Thanksgiving Day Charade

>> Thursday, November 23, 2006

So it's been 16 days since my last entry, I have been quite busy. Aside from knitting the blanket that I've been working on forever, I've been doing an oil painting and playing a video game called "Okami". It's quite crazy at work too. The transition into a new organization has commenced and there are lots to do. We have been scouting for a new office space, contacting real estate agents, visiting different buildings. I visited a space in a prime location and was really happy about it, because it was all ready to move in the rent is a $5,000 higher than what we are willing to pay, but at least the space is very "respectable". If a client or funder happens to stop by, at least we will look serious and professional. The first 7 floors in our building right now is occupied by a mental health agency, and let me tell you that the elevator scene are not pretty. But all my effort would prove to be in vain since we just got news that one of our doctor friend is very sick or as my boss has put it - "dying" and he says we might be able to sublet it from them and perhaps get two months rent free if we talk to the soon-to-be widower. I don't understand how low your morals had to be to take advantage of a woman who's husband is about to die. Doesn't that stay in your conscience? Don't you go to hell for this kind of things?
Anyway, I have to do a website for the new organization, translate our pamphlets, do inventory for furnitures and machines. I'm quite busy these days.

Principe Rana quits his new job a week into it. I knew it was gonna happen, it's too far and he never think about it before doing something drastic like this. There's no transportation for him to come home after a certain hour on weekends and he'll hae to rely on someone else to drive him to the station. So he has been 'unemployed' this week, and walking the streets looking for work. It hasn't been easy for him, he's bored and worried and those feelings got passed on to me as well. On top of it, he occupies space and take over the TV. Nothing I can do about it. To lift his spirit a bit, I took off Monday and bring him to DC with me. I didn't realize that it takes like 3 hours to get there and by the time we were there, it's already the afternoon. He being the photo-freak, we took pictures of almost everything we see. We stopped when it got dark.

For this year, I got a 'Thanksgiving Meal For Two' at a local supermarket. Everything is cooked so I don't have to slave all day for a meal that would be finished in 20 minutes. For $45 dollars, it has One and a half pounds of turkey, one and a half pounds od wild rice mushroom stuffing, one and a half pounds of mash potatoes, green beans, gravy and cranberry sauce and a small pumpkin pie. Given the green beans are a little on the raw side and the stuffing is a bit tough and it's no way as good as home cooking, but it's pretty good especially, again, you don't have to cook anything. The portions are more than generous. I'll just recook the beans and the rice, no big deal.


Election Day

>> Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I have to say I really do hate politics. Politician nowadays are not working in government for the right reasons. Most politicians are corrupt and if they are not, they are child molesters or sexually deviant. Why can't they work for a just cause?

The negative campaigning commercials on Tv are design to make their opponents look bad. But it just make people lose faith in their government in general. Some politicians are beign criticized as too liberal, some are corrupt and made secret deals and give contracts to family members. Some voted 'No' for Armors for Soldiers in Iraq. Some of them are not even from the district that they are running from. All of which are information and gossip that I don't need to know. Why can't they just tell you what they stands for? Say "I'm for abortion, stem cells research and no war In Iraq" or "I will increase taxes for the rich and try to create more jobs opportunity and focus on increase welfare." it doesn't matter what the issues are, it doesn't matter if I agree with you or not, just take a stand! I don't want to vote for you because your opponents suck, I want to vote for you because I agree with you. But these candidates are too afraid to commit to a view, because they are afriad to lose the votes of people who don't agree with them. So instead of telling you what they are about, they just points out the mistake that the other person made.

It's also interesting how gas prices drop just before the election. Unregulated gas prices was a problem for the people. It was more than $3.00 a gallon half a year ago, oil companies have the largest profits margin in history. We all know the president and the vice president have heavy ties to oil companies, but nothing can be done about it because they are in power. So right before the election they are trying to lower the price to let people forget the problem exists. So when people go to vote, they will forget why voting for republicans is a problem. And after the election, the prices will increase again to $3.00 or even higher. Because, if they don't make profits when the Bush administration is still in power, they might not get the chance ever again. Mark my words, by X'mas the price of gas will go up to at least $2.90 per gallon.

It's funny how people's minds work. I have a colleague that swears by the Republicans. She supports the war in Iraq from the start and still support it after knowing that they did not have WMD. Supports torture. Thinks that the president does not have any responsibility towards Katrina or oil prices. Ignores the Mark Foley scandal. I think she only hears what she wants to hear and ignore all the other signs. these are the people who scares me the most. They are not reasonable anymore and she will still vote for Republicans even if the candidate kills someone in front of her and dangles the bloodied head in front of her face. and let me clear something up, there's a difference between a child molester and a homosexual.

Seeing all these idiots in office, I'm afraid for this country. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Morning Sickness

>> Monday, November 06, 2006

DC called me on Saturday and told me that he's going to reject the offer from the other Pharmaceutical company in Delaware, so he doesn't have to move. "To save the marriage", as he put it. I don't know if it is as simple, him wanting to take a job with better offer somewhere else is a career move, it is a symptom but I don't think it's the root of the problem.

El Principe's new job allow him to have 2 days off. So we spent yesterday together and today I left him at home. Laying in bed together this morning, hearing him say "I love you forever." I can't help but wonder the sincerity of that expression. We both know that he'll eventually go back to his country. How does the word "Forever" comes to play? As the group Outkast has so adequately put it -"Forever-ever?"

From the start, I knew the fact that he'll eventually leave. I just want to be stupid for once and blind myself with love. You know, it' ok to get hurt. It's better to get hurt than never have loved. So I guess I was hoping to crash and burn, very self-destructive of me. So "Yes", I feel the great love between us but I also hear the heavy sadness in the background thumping louder and louder.

What is our relationship based on? He doesn't even speak any English when we first met. He works long hours each day and when he does we see each other 1 hour per day at most? Figure he leave the house before I wake up and comes back an hour or an hour and a half before I go to bed. Maybe it is this lack of communication taht makes us work. There's nothing to fight about. God knows I need my space. If he had been there with me every hour of the day, I would have gotten tired of him and break up within two weeks. I needed the attention and I need to feel needed as well. There's why I need him to be around, there's why I needed a boyfriend and you turn around another 5 years has passed.

Maybe all relationships are the same. Too much time has passed and we all got too comfortable to start again. That's why all my friends married with their first. I'm not denying that there is love in the relation, I just sense the fear to start again in everyone when the time comes, including my own.


A Seemingly Relaxing Saturday

>> Saturday, November 04, 2006

I was never a good painter. I did a shabby piece and got published in my high school yearbook, but it wasn't because I was extremely talented. It was because nobody else paid any effort. It was quite easy to get into my high school yearbook. I got a piece of writing in there too, and trust me it was crap, I'm so embarrassed when I read it now.

If you couldn't draw well like me but you want to make an effort, let me recommend you a product I found - "Oil Painting by Numbers". I don't know if you have ever played a game in some children magazine while you were young; A figure made of from a bunch of cells with different numbers or shapes on it. You are suppose to fill in the color with the corresponding cells; 1 is white, 2 is black, 3 is yellow, 4 is blue, etc. After you color all the cells, you'll find out that the cells form a fish or a giraffe or a clowns face. "Oil Painting by Numbers" is a more grown up format of this game, but you know what you are painting before hand. After filling the correspondent piece properly, you'll get a masterpiece! I just got "The Last Supper" and a fruit and lobster still, I can't wait to start painting them. They also have "Water Color by Numbers", "Sketches by Numbers" and "Color Pencils by Numbers". Try them out!

Tower Records are closing their doors forever and they are having a sale. Although, it is not a good sale yet. Only 30% off the regular price, but the regular prices are like $19 for CDs and $29 for DVDs. I can get better deals on Amazon. I guess people are downloading music and movies too much or shopping online, so music and book stores like Tower Records and Borders won't be making much profits.

Went to Pink Rose and got myself a giant size piece of Banana Cream Pie. Pink Rose is a nice pastry shop that features giant pieces of cakes and pies. I got a pot of Darjeeling to go along with it, the piece of pie is so big that I can't even finish the whole thing. I also got a haircut and a dye job. It's dark brown now. I always liked that color of hair.

El Principe got a job somewhere else now. The bad thing about it is that he leaves for work around 8:00 in the morning and don't come back until after midnight, which means my love life is officially dead. I wonder how he can make a decision like that without thinking about me. I wish he would look for a job nearer to the city, so he don't have to spend an hour traveling each way. Ayeeee, so he'll go to work the same time I do and when he comes back I'll be sleeping. Why do I even need him then?



>> Friday, November 03, 2006

I finally decided not to go back to Hong Kong. Of course, I would love to see my friends, but i would rather save my money. I figure if I go back I'll have to spend US$ 3-4000. Since I'm pretty sure I'll be entering a rather unhappy working environment, I want to have some money on the side just in case I need to quit.

Started doing a big blanket for my bed. Not that I need one, but my ultimate goal to learn how to knit is actually making a blanket and maybe making a sweater that I designed myself. So I'm knitting like crazy. I have a concept on making the blanket with coffee-toned, multi-long strips with different patterns, width and color. So I'm frantically knitting the strips right now. As of now, I've already spent $228 on yarn and the whole project will take around 20 weeks to finish, I suppose. And I need to buy another $100-200 worth of yarn to finish the whole blanket. With that kind of money, I can afford a drug habit. I figure that it is really not worth it to knit at all. If I go to Macy's or Lord & Taylor to get a big blanket, it'll probably cost me $200-250. It's more time-consuming and expensive to knit yourself. I best forget knitting after I finish this blanket.

I made Jambalaya my way on Wednesday and it was Good with a capital "G"! Usually you make Jambalaya on a same pot, pretty much like congee. But I was thinking, if I have a restaurant, I won't be able to make it ahead. It'll absorb all the liquid and turn into mush. So I made the sauce and rice seperately and put it into a baking dish and bake it right before it's served. it turn out to be great and delicious. Since Principe Rana don't eat shrimp I steamed some mussels, shelled them and put them in the Jambalaya. Anyway, trust me, it was Good!

El Principe is saying that the restaurant he works at don't want Hispanics working there anymore because they are afraid of the recent reinforcement of the illegal immigration law. Honestly, I think it's just talk. Where are they gonna find people that would work as hard a they do for next to nothing? Americans rather collect social security than work, and they get paid pretty much the same amount. And low income people are eligible for so much more social programs that actually it's better for them to not work than to work. But El Principe is looking for a new job now. He is notorious for making bad choices, but then he always seems to be able to land on his feet. I hope everything will be ok at the end, but I'm worried for him.

Gotta go back to my knitting, the blanket is not gonna finish itself. God, I need to get a machine.


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