Travelogue: Reading Terminal Market

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's actually not much of a travelogue since Reading Terminal Market (aka the Amish Market or simply the Farmer's Market) is in my city, but maybe it'll serve a purpose for other people who's planning to visit Philly. It is not until Thanksgiving had come and gone that I remembered how much I like the Market.

Outdoor markets has started in Philly along (surprise) Market Street in the late 17th Century and started to move indoors due to the nearby complaining residents and the Reading Terminal Market established in 1892. Conveniently located one block from City Hall, the market has approximately 80 different vendors which includes baked goods, meats, poultry, seafood, produce, flowers, ethnic foods, cookware and a few restaurants.

There are a lot of neat stores in this joint, over the years a few ethnic clothing, decorations and jewelry stores gave way to the more profitable and popular prepared food stores but it is still a superb place to go and walk around. If you live in the city, there's no better place to shop for groceries than this compound. Freshest produce, fish and poultry guaranteed and at a lower price too.

I never knew there's a different in the taste of chicken until I went to Godshall's, it taste so much better using fresh chicken than buying it from a regular supermarket. And they are really busy that they have a ticket numbering system and you'd be expecting to wait for 30-45 minutes around Thanksgiving. Both father and son (?) in the picture is quite handsome, especially the son. Totally my type, but I don't know how I feel about coming home to a guy that smells like raw chicken. Besides, I think he's married anyhow.

For produce there are no place better than the Iovine Brother's, fresh and cheap. You can pretty much find any kinds of produce there, just for apples they have like 10 different kinds. I got two heavy bags of produce for just 20-some dollars which would cost double from a regular supermarket. For a guy who loves to cook, that's heaven.

Well, for the visitors who are not planning on getting groceries. There are a few things that you might still like. How about flowers from Market Blooms? The owner used to have a bookstore in the center of the gayborhood called Afterwords, but I guess his real passion is actually flowers and probably a lot more profitable as well.

For eating, my favorite is a place called Shanghai Gourmet. They're not from Shanghai and it's not quite gourmet, but they do amazing American Chinese food. My favorite dish (for shame) is Shrimp in Lobster Sauce. 5 huge shrimps, butterflied and deveined in creamy lobster sauce over rice. Yum!

Right next door is a juice bar called 4 Seasons, you can order pretty much any juice you want. You can mix and match a few as well, my favorite is a banana, pineapple and kiwi. All the fruits are naturally ripened and taste sweet. In summer, they would have watermelon juice which is what we had back in Hong Kong, all the flavor without the chewing. For the health nuts, they also sell wheatgrass shots full of antioxidant although I can't imagine them tasting good.

For dessert, head to Bassett's for ice cream or to The Famous 4th Street Cookies for some fresh baked. Termini's Bakery have great pastries and amongst them the gold start goes to a chocolate covered half banana on a crescent cookie, it would be truly perfect if they could put the whole thing on a stick. Following the revival of cupcakes a few years back, there's a new store there called the Flying Monkey selling cupcakes in all different flavors. My favorite one is a chocolate cupcake with espresso icing, there's also a chocolate covered espresso bean on top. It's a bit pricey and the staff not exactly friendly, but it's good. (I won't cry Racism! on everyone but I seem to notice people could get a bit hostile until they hear me speaking English eloquently.)

And for the paradox of all time, check out these chocolate-covered onions. I understand it's a gag gift like the rat-shaped chocolate or the ones that imitate various body parts or the clever chocolate screw with the words "The Diet" on top of it, but it seems to be an inedible waste on perfectly good chocolate and perfectly good onions.

The market is opening 8:00am through 6:00pm, Mondays to Saturdays and 9:00am through 4:00pm on Sundays. Some of the stores closes earlier and the Amish are only there Wednesdays through Saturdays so pay attention if you want to check out the cute Amish boys.


Weekend Meme: Sometimes I Meme

>> Saturday, November 29, 2008

Again from Chris at My 2 Cents, I'm starting to feel guilty to take so much from someone. But his one looks too much fun to pass up, so here:

Sometimes I just need: a pat in the back.

Sometimes I want: to pig out and eat everything I want without gaining a pound.

Sometimes I like to: took a long bath in warm water.

Sometimes all it takes: is a compliment to grease the wheel/make me like you.

Sometimes I picture: justice done in my head.

Sometimes I wish: people would have more common courtesy.

Sometimes I find: I over estimate people's intelligence.

Sometimes I take: in people surrounding me and then realize that I am actually happy.

Sometimes I look: at a person and I can already tell whether I like him/her.

Sometimes I hate: long conversations.

Sometimes it’s nice: to just be alone and quiet.

Sometimes it hurts: to recognize that there are things that I can never have, life that I can never lead.

Sometimes it makes me happy: to go to new places and to meet new people.

Sometimes it’s sad: when people get so uncomfortbale with new concepts and things that they start discriminating people different than themselves.

Sometimes I listen:, most of the time I don't. Haha.

Sometimes I sleep: with someone else, but I prefer sleeping alone.

Sometimes I like to watch: joggers, hot!

Sometimes I feel: blue but I'm ok with it, it's better than not feeling anything at all.

Sometimes I rant: and rant as if that would change anything.

Sometimes I never: realized that me not being white is a factor living here in the USA.

Sometimes I really: want to be taken care of, but my pride is SO in the way.

Britney Moment: Sometimes I Run, Sometimes I Hide...


Viral Video: Kasha's Kreamy Surprise

Saturday should be renamed stealing from Chris day, but this time it's not a Meme. It's a viral video clip from Kasha Davis, a drag queen, teaching us how to make a cocktail. Great writing and made me laugh with almost every single line coming out of her mouth. I hope it makes you laugh too.

Have a great weekend!


Music Invasion: Duffy's "Stepping Stone"

>> Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday, y'all!

The dinner last night went pretty well, The turkey came out perfect, all 5 vegetables in the platter are nicely done each with its own flavor, I think I can qualify it as a success. The best thing though is the Tiramisu, after experimenting with one last week, I tweaked the recipe and everybody loved it. Hooray for moi. The only thing is that I don't think Asian people like cranberry sauce much.

Still feeling too tired and lazy to do a long post so here, I don't know why I'm humming this diddie these days, it's not like I have a man around to do me wrong. Surprisingly I couldn't find any good deal out there this year, but I hope you all enjoyed some shopping.

Stepping Stone

I remember, way back, way back when
I said I never wanna see your face again
Cause you were loving, yes you loving somebody else
And I knew, oh yes I knew I could control myself
And now they bring you back into my life again
And so I put on a face just like your friends
But I think you know, oh yes you know what's going on
Cause the feelings of me, oh yes of me are burning strong

But I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own

You used to call me up from time to time
And it would be so hard for me not to cross the line
The words of love lay on my lips just like a curse
And I knew, oh yes I knew it would only make it worse
And now you have the nerve to play along
Just like the maestro beats in his song
You get your kicks, you get your kicks from playing me
And the less you give, the more I want so foolishly

But I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own

No I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own

Never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own


Happy Gobble Gobble, Gurrr...

>> Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

I've never really understood Thanksgiving, we never celebrated it in Hong Kong, the reputation of cowboys and indians precedes turkey day, but it's fun to have something to celebrate nonetheless. I'm off to get Thanksgiving dinner on the way for me and my friends. Thank god I've got some things ready last night, including a new and improved Tiramisu with shaved chocolate on top. Only slept for 4 hours.

Let's see...

This year even though I don't have a job right now and little money, I still have my good health to thank for, and friends new and old, a roof over my head and free time to do whatever I want. Oh and Obama is our next president, yeah!

So what are you thankful for? Do share.


Beef & Kimchee

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When I came out and met my first boyfriend (the psychotic one), I got absorbed into his group of friends; DC & JEW, Beef & Kimchee, Filipino guy Sal, Ex-Marine guy, and one or two other Asian guys that come occasionally. I have a strong affinity with DC and since we have become good friends despite his unavailability when his boyfriend JEW is in town, but due to the nature of JEW's job he travels to Europe and Asia often.

Beef and Kimchee have a whole different mindset, they live in NYC and by definition, they have a tendency to think that they are better then anyone else. Beef is in his early 50s now, white, a successful real estate agent who lived large on commissions in the past economic boom, you can see his picture in New York Times as one of the advertised agent. Kimchee is, of course, Korean, in his mid 40s, an interior designer and painter. They have a decent loft in the lower east side and enjoy cooking and holding parties fro friends every weekend.

Whenever there's a big holiday, like Thanksgiving, X'mas or for labor day weekend, they come down to Bucks county where DC & JEW's mini-mansion is and we'll have a big cookout. Beef and Kimchee love to cook, and so do JEW & I, They'll planned the gourmet menu, cook, while DC and I will prep and learn from them. Ex-Marine guy never minded washing and cleaning, it's usually a great time. The thing that irked me is Beef and Kimchee's portrait of class. It's fine that they like to brag about going to Paris every now and then (I've lived there for 7 years) or go to antique shop, but the unnecessary that everyone else have to follow in a casual friendly setting is awkward. (If I'm expected to serve your soup bowl from your left hand side and remove it from your right then a expect a tip at the end of the meal.) After seeing the Memoirs of a Geisha together one X'mas, I was criticized by Beef for being snobbish to find the pedophilia undertone of it disturbing, it's actually amusing for the biggest snob I know to find me snobbish... lol

After a few drinks bottles of wine, which is often, the attitude can be felt more unfiltered. Since everyone there is a decade or two older than me, I was given the role of the pretty young thing. Kimchee had uninhibitedly chastised me for dating my exboyfriend even in front of him at the time in which I asked him why is that any of his business, he replied "I don't want you to leave him later and break his heart." But now I think about it it might have been for my benefit as well. I didn't have a good report with Kimchee, mainly because I see him as obnoxious, fake, annoying, and a puppet imitating Beef with no personality of his own. Shameful, but I took pleasure hearing that he has burned his face from opening an oven at another friend's party. (I'm horrible, I know.)

Last week, I caught up with DC during Dim Sum and I found out that after yet another night of drunkeness, Beef couldn't wake Kimchee up the next morning. He took Kimchee to the hospital and they found blood in his brain. Kimchee had become a serious alcoholic throughout the years and he could have cracked his head without knowing. He is relatively ok now, but he needs rehab become his eyes can't focus anymore and DC said his sparkly personality is gone and he looks much older and skinnier than before. Being not that close to them, I have no clue on where his rehab is located, so I can't send them anything to show my support.

DC told me that after years of observation, Beef and Kimchee are not such bad people as we've originally find them as. Deep down inside they need friends and validation, the attention to details and their pursue of class is just their hobby much like tennis is for DC and video games for me. Since DC have seen them a lot more often than I had, I'll take his words for it. Anyhow, even DC seems doubtful, I wish Kimchee godspeed in his recovery. After all, they did provided me with some of the most memorable holiday meals.


Happy Birthday, Charlaine Harris!

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sorry for missing a few post. Saturday I was at a surprise farewell party for my friend DN who beat me to the punch and he's moving back to California today, one time when we were hanging out he said he was thinking about moving to Seattle and when he had decided he might ask me to go with him and I guess I took it a bit too seriously. I think moving to California is like marriage, I keep hoping it's gonna be my turn soon.

Other than being with my Mahjong buddies and getting really nervous with the upcoming Thanksgiving meal plan. I've been busy reading the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Mystery Boxset, just finished the whole set yesterday but the series doesn't end there and the writer takes a whole year to write one installment. Even worse, from the writer's website she has no idea how many more installments she will be writing to finish it off. And I thought waiting five months for a new comic book was excruciating, I'm starting to regret ever reading it at the first place, especially when I found out that Ms. Harris is turning 58 today and she looks like she could have diabetes. (Sorry, but I would hate to not know how the story ends. I need closure!!!)

Just when I've finished reading the boxset, I've gone on Amazon to buy the next chapter with hardcover it's only $7 more and I don't have the patience to wait. Sunday was also the season finale for HBO's True Blood, having known the plot there wasn't a whole lot of surprises. There a slight difference between the TV series and the book version, but they each have their own merits. I've never read a romance novel in my life and part of the books read emotional and erotic at times and at part, the logic is not stable enough as a detective mystery should be. The TV series in itself cannot be as detailed as the books, it feels like the story is too compacted and Alan Ball exaggerated the analogy of vampires to gays just a bit too much. Also, it's hard to find demigods to play a 6'4" blonde, muscled viking vampire and other chiseled muscle studs in Ms. Harris' fantasy of a book.

(Spoiler) I think the series is progressing through the plots from the books but the tone between them are quite different. Maybe we will get to see Sookie travel around the States a little bit. And I think killing off a well defined and flamboyant character such as Lafayette will disappoint a lot of people. I'm eager to find out what will happen to all of them but I can't imagine waiting a whole year.


Weekend Meme: Holiday Food Meme

>> Saturday, November 22, 2008

Since I'm very involved with my planning for the coming Thanksgiving dinner, I thought this meme from Ur-Spo at Spo-Reflections would be very appropriate. So name a food that you associate with each holiday and if you can provide a little story to it.

What foods do you associate with each holiday?

1. New Year’s
Champagne and caviar. Not everyone likes caviar and good caviar is hard to find and expensive but it's an indulgence thing for me. Actually I can't remember the last time I've had it, it had to be almost 7 years now. And although I don't know how to appreciate alcohol, I like the bubbly. The sweeter ones like Martini & Rossi's Asti Spumante.

I'm sure it's pretty low in the rank but suits me fine.

2. Valentine’s Day
Russell Stover's heart-shaped chocolate. I love chocolate but I loathe those. Way too sweet, and you know it's not what good chocolate would taste like, but they are all over the place during Valentine's. Just a disclaimer here, if I ever get these for a boy, it's ground for breakup!

3. Easter/Passover/vernal equinox
A huge glazed ham, deviled eggs and chocolate eggs. Ham, love. I still don't know how I feel about those spiraled ham yet. Convenient, yes, but ham itself is easy to cut already and I like my meat thick. I like eggs in general and deviled eggs work. On chocolate eggs though, hate Cadbury's creme eggs... too sweet again. Love Kinder eggs though, grew up with them love the little surprise toys inside especially if they have to be assembled. I even love the capsule, you can make it pop and shoot it across the hall.

Kinder. God invented them.

4. Independence Day/Canada Day
Hot Dogs, Burgers, Nothing special there. Anyone solved the 10 buns/8 dogs issue yet? Oh how about corn? sweet, pleasant and versatile. Love it as a cold salad or a cold or warm chowder.

5. Hallow’en.
Chocolate again, of course. Despite my previous cheer for corn, I hate candy corns. Yuck!

6. Thanksgiving/harvest festival
Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and green bean casserole. Turkey is a given, and you rarely have stuffing without having turkey. Not a big fan of pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie but they sell them around thanksgiving to raise funds for the food delivery service for HIV/AIDS patients here in Philly. Now, green bean casserole is an enigma to me, I think they had a commercial years ago for French's fried onion or Campbell's cream of mushroom soup saying that they'd be great for making green beans casserole which is a Thanksgiving staple. I've never had it before and always wondered how it would taste. Oh, I love Starbucks' Grandma's Turkey Dinner sandwich, which has a bit of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce in whole grain bread. They're seasonal, I will definitely look for them now. maybe instead of making dinner next week I'll just buy a box of these. It'd be so much easier.

7. Christmas/Chanukkah/winter solstice
Yule Log, Egg Nog and Spiced Apple Cider. Can't say I like egg nog or apple cider. Of course, years ago when I was in San Francisco I saw Starbucks has a Caramel Apple Cider with whipped cream and that changed my point of view. Hmm, why do I all the sudden like starbucks so much, I used to loathe them, I guess anything is better with caramel and whipped cream. Yule Log, however, is just wonderful. Love the chocolate mousse covered wood bark and the meringue snow man and mushrooms. All the little decorations and powdered sugars can make a grown man cry.

A well-made yule log is a work of art.

8. Birthdays
Cake and Noodle Soup. Love cake, gotta have one for your birthday even if it's a tiny cup cake with a candle on it. The Chinese believe in good omens, and no omen is better than having long strands of noodles on your birthday symbolizes a long life. My grandma will make me instant noodles on my birthday for breakfast. I imagine all the chow meins and lo meins would do too, even spaghettis, just don't use zitis or orzos.

9. Marriages
I have yet to be in a western wedding, so for weddings it's shark-fin soups and abalone for me. Don't like abalone, it's like chewing leather. I think people just eat it for the novelty of it, I rather have a steak any day. Now shark-fin soup, I like. Since shark fin is so rare in the old days, they put the best of everything in the soup and a very specific taste is developed. I think most restaurant uses synthetic shark fins these days, but it still taste the same. Although I have to say, given the bad reputation of Chinese products, I hope they are not using plastic as a substitute.

Shark fin soup, best with a dash of vinegar.

10. Funerals/wakes
I have not been to enough funerals to get a sense of the food but when I was growing up we got to visit our ancestors or graves every now and then and we always brought fruit and put them in the shape of a pyramid. They are usually apples or oranges. That and roast pork or a whole chicken.

This post is making me hungry... Have a great weekend!


One Sad Video Game

>> Friday, November 21, 2008

I can't claim to have played this video game, so I'm only judging from the content of the commercial. (Yeah, I guess I'm a little judgmental today.)

I guess the whole concept is that you don't have to be bored in the rain, you can go into another world and meet your friends where it is sunny, but there's no excitement in their voices whatsoever. If I'm playing a videogame, I want to live a fantasy, I want the game to draw me in with magic or give me an experience that I wouldn't be able to have otherwise, I don't want to do day-to-day stuff. That's probably why my fascination with The Sims has been short-lived.

The game is obviously catering to women, as if they are easy to be fooled by cutesy graphics and immune to the lame concept. Oh, let's go to the mall with your friends in cyber space, or watch fireworks, no, not real ones but the ones done in cutesy graphics in our TVs. It's sad when you can go to the mall or go fishing in real life with your friends but you have to resort to playing a video game. (Get a hobby! Learn a skill! spoken by the unemployed.) At least with Nintendogs, it saves you the hassle of cleaning up after your dog. I would think the people at Wii could come up with a better game to advertise, I'm surprised.

Dudes, you are all successful individuals that have enough money to do whatever whenever you want. And does a successful, attracive landscaper, interior designer TV personality really want to do gardening in a game after work? Call me gullible.


Thanksgiving Plans

>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some day two weeks ago I was watching You Are What You Eat on BBC and was inspired to make a miso soup with onion, broccoli and edamame. I also added tofu, wakame and some ground pork in it for good measure. I pretty much ate it for quite a few days last week and then made it again this week because I had some miso and edamame left over. I don't understand why but all the sudden I get this strong craving for chocolate at night, it was so strong that drove me a little crazy. I passed by Whole Foods and they had seedless green grapes lying around for people to try and they were unbelievably good, so I got them instead. I don't normally make a conscious effort to eat healthy, but I prefer a balanced meal so when I eat meat I'd have to have some veggies and some starch. When the grapes didn't satisfy my sugar cravings, I gave up and got myself a box of Ferrero Rocher. It's not until yesterday that I realized I have mistakenly put myself on a low-carb diet with the soup, which explained my sudden sugar cravings. I've unknowingly lost 2 pounds. (lol.)

My mahjong friends A&Y had asked me to cook for them and their friends and families for Thanksgiving. Since I'm having so much fun with them, I said yes. But it's going to be 20+ people and I'm feeling the pressure that I've bitten more than I can chew. It's practically catering, which I've never done before.

I've decided the menu to be something like this:

Butternut Squash Soup
Herb Roasted Turkey
Turkey Gravy
Orange Cranberry Sauce
Sausage, Apple, Sage Dressing
Mushroom, Barley, Rice Dressing
Seafood Fettucine
Vegetable Platter - Sliced Potatoes, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Pepper, Asparagus, Haricot Verts w/ Shallots, Maple Glazed Carrots and an Aioli
Pumpkin Cheesecake

I have no idea how much of each I have to make. I would love to do two medium-sized turkey or a turkey and a glazed ham than one huge bird. The orange cranberry sauce can be store bought plus a few things to make it unique, roast peppers can be store bought, so can the pumpkin cheescake. The caramelized onions, maple glazed carrots, the aioli and the tiramisu can all be made ahead.

I used to make the seafood fettucine all the time when I was living in New England. They sold gthe dish in Hong Kong's Pizza Hut and it requires a rare Campbell's Oyster Stew to make it taste right. I wonder if I can hunt it down in some bigger supermarket. If not, I'll do my baked mac & cheese. I'm thinking the total prepare and cook time will take about 6-7 hours, it'll be a busy day.

Since everyone attending are Chinese, I don't know if anyone have had a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner before. I realize that it gives me some leeway (like not making mashed potatoes or rolls, gasp!) and probably they wouldn't know any better if I've screwed up but I'm not planning on it. I'm testing my memory now by recreating some of those dishes and have it for dinner this week, I just hope everything goes well.

Reminds me of this movie


No More Mr. Nice Gay

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feel good movie of the year, that's why I was surprised to find out that it's produce by the other side as evident on how violent and intolerant the gays are for chasing them out of a public space while they were doing nothing but singing hymns, right.

As I've said before, I've always hated (strong word, but yes) the anti-gay demonstrators in all the pride events who have a loud speaker shouting hate speech during in gay neighborhoods. Yes, they have the rights to say what they want to say, but it's crossing the line when I'm supposed to enjoy my time and yet getting yelled at. It's a way to lower my quality of life just because of my sexual preference. I don't go in front of their churches every Sunday, yelling at their bigotry, maybe we should start doing that? I'm always tempted to get some loud speakers for me and others to surrounding that particular group and start yelling back. So when we got to do that last Saturday, I was thrilled.

The conventional wisdom is that these people are not worth it, we are just going to waste our breath. Gay people as a group are too nice, we take the high road way too often or maybe some of us are actually ashamed to be gay, but if our oppressor don't get any resistance from us, why would they stop oppressing us? If a bully at school take our lunch money away everyday and we don't even say a word, why would they not continue doing that? Are we waiting for others to pity us until they give us our rights? How do we suppose that would work?

There have been talk about organization like the Human Rights Campaign have not been doing anything but asking for donations, at a time like this when we clearly need organization for protests or a spokesman to go on TV show to debate and exert the importance of equal rights, and instead we get Dan Savage, Michelangelo Signorile, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. Not that there's anything wrong with Dan Savage or the others, but what is the Human Rights Campaign doing with all their received donations at this crucial time? Regrettably the last news I've heard from them is with their exclusion of Transgendered rights which spewed a fight with the transgendered community. I'm afraid during this bad economy that organization might not last long with their inaction.

While I'm not advocating for violence (or maybe I am), where are our gym bunnies and the roidheads when we need them? We have to get ourselves organized and do more in this crucial time for change. The gays are pitched against Blacks right now and at the end we will all be brushed off as minority issued that concerns no one. I'm surprised to hear Mike Huckabee say that the gays haven't been oppressed or at least not with violence. Maybe that just means he haven't actively participate in the killing of Harvey Milk or Matthew Sheppard amongst other gay bashing incidents and how dare we compare our agenda to the civil rights movement that African-Americans faced. What does it say about this country that some of us still have to fight for equality?

I'm skeptical of what One Day Without Gays might bring, since the Latinos just did that not long ago and it hasn't gotten them anywhere and I'm pretty sure that the urge to protest will just die down from here. Other than boycotting business that donated to Yes On 8, there isn't much any of us can do but to wait for actions from our government which moves at a slow pace. Maybe I should go back to my Tai Chi boxing class, just in case.


Zombie Days, Vampire Nights

>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm still getting over a cold that started mid-last week. It's actually not quite a big deal other than having some coughs and minimal nasal congestion. I think I should be all recovered by Thursday. After Saturday's miraculous warmth of 70-some degrees, the weather has dropped colder and I don't think it'll get warmer again until the end of winter. There's nothing I enjoy more than being in bed under my covers and feeling the cool breeze coming from my window.

The leaves on the maple and gingko trees have turned to a bright yellow, falling to the ground and covering everything under them. It really makes you appreciate the controlled nature that the city has to offer. I'm spending most of my weekend time with my Asian friends, playing Mahjong and eating. I figured that most of them are young, single and have limited responsibilities, maybe that's why we are able to meet up so often. During the week, I write my blogs, read others and get in touch with what's going on, do house chores, grocery shopping, cook, cruising online etc. I really should be mad at myself for not looking for a job yet, but I'm not. I can also find some sort of entertainment somewhere, and the unemployment compensation is more than enough to support my current lifestyle so it doesn't offer much kick in the ass.

Since I was so impressed with HBO's True Blood, I ordered Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Mystery box set from Amazon. It contains the first 7 paperbacks in the series and I've been reading them constantly, they are a mixture between supernatural mysteries and romantic novels. The mysteries are quite simple, but I always liked vampires and the TV series gave me a good base for context. I am afraid that I might know the plots for the TV series for seasons to come. It's good to know that the books slightly differs from the show, a friend asked me to go watch Twilight with him around Thanksgiving, I'm actually looking forward to it.

I find myself having trouble putting a book down once I get into it, so nowadays I read until I must go to sleep. Sometimes that means 4~5 o'clock in the morning, but who cares? Isn't life grand?


SNL Attack: Beyonce, Justin Timberlake & Paul Rudd

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

Just when I thought I've got Beyonce's Single Ladies out of my systems, here comes this:

And then Beyonce performed the song again, well... more like danced it, but it was quite brilliant to watch.

Paul Rudd managed to make the show funny, so kudos. And he is quite hot but for a 39 years old to play a college student is a little far fetched.


Marriage Equality Protest (Philly Version)

>> Saturday, November 15, 2008

As I've said, I wasn't feeling in tip top shape and I started the day with an extra sense of grumpiness (which is a more masculine word for bitchiness) and the sense of dread were magnified when I see the signs that I'll be force to carry.

It's just too much, a freaking red heart with a Chinese character on it that forces everyone nearby to ask "What does that mean?". It's like my Chinese vampire costume on Halloween that nobody knows what it represents. I normally don't like the attention anyhow, and it kinda defeats the purpose of letting yourself heard in a protest. Although I later learned to appreciate them, just because it is big enough to hide my face and makes it so much easier to find my friends in the large crowd.

It was going to rain and pour all day, but it didn't happen during the protest which some of us took it as a sign. The ones who organized this thing had a broken microphone, so we missed all the speeches, all that is there was a bunch of people chanting. The chants were nothing smart... "What do we want? Equal Rights! When do we want it? Now!" but you can see the spirit rising. About 2,000 people showed up at city hall, we chanted, we marched around, some cars that drove past us honk their horns to show their support. It's a good feeling.

The best part of the day comes when three anti-gay bible thumpers came out and preached that we're going to hell or some bullshit. I've always tempted to surround them on Gay Pride day and yell back at them with loud speakers, shame them back to show that we're nothing to be messed with. Apparently I'm not the only one who thought that way. They were standing on a little stool, holding up their bibles and started preaching, some city officials were there as their bodyguards, but then more and more protester surrounded them. Some of the protesters were saying that it will just give them more attention which they seek and they are not worth the effort. But it is really not for them, we need to make ourselves feel good.

People started chanting stuff like "Hey, hey, ho, ho, homophobia has to go!" or "Love is love!". Some started to sing "For The Bible Told Me So.", or the ever so popular Na, na, na, na, Na, na, na, na, hey, hey-ey, Goodbye!". I watched as the circle surrounding them get smaller and smaller until they were at arms length and was fantasizing maybe I could be the first one to lunge in and make the whole even so much more exciting. But at the end, the securities must have felt threatened and outnumbered, so they escorted those guys out and everybody felt overjoyed by this small victory against hate. Not long afterward the crowd dispersed, and then half an hour later it started pouring hard.

I would have liked it more if the protest can be more of a nationwide movement for gay rights instead of focusing on Prop 8 in California. Since we are now fighting as one people, I'd like to see progress happening all at once. Also, I see people going there with ulterior motives, like cruising, making a name for themselves, media whoring etc. I know someone had to speak up and such but I can't help but be a bit disappointed.

Your Asian news correspondent Trisha Takanawa signing out.

For more pictures, go here. And here's Sister Unity's take on the issue:


Weekend Meme: Seven Deadly Meme

Just getting over a cold and I'm wondering the logistics of being sick and going to yell at City Hall in the rain for 3 hours. Had a few discouraging conversation with some friends but I think I'll still go anyway. I think they don't understand that for me this protest is not for show, it's about justice. Resident psychologist Ur-Spo over at Spo-Reflections just talked about something called Child Complex, and I think I have it, in fact I think I'm running my life with it.

This week's Meme is from Christopher over at Mangina Monologues, I think it summed up my week. Maybe these deadly sins are just normal human emotions after all, that or maybe I'm just a big sinner. Seven deadly sins actually sounds like those old kung fu movie like that Five Deadly Venoms, we can probably write another movie script for this concept. Instead of Brad Pitt's murder thriller Seven, this would be more like A-Team. Each sin is a name of an agent; Gluttony and Sloth could be a fat nerd hackers, Lust is a busty female agent, Envy would be another female agent with skills to change appearances, Wrath is your traditional hot head with fire arms, Greed is your stealth thief, Pride would be the pretty boy. Ooh, I think I remember something similar mentioned in Pulp Fiction... Was that Fox Force Five?

Anyway, here are the questions:

1. If you could kill someone (or injure them eggregiously) who would it be and why? Bonus points for ‘how’.

Let's see how I can respond to this without sounding like a psychopath, I guess it's not possible so here goes: From the short list of people I think don't deserve to live, I think I hate my ex-boss the most. He's a degenerate, selfish, fake son-of-a-bitch who's totally corrupt and use people's donations to HIV/AIDS patients for his own salary and lavish lifestyle. How? When you know a person's habit enough, it's actually not that hard. I plead the 5th on this one, I might need to use those schemes in the future. (evil grin)

2. You have been given 25 Million dollars, and you have to spend it all (no donations to charity or investing). What do you spend it on?

A duplex condo in San Francisco. Another huge condo in Hong Kong for my family. Enter into UCSF and study music, art, photography and all other leisure stuff, maybe even study in a culinary program and learn how to be a chef. Maybe even open up my dream non-profit bistro. I doubt that there's any money left after that.

3. You have the opportunity to steal anything in the world without getting caught. What is it and why?

Money from a bank? Money would offer me most freedom and I'll be able to do what I want to do. If I have to choose objects instead of money, it'd have to be some gold bars, they will be easier to break off and sell untraceably.

4. You have the opportunity to pawn off one facet of your life to someone else forever. What is it and why?

Work, lol. Can I pawn off work without pawning off the paycheck part?

5. If you could have sex with anyone (or anything) throughout the history of the world without repercussions, who or what would it be and why?

Let's see. I don't really think it matters who it is, I just like the experience to be good. So it will come down to who has reputation on being able to provide good sex, I'd think I would enjoy it a lot if I can have sex with Zak Spears. But if possible, I think an orgy of 20 will provide a lot more stimulation.

6. Describe the time in your life when you were the most bitterly jealous.

I have to say that doesn't happen to me much. I don't get bitterly jealous. Of course I'd really like to have a lot of money and live an easy life, but so far I haven't encounter someone that I'd really like to trace places with.

7. If you could have free, no-death, GOOD plastic surgery on anything and everything that you want, what would you alter and why?

Let's see, liposuction everywhere for sure. Hair plugs. Maybe a more pronounced nose and a stronger chin? I've just grown to like my face, but my mom had teased me for having a wide and flat nose when I was young.

Well, all. I'm getting ready for the protest. Have a great weekend!


Best Week Ever for Bill O'Reilly

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

I don't understand how an obvious bigot like Bill O'Reilly is now in the spotlight over his bigotry to homosexuals over the whole Prop 8 issue. Given, by me mentioning him on my blog I'm pretty much increasing his celebrity status which I really hate do but I've been seeing him in various clips on pretty much all my news blogs these few days. And, with him showing up at the Daily Show last night just pushed me to the edge.

If there's ever a poster boy for all the oppressers in the world, I believe Mr. O'Reilly would be it. Prejudice against all the minorities in a very self-righteous authoritative manner (see Ludacris), Mr. O'Reilly is not beneath twisting the facts to prove his theories. Although I have to give it to him that he's a master of cutting people off when they try to counter or cutting people off by saying something arbitrary like "You're wandering" or "Sorry, but we don't have time." Obviously, his show is not meant for intelligent, but then that's generally true for programs on Fox News.

What I really don't get is why are Bill O'Reilly's opinions all the sudden important that we have to watch it from everywhere? We all know that he's a bigot and he's only using the issue to gain attention, does what he has to say really matters? God helps the ones that use Mr. O'Reilly as their own moral compass.

Here seen Mr. O'Reilly actively trying to create a cultural war between the Blacks and the Gays, and cutting people off when they are trying to make a point:

Here seen using tricks to get out of an intelligent debate:

If all gay folks are going to hell, I hope it'd be a different hell that Mr. O'Reilly is heading to; it's be exhausting for us to hunt him down every single day to skin him for the rest of eternity. I'm still advocating to get a list of Fox News' Sponsors and boycotting them. Who's with me?


Pitching Gays Against Other Minorities

>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was just at a meeting with the folks at the Gay Luck Club discussing about the National Protest this Saturday and I was appalled to find out that some local LGBT minority organization is refusing to endorse the protest because people of color were not included in the organization of "No on Prop 8" and now their communities are getting blamed for it. I've heard about the background story to it, some argued that Californians didn't do the best job they can before the election to reach out to the minorities and no rallies were organized beforehand but who would benefit from refusing to endorse the protest now?

I guess it is confusing for people with multiple identities and minorities often felt that we are not included in the decision making process of things, we all want to be heard, but to withdraw support and use it as a bargaining chip in the political field is wrong. "We're not going to support you until you let us in the process." No, if you believe in the cause, support it. It should be as simple as that. I don't tell Red Cross to make me a board member before I donate blood. What kinda passive aggressive bullshit, is that? Either get yourself involved in the organization of things or start your own activity to protest. Sure, the race issue is important but when there is a common enemy, you don't start the fight by fighting amongst ourselves. If we do, racist homophobic fuckers like Bill O'Reilly will win.

I guess when an organization takes form, it'll run with a mission and forget all common sense. How would people know that we are serious about marriage equality if we can't present an united front? And must we include people of every race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age group, income level, intelligence level, mobility level in every decision we make and activities we do? Not that I don't have any respect for people different than me but why are they waiting to be asked? We all have resentment about The Man, the older white man that controls everything but to a point we'd have to say fuck the man and start doing our own thing and organize our own rallies even we might be fighting for the exact same cause.

We need a gay minority spokesperson, dammit!


Fueling The Fire

>> Wednesday, November 12, 2008

As if the former post is not enough, I thought if I am attending the protest this Saturday, what sign should I be bringing with me. Since we're not only protesting against Mormons but homophobia in general, even though we'd like to lay the blame on some particular group of people it's hypocritical for us to target a single group to express our anger upon. Although, there are a lot of anger to express:

Yes, my people are angry and rightfully so. That poor old lady has rights to express her ignorant views, but she should know better than to express them in front of a mob, she was asking for it and she got what she asked for. I understand a lot of folks are advocating for a peaceful demonstration, but what's the point? If we seem like the harmless fags that we are, who will take us seriously? What would people lose if they deny us? There has got to be consequences, or at the very least we have to seem threatening enough so folks will think twice before they decide to fuck with us. Yes, I am a vengeful fucker.

Take Michelangelo Signorile's brilliant reasoning skills with a Mormon Texan who donated to help Prop 8 pass, I can only wish I can be as well spoken and as patient as Michelangelo. You have the right to believe in what you believe in, but you do not have a right to make it into a law that will take other's people's rights away, but when talking doesn't work what is there left to do? Some people's conviction on their own fear and hate is so strong that they will keep making excuse of it so that they'd be righteous enough to not feel shame, while others are just plain stupid. I'd like to think I could bash some reasoning into their heads like the hollow piñatas that they are, but I still hope it wouldn't need to get to that stage.

Meanwhile, I have to think of a sign. How about Same Tax, Same Rights or I Pay School Tax For YOUR Children? If we're not allowed to have the same rights, shouldn't we get a discount? Actually the best sign I see so far is this one:

Definitely thought provoking. What do they want us to do? Turn straight? Do we have to go out and rape every women for them to get the point? Can you tell I have serious issues now?

If he thinks what we're doing is rioting right now, wait until he sees me loot a Best Buy or an Apple Store, I've been eyeing a iPod Touch, an a few iPhones for a while. (Oh, might as well grab a big flatscreen, a new laptop and a Dyson while I'm at it.)


How Another Revolution Get Started

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've read a few analysis on why Proposition 8 had passed:

Black voters: This is the first election that we have an African-American presidential candidate, which encouraged a lot of African-American voters to come out and vote. And seventy percent of black voters came out in support of proposition 8. Some implied that if it wasn't for an African-American candidate, Proposition 8 wouldn't have passed. As Jon Stewart had said "It appears that the oppressee had become the oppressor." To think that if any one group of people would understand the harm of discrimination, it would be a minority person. Apparently no one learns from history, they should seriously consider cutting off that subject in school and reinstate the music programs, at least it helps people to learn math.

Religion and Mormon funders: The reason on why Black voters and Hispanic voters go for Prop 8 is because these populations are usually highly associated with religion, Christianity to be more specific. I never understood why, since Christianity itself did not originate from their lands. If the white folks had came to my land and killed my people and brainwash me with what they believed in as a way of education, I would have been very skeptical and reluctant. I would have been killed of course, but I wouldn't have believed that it's their god's will to kill my people and enslave me. Religion had been used as an excuse for a lot of death, they might apologize for Galileo's death hundreds of years later and people would still believe in it but to me the more I learn the less credibility I have and don't get me started on Mormonism, that's just plain stupid. Are they trying to cause a stir to justify their own existence? (Although those guys in the Mormon calendar were quite hot.)

Confusing voting procedures: I don't know whether it was intentional but it is outrageously difficult to vote. First of all, 'Yes' on Prop 8 means banning gay marriage and 'No' on Prop 8 means refusing to ban gay marriage, I find this 'Yes' means No, 'No' means Yes thing stupid. You have to be very aware on gay issues to know how to vote and to the general public, it can be challenging.

Other than that as Rachel Maddow had pointed out poor people can't afford to stand in line for 3+ hours for their turns to vote. Tim Robbins got turned away from the voting place he had been voting for the past decade, his name simply disappeared and apparently he is not the only one, it happened once every 12 minutes. Uncalibrated machines that turns your vote from one choice to another, and this:

It is obviously designed to confuse. Given not is related to Prop 8, but how difficult should voting be? And even though your vote went in, it doesn't guarantee that it would be counted.

I am, of course, very disappointed that Prop 8 had passed, not because I want to get married anytime soon but since W. had became the president watching an important election is like watch an episode of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. I can't believe the amount of prejudice that exists. Much like people though Obama is a terrorist and yelling "Kill Him.", I can't believe how ignorant people can be and to a point that the ignorance would turn them angry towards an issue.

Maybe it's a good thing that Prop 8 had passed, I always thought the best thing to unite a group of people is to have a common enemy. Religious people and the right wing succeed because they like rules and structure and that makes them good at organizing. While the left wing and liberalists are too free-loving for their own good. To have an injustice in California might wake up every fags and others to roam the streets and voice their opinions. Rather than waiting for gay marriage to get passed state by state, since we have just elected a new president that represents change, we might as well got them done all at once. It's time, the perfect time, for us to fight back.

This coming Saturday, November 15th, is the day for National Protest Against Prop 8. Protests are going to be held simultaneously at 10:30 PST/1:30 EST in cities all around the country, for location details please visit here. If I'm paying the same amount of tax, I should have equal rights, isn't that what consumerism is all about? Imagine if they allow gay people to not pay school tax because we can't adopt or have children, how many straight folks will pretend to be gay just to get that benefit.

Like I said, even though I'm not eager to get married, I'll be damned to be told what I can or cannot do. I'm leaving you with wise words from Keith Olbermann:

If I only have TiVo...


TV Review: Skins

>> Monday, November 10, 2008

I love BBC America. The Graham Norton Show, Coupling, Robin Hood, Hex, Hotel Babylon, Cash in the Attic and even You Are What You Eat with the lady who likes the examine poo. (Although I'm not into Dr. Who/Torchwood/Primeval like many others are.) I'd like to believe that BBC America brings the best shows of UK and put them all into one channel, even the news program on that channel seems a lot of unbiased, but lately my favorite show on that channel is probably Skins.

Skins promotes itself as a dramedy. The whole series was pretty much filmed in Bristol, UK and they recruited high schoolers and college students between the age of 16 to 19 in that town to star in the show. The theme of the show is around life of teenagers which coincidentally have a lot to do about sex. Yes, there are a lot of teenage nudity involved and I'm glad to say that none of the kids turns me on. I have forgotten that the bodies of a teenage boy lack of muscle definitions, so I'll know to stay off chicken nights at the local bars.

There is a certain organic elements to the show. One of the teenagers has even wrote an episode. Given the plot is a little exaggerated and crazier than I've ever remembered to be, the show is still very interesting. Between these 9 teenagers, each of them is the center of their own episodes with storylines interweaving them together. Pushover Sid is in love with his manipulative best friend Tony's rich girlfriend Michelle, but later chase after Cassie who has an eating disorder. Crazy stalker girl Sketch is completely infatuated with gay boy Maxxie, got rejected publicly and turned her infatuation to his best friend Muslim Anwar. Party boy Chris had sex with his teacher who caused him to be expelled from college, and later got little miss perfect Jal pregnant.

The show deals with sex, family, death and cute puppy love, actually wild teenage party where people have sex and use drugs are called Skins party now. The show is a bit like the standard soap operas but with much younger stars and it operates in a two-season cycle, after the first two years the entire cast is changed to a whole new group of people. The third year starts in 2009.

Skins is on BBC America at 10pm on Sundays. It's funny, heart-warming and cute, catch it if you can.



>> Sunday, November 09, 2008

I don't usually pay attention to any commercials, I would usually change the channel whenever they come on. Maybe subconsciously it had swayed me when I'm at the supermarket, but I had to say commercials have minimal effects on me. I don't watch the Home Shopping Network or QVC, I find it too boring and I honestly don't have money to buy things I don't need.

Since it has gotten cold out, I have seen more pest activities in my apartment. Little mice, harmless but I'm used to living alone and intend to keep it that way. When Principe was still with me, he was in charge of pest control. I think 2005 was the year that we first saw any pests, maybe there were too much constructions going on in the city or maybe we had one too many flood. ES who lived all the way across town around 20 blocks away started having pests as well. We started using glue traps, although sometimes it can be messy and annoying as they sticks to other surfaces they were easy to set. The downside being that the mice don't actually die and they scream in the middle of the night when caught or some would eventually struggle off it, neither me or Principe would want to get close to the one who get stuck so it's just worst.

Later we changed for the spring traps, a lot more effective than glue traps but it's a pain to set them. Let's just say I'm a coward, so since Principe left I haven't been able to do anything. It's not like they have been showing up much until recently, so while seeing a commercial about a product called Riddex on TV that offers a clean and safe way to "irritate" the mice away I went online and ordered the product immediately thinking that I wouldn't have to deal with mice or roaches from now on.

The website and commercial said that the product costs only $19.99. Upon filling the form up with my credit card information and click order, it added $25.00 shipping and handling fee to the order without saying anything ahead. It prompted me to press a button to confirm. I thought $25.00 is too much, so I closed my browser up thinking that it will not get through but sure enough 2 weeks later, I get the products in the mail. I thought the order didn't went through since $25 sounds expensive enough to ship it with next day air and it should not have took two weeks.

Anyway, I figured since it's here I'll try it out but they don't work. You're supposed to plug it into a wall jack and it'd disperse electrical energy or some crazy ultrasound thing to chase the mice away. I know, the technology sounds too iffy to start with, but I thought it'd be illegal for them to scam people on TV. What do I know? It's basically just a tiny box with flashing lights, a mouse passed by it like nothing happened. I bought the new D-con twisting box which is much easier to set and dispose but so far it has caught diddly squat.

Talking about infomercials, I saw this on BBC America:

I can't help but laugh my butt off this one. It's called Snuggie which is a blanket with sleeves and short enough that you can walk around with it. Basically a bath robe wore the wrong way. And all the reasoning for a product like that are stupid... a blanket slip down too easily. Seriously WTF? The people wearing them look stupid too. They either look like they are aliens from those 70s TV shows or they are Klan members. Apparently somebody else feels the same way:

I mean if you can handle a blanket maybe you shouldn't be ordering anything. Just don't buy anything from these infomercials, it's where bad ideas goes to die.


Weekend Meme: Meme 64

>> Saturday, November 08, 2008

hey guys, I feel very inactive these days. I think I have to start looking for a job now. lol. This week's Meme is from Chris at My 2 Cents.

1. Are your parents married or divorced? Neither?
2. Are you a vegetarian? Nope, but I do enjoy vegetarian food every once in a while.
3. Do you believe in Heaven? If there's one, I doubt that I can get in so it's wiser for me not to.
4. Have you ever come close to dying? Nope, not yet.
5. What jewelry do you wear 24/7? A white gold bracelet my aunt give me for my graduation.
6. Favorite time of day? Late night about 11pm - 2am.
7. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes, I don't dislike it.
8. Do you wear makeup? Nope, not my usual routine.
9. Ever have plastic surgery? Not really, why? Do I need some?
10. Do you color your hair? I've done it before, I like it natural dark brown but my hairdresser love adding red to it so I haven't done it for a while.
11. What do you wear to bed? Nothing much, lol.
12. Have you ever done anything illegal? Sure, who hasn't?
13. Can you roll your tongue? Nope.
14. Do you tweeze your eyebrows? Nope, mine are naturally perfect. haha.
15. What kind of sneakers? Don't like sneakers much.
16. Do you believe in abortions? Sure, it's not of my concern so I don't care.
17. What is your hair color? Black.
18. Future child’s name? I have to see the child to know. Of course there are names that I'll never use for a child but I don't have a set name.
19. Do you snore? Yes, unfortunately. I have a travel buddy who ended up getting another hotel room just to be away from me. haha.
20. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Somewhere with a beach... Greece?
21. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? No, that'd be weird.
22. If you won the lottery, what would you do first? Buy a house, that's my dream.
23. Gold or silver? Silver color, but not the material. Silver itself is hard to maintain.
24. Hamburger or hot dog? Burger, of course.
25. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Hong Kong cafe food
26. City, beach or country? City or Beach, I've never lived near a beach, might be nice.
27. What was the last thing you touched? TV Remote
28. Where did you eat last? At home, Homemade lentil soup and sandwich
29. When’s the last time you cried? I honestly don't remember.
30. Do you read blogs? Yeah, a few times a day.
31. Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? Only for Halloween or charity.
32. Ever been involved with the police? Define involved, oh wait, most cops are overweight, aren't they?
33. What’s your favorite shampoo conditioner and soap? Shampoo: Giovanni's Tea-tree Triple Treat, Conditioner: Alba's Hibiscus, Soap: Anything from South of France or Tom's of Maine's Calendula
34. Do you talk in your sleep? I guess I do
35. Ocean or pool? For Swimming? Pool.
36. Who would you take on a ménage à trois for a dirty weekend? I think Zak Spears and Ryan Kwanten
37. Window seat or aisle? Aisle, I have long legs and mild claustrophobia.
38. Ever met anyone famous? Just added Margaret Cho and Liam Sullivan to the count. :)
39. Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life? Not by far.
40. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl and slurp.
41. Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey? Neither.
42. Basketball or Football? Neither.
43. How long do your showers last? 15-20 minutes.
44. Automatic or do you drive a stick? Neither but I am a gay guy.
45. Cake or ice cream? Ice cream
46. Are you self-conscious? Yes, very.
47. Have you ever drank so much you threw up? Yes, once or twice.
48. Have you ever given money to a beggar? Yes.
49. Have you been in love? Fortunately, yes.
50. Where do you wish you were? Out drinking with my friends.
51. Are you wearing socks? Nope
52. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? Yes.
53. Can you tango? I can rumble. Tango, not so much.
54. Last gift you received? A shirt.
55. Last sport you played? Pool, I won't classify that as a sport.
56. Things you spend a lot of money on? Music.
57. Where do you live? Philly
58. Where were you born? Hong Kong
59. Last wedding attended? A&Y's
60. Most hated food(s)? Dried oysters
61. Can you sing? I like to think so, but it's not for me to judge.
62. Last place you went on holiday? What is this British? Holiday... San Francisco
63. Favorite regular drink? Iced Tea
64. Current fave song? John Legend's It's Over and Everybody Knows

Hope you guys have a good weekend.


Making Up My Mind

>> Friday, November 07, 2008

From watching True Blood and how Prop 8 unfolds, I was reminded about the power of faith. It's a constant struggle between good and evil. You have your gods and demons and your sickness and bad luck are due to evil spirits and some kind of exorcism are performed on you. Usually with bells and drums or some kind of heavy objects banging on your forehead until the evil desist. Other than the traumatic experience of watching The Exorcist when I was 6, I actually have seen an exorcism performed on my mother when she was terminally ill with cancer. Of course, that didn't work nor did her new found faith in Christianity. It worked for some other cancer patient, but not on her. I guess you really have to believe in it to make the healing work, not just saying so. I guess faith healing is for the ones that truly have faith. I'm like my mom, we're both too skeptical and mentally incapable to cut out our doubts. I can embrace simple concepts like Karma but the little facts and fantastic stories that comes with it are a bit too much to handle.

I was talking to my friend about my hope of moving to California because my experience out there is very different from my life here in the East Coast. People here are more reserved and defensive, they don't act friendly easily. I find people out west are a lot friendlier, plus there are a lot more Asians and gays which makes people more accepting on folks like me. At least they don't seem to ignore me because stereotypical Asians around here can't communicate.

My friend, however, thinks differently and said that it is all just a state of mind. When people are out traveling they have a different viewpoint, a more relaxed and excited mental state which affects our communication styles and tend to be open on meeting new people. There are also the fresh meat factor; a new face in a new place always draws more attention, so you're more likely to feel good in a new place when everything is fresh. But then if you actually live in that place, you will eventually return to your usual self.

There might be some truth to it, I just thought if I really believe that my outlook will change then it will happen just like faith healing. That, or maybe I should move every 3-4 years to keep the excitement going. I think for me faith is more about making up your mind and do it, then the actual belief of a higher power.


TV Review: True Blood

>> Thursday, November 06, 2008

I didn't want to get into the whole ordeal with Proposition 8 and Poll Tax just yet, actually I'm still quite depressed about Prop 8 so I figured I'd drown out my sorrows by "torrent-ing" the whole series of True Blood until now and let Ryan Kwanten's naked body distract me for a bit and it did do its job.

I was wondering how come every character in this series is so well drawn out and the stories so realized and come to find out that this series is actually based on a novel series by a very scary looking lady named Charlaine Harris. Her Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series became so popular that it caught Six Feet Under's creator Alan Ball's attention to make it into a TV series.

In the near future the Japanese has invented synthetic blood, which helped vampires to "come out of their coffins" and integrate themselves with normal society. Much like the gays, religious leaders had come out against these fangers but there are also those who come out in support of equal rights. But in a small backwards Louisiana town like Bontemps, the jury is still out.

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) grew up with a cursed ability; she's a telepath. Her ability has caused her not be able to get close or intimate with anybody. After losing her parents to a flash flood, she and her brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten) went to live with their grandmother. As they grow old, Jason moved to his parent's house while Sookie stayed with her grandmother and works as a waitress at the local restaurant/bar. When Sookie started dating a vampire named Bill (Stephen Moyer), Bill's world overtook Sookie and the people around her.

Other than the incredible hot sex god Ryan Kwanten and his overwhelming amount of nudity (I swear his lower ab was talking to me and he's totally my No. 1 celebrity fantasy now), Stephen Moyer, Sam Tremmell who played the owner of the bar and Michael Raymond-James who looked a little like Carmine Giovinazzo from CSI:NY are all very handsome and rugged, they would have been perfect for any western flicks. I also realized that I like Ryan Kwanten because he looks a bit like Ken Ryker or maybe they both look like Ken dolls, although Ryan's chest hair is a bit jagged up.

Do watch the series if you can, I still plan on buying the DVDs and I just got around buying those novels, the first 7 just came out as a paperback box set for a low price on Amazon. Now I'm torrenting Season 4 of Weeds, cheers.

It reminds me of Girls Will Be Girls who said "I should have told you that B- is just a bloodtype, not a lifestyle choice."


Paris Hilton Did Not Win (Sad Face)

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Woohoo! U.S.A has became Obama Nation! That's a huge relief. After over two years of campaigning, we have a final results and it's a good one.

I don't know when Obama has reached the idol status, but he symbolizes a lot of different things for different people. It's inspiring to hear that an African American in Harlem saying that he now can honestly tell his son that he can truly be anything he wants to be now that Obama has been elected. But at the same time, my mind has been put in alert mode. When Matt Lauer came up with a special report this morning interrupting the usual program, I thought Obama got shot or something, it just turned out to be stupid W. giving his congrats. (When he said a lot of people have waited for so long (for an African American), I took it as for him to leave and I laughed hysterically. I was also tickled pink when I saw my first Nade/Gonzalez sign yesterday. I'm just so evil sometimes.)

On the other hand, I'm still very much astounded as people are still voting against gay rights. Even with Californians, 52% still say Yes to banning gay marriage. It's disappointing and saddening. Given the counting is not completely finished yet and who knows, maybe the absentees and the overseas are compsed by more educated people and the results will turn the other way but I'm not optimistic, I rather be surprised if it does turn the other way.

Arizona and Florida both passed to amend the definition of marriage to strictly between a man and a woman. Arkansas passed to ban gay adoption, that's really backwards. You rather sacrifice the happiness of Orphans to make a statement about your disapproval of gays. Cross Arkansas off the list of places that I'll ever visit, other than that all the red states in this following map are now deemed dangerous:

No surprise on Texas and other small time states that lack any big cities, but I am surprised for Louisiana and Mississippi. As if Katrina didn't teach them anything, maybe another hurricane and Kanye West would remind them why it's bad to have Republicans in office. I also thought that Georgia would vote the other way, maybe it's just me.

I'm also very impressed by John McCain's and Obama's speech after they've got the results. Particularly Obama's speech is the best one I've heard from him so far. For the entire speech, you can visit Kyle's entry at his blog - Strange Relationship. Although right now people seems to dislike Michelle's dress, what do you think? lol.


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