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>> Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's too much information Wednesday, so readers beware...

The topic of the day is the Death Grip, nope, not the karate/wrestling move but the masturbation technique, or shall I say, syndrome. Apparently it's an epidemic in Japan that leads to a population decline.

It's basically guys using too hard of a grip or too quick a speed while masturbating and their penises get trained and cannot ejaculate easily using any other means. I'm embarrassed to admit that yours truly suffers from this disease.

It's not like my parents or uncles sat me down when I was a kid and taught me how to pleasure myself. (that would be traumatizing and very un-Chinese) Heck, I didn't discover masturbation until I was 18. And with my self-indulgent personality, it is bound to happen. I think I even took pride of my endurance but it's getting in the way of mutual fulfillment. I wouldn't want my partner to wait 5-10 minutes for me to pleasure myself until completion even though my own big O is not necessarily my goal. I get pleasure from pleasuring other(s) and I have fun doing it, I'm just good like that.

Dan Savage is the first person who gave this burden a name - the Death Grip - appropriately so. He talked about it a few times in his columns and his podcast, it seems like I can either live with it for the rest of my life or I can retrain myself to feel more subtle sensations and eventually be rid of it forever.

So here, following instruction from a site, I'm swearing off masturbation and porn for a while, hopefully with time it'll fix itself. (Not an April Fool's joke) Although it doesn't mean that I'm swearing off sex, just masturbation. Speaking of which, did anyone saw the new movie promo with Josh Hartnett all grown up, muscled and hot-like?

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