feels pressure to stay at that level. Even though he longs for a simpler life and be able to travel the world, he doesn't feel like he could walk away from all his responsibilities. His partner and his parents believe in putting their best efforts in life and taking a year out to travel is not acceptable for them. I'm convinced that he should just do it instead of staying put, feeling tied down and resenting those folks around him. You can't live for other people, your own happiness should matter too. He wonders how I can live so stress-free, what can I say? Anyhow, instead of feeling obligated to stick around ad contribute whenever his partner is doing the little house projects as his hobby when he's home, which is all the time, DC has decided to have a social life of his own. I might get to see him more often after all.

Through my own misinterpretation and CuteCub's miscalculation, I ended up waiting for 2 hours on Saturday and was getting quite heated while walking around town on a bum leg during Earth Hour. I'm convinced that Earth Hour is a horrible experiment gone awry, I could not bear to not have electricity and all my electronic distractions for a whole entire hour. After a few drinks and him meeting me halfway home, we spent another great night together. The thing about CuteCub is that I sometimes forget how he looks like and I'm struck each time I see his handsome face. At times, I'm not too sure where we are heading but I just got some reassurance the other night while chatting online to tell me that this is not just a one-sided thing or something trivial. That made me quite happy. Maybe I can be less on edge now in hope that some day this could develop into something more concrete.

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