Why a Government Run Health Care Is Necessary

>> Sunday, August 30, 2009

This animation explains the necessity for health care reform in the clearest manner. It is simple as that and it leaves me wonder why no politicians in the democrats side can come out and say it like this.

It's easy to see the motivation of Republicans' scare tactics. But the astonish thing is that they can put up an united front on the issue while the democrats can't get it together. I'm sure the republicans are not the only ones getting campaign money and getting lobbied. Could the congress actually be divided by the corruptible and the righteous instead of the the two existing camps?

On a separate note, usually I would dismiss the chicken flu and the swine flu as something in the same category as winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning but recently there is news about a gay bar owner in San Francisco died of H1N1, Dylan's romantic and sweet new boyfriend in San Francisco also got infected and is now in intensive care. It's getting me worried. Just be careful folks.


Weekend Meme: Rainbow Meme

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's another weekend already, I'm expecting to spend a whole day and night playing mahjong with friends which is always fun, especially when I win. At the same time, we help one of our friend to fix her computer while playing, so there's also some good coming out of it.

This meme is coming from Tense Teacher, another blog bank I found online. It's very much about feelings, so let's talk about feelings.

1. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
What's there to believe? It's real. Though in the other sense, I believe one can't sink no lower and there's nowhere but up from there.

2. If you could have one dream come true, what would it be?
Be obscenely rich, people say money can't buy everything, but it can buy a whole lot of things. (Here comes the Asian shame for being greedy in 3... 2... 1...!)

3. Do you believe in eternal love?
Yes, at least the feeling and the memory of it. (No, if you count Alzheimer's)

4. What feeling do you love most?
I love when the heat lift up to a complete breezy day or right before the storm when the wind blows and blows, it always make me mildly happy

5. What feeling do you hate the most?
Guilt and being demeaned.

6. Do you cherish every single friendship you have?
Yes, I do what I can.

7. Do you believe in God?
It depends on how you define God. Your god or my god?

8. Who cares for you most?
I guess I do and I'd like to think that there are a few people competing with me.

9. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
To know what's right and wrong and trying your best to be a good person.

10. What emotion do you like to show?
Happiness and confidence. I'd like to.

11. If you have something troubling you, what do you do?
I have an obsessive personality so I'm going to think over it over and over and over again, bt the best thing I've learn is to talk about it with someone. It really makes me feel better.

12. Whom do you admire most?
Someone who sticks with his beliefs and live by it. Especially when that involves helping others.

13. Whom did you last chat with in a chat room?
The boyfriend.

14. What kind of person do you think the one you stole this meme from is?
Well, I don't really know her that well, but she seems to be a very sensible lady who's living a content happy life.

15. What color do dye your hair?
I have dyed it dark brown before but nowadays I don't.

16. Why are you doing this meme?
Because it fills up space and I'm creating a meme bank for others to stumble upon.

17. What do you do when you’re moody?
Eat. Maybe bad food like desserts and take-outs. But then I'm doing that when I'm in a regular basis no matter what mood I'm in too.

18. At which age do you wish to or did you, get married?
I think I'm in a marrying age now, but it's not legal for me to do that right now.

19. If today is the last day of your life, what will you do?
I'm gonna go back to Max Brenner and order lots of chocolate stuff.

20. Who is the person you trust the most?
My best friend Chris in Hong Kong, we're like brothers but then I haven't come out to him yet, so what does that mean?

21. Last time you smiled?
When I'm with the boyfriend, I smile a whole lot.

22. What are you listening to right now?
Jonny McGovern's Podcast. Music-wise, there's not much going on right now.

23. Who was the last person you saw in your dream?
Lately all my dreams don't stay in my head too long, but I'm sure the boyfriend was in some of them.

24. Are you talking to someone while doing this?


25. Do you walk with your eyes open or closed?
Open, most of the time.

26. Is there a quote by which you live?
I used to think I could do a good deed a day, but that haven't been in my mind lately.

27. Do you want someone you cannot have?
My boyfriend used to be that when he was attached to someone else but I got him! Although our eyes do wander from time to time.

28. Who always makes you laugh?
Jon Stewart.

29. What was the worst idea you’ve had this week?
Using old yeast to make panda bread. Didn't turn out too good.

30. Do you speak another language other than English?
Cantonese, Mandarin, little Spanish and very little French.

Anyway, go out and prosper, have a great weekend!


Restaurant Review: Max Brenner

>> Friday, August 28, 2009

I was going to write an early review of The Final Destination. The boyfriend got some tickets from a site for free and we went to line up but when we get there the line was really long and even though we arrived 45 minutes ahead of the said time and waited for an hour, we didn't get in. Too bad.

Well, the whole evening wasn't a lost. After watching the pizza episode of The Best Thing I've Ever Ate on Food Network, Chef Aaron Sanchez introduced the chocolate pizza at a crazy chain restaurant called Max Brenner, that is an absolute chocoholic heaven. This Israel based chain restaurant has half a dozen in Israel, more than a dozen of stores in Australia, two in Philippines, one in Singapore, one in New York and the Philadelphia one just opened up not long ago. Strange group of locations.

Sure they serve foods, but the draw is really the chocolate. There is about two dozens of regular food items, but the chocolate menu comes in a small bible with different kinds of smoothie, shakes and frappes, fondues, waffles and crepes, five different kinds of melted chocolate cakes, concoctions, chocolate pizza, chocolate soups, truffles, bonbons and pralines, cheesecake, ice cream sundaes, popsicle fondues, cookies, breads and tarts. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, the list and combination goes on and on and on. Who needs regular food when you can get full on chocolate?

It's our first time there, so we didn't know and ordered a sandwich to share. It's called the Best B.A.L.T, it's a regular BLT with avocado and it comes with a side of cocoa and chili powder dusted waffle fries and a spicy cilantro avocado mayonnaise. The mayo is quite unnecessary because it masked the subtle chocolate taste of the waffle fries and they were fried perfectly.

We ordered half a chocolate pizza, just because the Food Network program had mentioned it to be the best thing. It was good. The bread is soft, spread with a milk chocolate cream like Nutella without the hazelnut taste. Two pieces were spread with crunchy hazelnut bits and another two had marshmallows spread on top melted like mozzarella. It's great, like a peanut butter jelly sandwich but more chocolate-y. We ordered it with the sandwich but this came out ahead. It makes for a great appetizer.

Since the boyfriend likes peanut butter and the picture in the menu looked so interesting, we ordered something called Max's Three Layer Chocolate Concoction with Cookies and Peanut Butter. It's layered with milk chocolate cream, peanut butter, Oreo cookies, white chocolate chunks and whipped cream. Served with a orange biscotti and a jar of chocolate covered wafer balls. It looks very cool and it was fun to dig in.

Even though the place is decorated with whimsical quotes of Max Brenner and his mug, there actually was no Max Brenner in real life. The place was originally opened by Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner, it's zany in a Willy Wonka kinda way. It's like an amusement park, I want to try E-Ve-Ry-Thing. Though the price range is a little on the higher side. It'll definitely be a great place to do some celebration and I'm not kidding about not ordering any sandwiches or burgers and go straight for the chocolate. For some reason they didn't have enough bread to make us a regular sized B.A.L.T which they apologized and comped our chocolate pizza. Anyone who gives me free food deserves a bump, so if you live near New York or Philly or near a Max Brenner overseas and you love chocolate, give it a go. It's one of the more interesting dining experience I've had for a while.


Fuck Censorship (NSFW)

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My computer got infected with a major virus yesterday unprompted. I don't remember doing anything special, maybe it had lied dormant in my files and folders for a while. It just all the sudden took over my whole computer. I can't excess to my control panel, system restore, I can't even Ctrl+Alt+Delete. It took the form of a pretend virus scan software. I had to wipe everything off my computer and start over again.

It's a hassle for sure, I tried to back up some files but got know what was lost in between and getting back the software programs is also a pain. Of course the first thing I did was downloading and paying for an anti-virus program. I wonder if the whole virus thing is a scam sometimes. With this laptop being 5 years old and having a new found monitor crack in a corner, maybe it's time to get a new one but sometimes, I'm quite proud of it for working so long and working so well.

via Muzophile, we find this clip about the all-versatile word Fuck, always good to know.

Ted Kennedy had passed away, I wonder how the whole find a replacement Senator business had went.


The Gay Mega Porn Star Has Risen

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There's a very strange obsession in Japan with gay people. Girls, female comic illustrators imagine gay folks as an incredible elegant, romantic creatures that are all dolled up and sparkly-eyed. Others portrayed us as sorta overtly sexual in a comedic kinda way.

Around March there were quite a bit of videos floating around with people who edited gay porn videos and anime together in a techno tune. It seems that it was a big craze in Japan. Of all the porn stars, Billy Herrington seems to have made it big in Japan. He is revered affectionately as Big Brother and I have to admit that I was too quite taken by his look 10 years ago especially when he was a bit scruffy and not clean shaven but as of this date, 4000 mash-up videos were made with cameos of his porno movies. (Even though most of the Youtube ones were deleted because of the sexual contents.)

Action figures are made and sold for 2,500 yen each and on top of that a video game. It's only the logical next step. The story is set in the woods where Billy and his companions live peacefully listening to technos and tone their bodies but one day developers come in and try to turn everything into roads. So Billy and his buddies are trying to stop the constructions. Lame, and yet I've known gay men who live in the burbs and trying to prevent developers to buying land near them and turning into housing developments. Hmm... But what's with all the near nakedness but using baby's head to hide their privates? It doesn't look like a game I'd like to play at all but I'm still tempted to buy a copy for the novelty of it.

Could they be the Ambiguously Gay Duo?


Telling a Story Through Sand

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

Via The Mangina Monologues

This lady is from Ukraine Got Talent, who's telling a WII story through sand. Too bad I don't understand the language, but everyone else is crying and she's pretty good.


Making Panda Bread

I've read a post at Serious Eats from about a month ago from people making panda bread and after doing much research, translations and metric conversions, I've decided to make one of my own.

I have made banana bread before but those are more like cakes. I don't have a bread machine and my yeast was kinda old but I thought I'd try anyway. The brown is from cocoa powder, the green is from Japanese matcha tea powder, it sorta resemble the face of a panda. The end product turns out quite dense, probably because the yeast had been expired for years. So the bread in general didn't come up as well. It's edible and not too bad toasted, maybe I'll use it for pudding or croutons. Making bread is quite a chore and time consuming, I'll try to make it with fresh yeast next time but I guess it'll be reserved for special occasions.


Weekend Meme: Punch in the Face Meme

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

Traveling upstream, I found this simple and interesting meme over at Stuff Jen Says.

Name three celebrities you’d like to punch in the face, and why.

Let's see...

1. Bill O' Reilly - A propaganda machine, skewer of truth, self righteous bastard, who likes to sexually harass his female co-worker. He has no business breathing the air that I breath. Aside from all that, doesn't his face just screams for a punch?

2. Rush Limbaugh - A bag of pill popping shit, too foul to even think of. A dummy who can't even finish college but loves to run his mouth and impulsive lie about things that he can't understand. Obviously he has no control of what he says and doesn't care about any consequences. A punch would be too little, he should be buried alive.

3. Glenn Beck - Or Rush Limbaugh Jr. Another pawn of Fox News and Premiere Radio Network, who's the radio equivalent of Fox News who's also housing other degenerates like the aforementioned tub of lard and homophobe Dr. Laura the uncertified psychiatrist. Fake and sarcastic, his frequent fake cries on air to induce drama is revolting. He's the clown and a barker for the loons.

Thankfully I have a choice not to watch these people, but I'm frequently prompt on several blogs to see clips of their existence. Since recently there is a company boycott for Glenn Beck, maybe something can be done to take the sponsors out of those radio and TV stations. I can't see any company, service or products would actually like to associate themselves with these liars.

Sorry for the rant, I guess it's a good thing to get the violence out of my system. Have a great weekend!


Milking The Runway

>> Friday, August 21, 2009

Just sat through 3 1/2 hours of the much anticipated Season 6 of Project Runway last night, it's a bit excessive. It's the first season since the move from Bravo to Lifetime and after spending $150 Million on the show, Lifetime is going all out to make sure that regular viewers of the show will keep on watching.

For continuity's sakes, Lifetime invited Project Runway's past fan favorites to return once again to do an all-star show. Eight designers coming up with a mini four piece collection with one of them using material found in a restaurant. It's obviously a warm up show to draw the old crowd in.

Season 6 starts with 16 designers. Too many of them to get a definite first impression, they barely fit on the runway. There are some crazy loons here and there, lots of gay guys crying for no reason. The challenge is about designing for the red carpet but surprisingly not a lot of the end products fit for it. Surprisingly they're not all gowns, one that I dislike even ended up on the top 3. It shows you how much I know. Both Project Runway All Star Challenge and this first episode of Season 6 has huge stars being the judge, I'm impressed and surprised.

After the first episode of Season 6, there's another show called Models of the Runway describing the drama with the models. They have been put into a house for their own reality drama show. Completely not necessary but I guess it fills up another half hour for the fans that might like to know. I don't. I watch Project Runway for the creativity, mostly, and 11 pm cut into my Jon Stewart time. (Though he and Stephen Colbert will be on vacation for 3 weeks, ugh.)

Along with these 3 shows, there's also the website that contain video previews, interviews, profiles, photos and blogs, you can rate the designs, maybe even buy them, find out about the model's hair and makeup, there's a sweepstakes that could win you $1,000-25,000 and an opportunity to dine with Tim Gunn, you and your friends can also receive a recorded phone message from Tim reminding you to watch the show. If this is not overkill, I don't know what is. Maybe it will be good for the show or desensitize it's viewers and kill it entirely. Of course, I still plan to watch it week after week. Not everything, just the good old fashion designing part.

Another fashion and TV related piece is about these cute True Blood dolls found by Towleroad on this site. So far there's only Bill, Lafayette, Sookie and Pam. There should be new ones coming out soon but we all want to dress Jason, don't we? Get to work boys!


Barney Saving The Day

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

via Maybe It's Just Me

I'm so glad that someone has prepared themselves enough to fight back on this cause, disperse the town hall mob. It's about freaking time. All congressmen should have that ability, only if they are prepared enough and can brave the crowd. I'm also glad to see that instead of abandoning the cause that is the public option, they start to fight back. Good Job Barney!


Sanders Vs. McDonalds

This clip is making its way through the interweb.

Mickey Dee has flashier moves, but you've got to root for the White Colonel, plus you get to see the other muppets surrounding the fallen McDee. I just wish I can see more fast food characters and their moves. Something like Wendy entangling her enemies with her red hair would be nice. Other interesting characters that I'd like to see would include Burger King, Jack (in the box), Taco Bell Chihuahua, Church's Chicken, Dairy Queen (could be the final boss), Jared from Subway (As a mid game bonus point beat up a la SF2 car rampage)


Music Invasion: Alicia Keys' "Lesson Learned"

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is a song off Alicia Keys' As I am album that is randomly getting into my ears more and more. It's a great song, it resonates. The video is a pieces of Alicia's previous videos and I didn't know until now that John Mayer plays a part in it, great job.

Lesson Learned

He broke my heart
And now it's raining
Just to rub it in
I'm at your door
I feel so crazy about it
You'll say "I told you so"
You saw it long ago
You knew he had to go
I finally came around
I'm back on solid ground
Can't let it get me down

(It's alright) x3 It's alright
(It's alright) x3

Yes I was burned but I called it a lesson learned
Mistake overturned
So I called it a lesson learned
My soul has returned
So I called it a lesson learned
Another lesson learned

Sometimes, some lies
Can take a minute to fully realize
His tears, your eyes
Thirty seconds to apologize
You give it one more chance
Just like the time before
But he already know you'd give a hundred more
Until that night in bed
You wake up in a sweat
You're racing to the door
Can't take it anymore

I was burned but I called it a lesson learned
Mistake overturned
So I called it a lesson learned
My soul has returned
So I called it a lesson learned
Another lesson learned

Life perfect ain't perfect
If you don't know what the struggles' for
Falling down ain't falling down
If you don't cry when you hit the floor
It's called the past cause I'm getting past
And I ain't nothing like I was before
You ought to see me now

Yes I was burned but I called it a lesson learned
Mistake overturned
So I called it a lesson learned
My soul has returned
So I called it a lesson learned
Another lesson learned

Yes I was burned but I called it a lesson learned
Mistake overturned
So I called it a lesson learned
My soul has returned
So I called it a lesson learned
Another lesson learned


Movie Trailer: The Final Destination

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

I've always liked the Final Destination franchise, a bunch of teenagers escaped death because of some premonition but not death is reclaiming his victim in some flashy, exciting and obscured ways and death wouldn't care if he claims additional victims in the process. Good CGI, creative ways to kill, I even feel guilty of finding too much joy in it. But there's something about this trailer that I find so preposterous that I can't help but laughed out loud in the movie theater and embarrassed the boyfriend. Thank god the laughter was echoed by at least half a dozen of people.

Watch the last footage around the 2:00 mark. It's like the girl is falling from a cliff hanging on to her dear life... in the mall!

The movie is in 3-D, so it could be some cheesy graphic good fun or it could be way over done. We'll see.


Movie Review: District 9

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

Everyone I know and critics alike seems to be so taken by this movie while I only find it ok, is there anything wrong with me? I guess first I have to say that I didn't know much about the movie to start with and I was expecting an human alien all out battle to start with but this one slightly differs.

In an alternate universe, an independence day type mothership arrived in earth 20 years ago and hovered around until it reached Johannesburg, South Africa. With no communication coming from the aircraft, humans begin to fly up and explore until they found a colony of malnourished alien who were waiting for their impending death. The humans built a colony named "District 9" where the aliens can inhabit.

The years had passed and the colony grew stronger and the humans had outlived the thrill of alien contact. The alien are treated more as pests as they sift through human trash for food and eating tires - the marshmallow for aliens, and cat food - the catnip for aliens. With their crustacean outlook, they were dubbed as "prawns". A multi-nation government unit called the MNU is in charge of controlling the prawn population by doing random search for weapons and destroying and new born cocoons. Since there are conflicts between humans and prawns in the area, MNU had designed and built a more concentration camp like district 10 to house prawns and pending an eviction project and the head of the project is Vikus.

Vikus, who is also the son-in-law of the head of MNU, see prawns pretty much like a science project. But when with a very expected unexpected turn, he begins to see the "human" side of prawns.

--- Spoiler Alert ---

My grandma used to tell me when I'm listening to a story I shouldn't be asking questions to ruin it, but there were a lot of nuisance that completely distract me from enjoying the movie and I think they are the main cause for me to not like it as much as I should.

Obviously, the prawns are a more advance race comparing to human, they have very advance weaponry and machinery. How come they did not try to overtake the area or even conquer the human race or at least rob people for food/cat food? How come with a million prawns in the ship and there's no leaders? How did the human learn alien language? They took 20 years to gather bioenergy fuel, what about all the weapons lying around and technology from the spaceship above? Some of the fuel leaked out, don't they need more now to replenish it? Why wouldn't the human help gathering the fluid, don't they want the alien to leave? Why does the Wikus have such a strong accent while his mom and dad doesn't seem to be the same? The questions go on and on... Living in the moment apprently is not my strong suit.

Sharlto Copley, the person who plays Wikus, have a very generic look that can be mistaken from a wide variety of people. He plays a cowardly, naive unlikely protagonist. It is pretty much a one-man show but David James who plays a bald MNU mercenary has tremendous porn star quality. Good and believable CGI but I guess I'll have to give it probably the lowest score anyone would give this movie. C+


Weekend Meme: What's On Your Bed Meme

Lately I've been hanging out with the boyfriend for quite a lot and spending some time in the kitchen and be a bit more creative then usual. I could think of worst ways to spend my time than that. Lately happiness is found being kissed on the cheek by your boyfriend, making and eating desserts as well as having one of your favorite bartenders remembering what you like to drink and specially storing a bottle of currant vodka to make your favorite black currant cosmo. It seems easy enough but I've to constantly remind myself that happiness is often short-lived and everything can change in a matter of minutes.

Today's miscellany meme is dugged up from Tense Teacher. Honestly, I'm running out of memes. I must spend some time next week browsing around for meme banks.

1. What is on your bed right now?
My pillows and blanket

2. When was the last time you threw up?
I had to be about 7 years ago after a night of drunken stupor.

3. What’s your favorite word or phrase?
My favorite word could be "Babe".

4. Name 3 people who made you smile today.
The boyfriend, a girl in the Final Destination trailer and myself.

5. What were you doing at 8 am this morning?
Passed out in bed.

6. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Reading blogs and finishing my fruit tarts.

7. What is your favorite holiday?

8. Have you ever been to another country?
Oh yeah, most of Southeast Asia, Western Europe and North America.

9. What is the last thing you said aloud?
"See you, take care."

10. What is the best ice cream flavor?
Arguably... Coffee.

11. What was the last thing you had to drink?
A diet coke.

12. What are you wearing right now?
Navy blue boxer briefs.

13. What was the last thing you ate?
Some homemade fried rice.

14. Have you bought any new clothing items this week?
Nope, don't think I did.

15. When was the last time you ran?
That is probably 6 weeks ago when I was at the gym. Mentioning the word "Run" somehow triggers my tendinitis... (What a great excuse!)

16. What’s the last sporting event you watched?
Baseball game at the bar The Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves (3-2)

17. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Greece. I want to go see the white and the blue.

18. Who is the last person you sent a comment/message to on Facebook?
An ex-colleague of mine who got a goldfish for her kids.

19. Ever go camping?
Sometimes, not the most comfortable activity ever.

20. Do you have a tan?
Yes, more obvious on my feet.

21. Have you ever lost anything down a toilet?

Not that I can remember. I don't utilize it as a hiding place.

22. What is your guilty pleasure?
Wipeout, the game show where people bang their face on obstacle objects.

23. Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot?

24. Do you drink your soda from a straw?
Sometimes, definitely not a requirement. If I can choose I rather drink it in a glass filled with ice.

25. What did your last text message say?

26. Are you someone’s best friend?
I would like to think so.

27. What are you doing tomorrow?
If I can wake up in time, I'd like to go attend a scrabble game.

28. Where is your mom right now?


29. Look to your left, what do you see?
A pan of fried rice.

30. What color is your watch?

31. What do you think of when you think of Australia?
The shape of it, when I was in primary school we had a geographic project that needed a larger version of the map, so I divided the map into section and traced the whole thing. Sometimes I think of Kangaroos.

32. Ever ridden on a roller coaster?
Oh yeah, it's only my favorite ride.

33. What is your birthstone?
July is ruby.

34. Do you go in at a fast food place or just hit the drive-thru?
I don't drive, so it's rather obvious.

35. Do you have any friends on Facebook that you actually hate?
Why would they be my friends if I hate them?

36. Do you have a dog?
Nope, I like dogs though.

37. Last person you talked to on the phone?
My friend BL.

38. Any plans today?
Finish this post and get to sleep.

39. Are you happy?

40. Where are you right now?
At home in front of my computer.

41. Biggest annoyance in your life right now?
Not being able to find a job. Mostly because I'm not searching for one due to some personal hang ups. So mostly if I should be annoyed, it's with myself.

42. Last song listened to?
While there are a lot of songs playing in my head, the last one I heard was the theme song for Ponyo.

43. Last movie you saw?
District 9, I should have a review up soon.

44. Are you allergic to anything?
Apparently I'm quite allergic to dust mite and some hay.

45. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time?
My sandals. I have zebra stripe tan lines on my feet because I wear them so much.

46. Are you jealous of anyone?
A few people. Especially the next Powerball winner.

47. Are you married?
Nope, not yet.

48. Is anyone jealous of you?
I do think so. To those people I say "Are you crazy?"

49. Do any of your friends have children?
Yes, some of them do.

50. Do you eat healthy?
I try to include vegetables in every meal to make it more balanced.

51. What do you usually do during the day?
Browse online and food shopping.

52. Do you hate anyone right now?
It's hard for me to let things go sometimes. It's way better if I don't have to see people I dislike all the time.

53. Do you use the word “Hello” daily?
I think "Hello" is more pretentious than "Hi" or "Hey" and has less character than the longer greetings. So I seldom use "Hello" unless I'm typing.

54. How many kids do you want when you’re older?

2 Or 20... lol.

55. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?
35... ooh...

56. Have you ever been to Six Flags?
Yes, it started storming and everyone evacuated and I got into a yelling match with a park ranger because he was blocking the main exit and wanted everyone to drive around him. It wasn't a good experience per se.

57. How did you get one of your scars?
I was a three year old kid and ran around my apartment while my mom was moping the floors, I fell and hit the corner of my bed and leftt a small round scar right above my left eyebrow.

Anyway, that's it for me. Have a great weekend!


Seriously TMI

>> Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday, 12pm, on the bus...

Lady on the phone behind me in moderately loud tone: "I've got this pain by my left titty and it hurts when I try to fart, do you think it's serious?"

That's Philadelphia for you.


The Hardest Working Asian In Hollywood

>> Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lately on TV, I can't help but notice the face of Dr. Ken Jeong appearing in various movie trailers. Indeed, since his role of Dr. Kuni in Knocked Up, everyone has been jumping onto Dr. Ken. Just this summer, he had been in The Hangover, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard and now All About Steve. It's such a rare thing to see an Asian guy face in movies that he just jumps out.

I remember a few years back, I've seen Dr. Ken Jeong on some show on Comedy Central. Must be one of the Comic Remix episode or something like that and he killed. Dr. Ken came out with all his Asian demure and politeness and then start flashing gang signs and talking black and then suddenly jumped back all shy to say "Thank you..." I laughed so hard, I couldn't catch my breath.

Since then he has had small roles in MadTV and Mind of Mencia, and now all the movies even appearing in a WWE match? He's like an Asian Chris Tucker, a funny loud mouth that people are using as a minority token. At the same time, he's breaking a lot of stereotypes. I can't remember the last Asian male star who started and made it big in Hollywood, maybe Bruce Lee or... William Hung? I also can't remember the last Asian star that speaks so eloquently when being interviewed.

Hopefully he doesn't get overexposed and have a longer career.


Democrats, WTF?

>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It is kinda shameful when the other side come out with a full on attack and the prominent Democrat can't even come back with a clear cut understandable statement to calm the masses lest an united front. How are they gonna get anything done like this? Come on, study up people, it's THE topic right now and you are all politicians, you're suppose to be smooth talkers.

How can people be that upset with a health plan that you can opt out of? People rather have insurance that denies their claim than introduce competition and a second option? WTF?


Town Hall Madness

>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I don't know what exactly is wrong with people, maybe if a white president is trying to do health care reform, he'd have a much better success rate. Instead we have people yelling at these town hall meeting saying "I'm scared of Obama!" and can someone tell me why it's such a bad thing to be a socialist? The very people yelling these things would really benefit if we lived in a socialist country. But Ooooh! He's a socialist!

Town hall meetings are turned into screaming match, you point your finger and let it rip, you're not really there for an answer or clarifications, you're there to yell. Republicans must be hella good at scare tactics, and the tacticians should really be making horror movies as a side job. One thing that bugs the hell out of me is that the news reporters do not feel the need to clarify it for the public but they focus on the outbursts. A guy brought a gun to the rally, town hall meetings might turn into major violence, yes, but if the news clarifies it for the people and put it in better perspective, there might not be any violence. Maybe no one ever read the bill to know enough and the experts are not making the rounds. On the other hand, I'm sure the insurance companies had hire a few people to rile up people in different places, you might even be able to find them if you closely examine the rally and town hall footage.

People like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush LimBlob are the worst indeed the worst. If I'm ever on their death panels, I would be gladly to see them fry. Some people are not worth living and I'm not talking about the terminally ill. Even if there is a death panel, how different it is from what the insurance companies are doing now?

Good move on the presidential counter act though, we should really point at evil and call it as it is. if only they can send some representative to each old folks home to counter the efforts by the insurance companies that I'm sure it's already taking.


Eggs, anyone?

>> Monday, August 10, 2009

Via the Stranger Slog

I don't understand Japanese, so I originally thought it's a boiled egg sold inside a capsule. Then I saw the packs and liquid and I thought maybe they separated the egg yolks and the egg white and you have to put them back in the capsule and microwave the whole thing. Then when I see the stretching mochi on a stick... My mind is too deep in food.

The egg shape is quite a bad association with a pregnancy prevention device but it seems to be a nice, soft, stretchy extender and a nice all around condom. But given how expensive the whole business is associated with sex, I wonder how reusable it is... lol.


Crazy Thoughts Sunday

>> Sunday, August 09, 2009

From the kids outside my window screaming and destroying Jackson 5's ABC, I believe that there will be a new reality show in the making looking for a new member of the next generation version of the group. Given, there are enough children within the Jackson family to accomplish that task, but a new reality show to stock off on the Jackson craze right now and financially benefit the family much. We all heard Michael was in quite a bit of financial trouble and didn't leave much money for Katherine to take care of the kids.

And if you think Simon Cowell, is America's worst talent show judge ever, you've thought wrong. Try Joe Jackson and his walking stick. Kids. Will. Cry. Besides, it'd be a wonderful opportunity for Joe to promote his record company and for him to utilize all his rights on songs the Jacksons ever sung. Jackson 5, Latoya, Michael, Janet and do they still own the rights to the Beatles'? Who's ready for a new interpretation of Rebbie's Centipede?

And folks, think of all the drama! You've got Joe and his abusive history, the various family drama, Janet gets to get back in America's heart and erase the wardrobe malfunction episode from our minds. We get kids auditioning to be the new Michael and their showbiz parents who's pushing their kids out there. It's like a soap opera.

TV producers get on that gravy train, choo-choo!!!


Weekend Meme: Zombie Meme

>> Saturday, August 08, 2009

Reading 2 Cents Worth Down Under and found out that my friend Dylan from San Francisco has a blog. I've met Dylan through the SF thruple last year when I went there for Folsom. Dylan is quite the handsome guy, definitely up there in my top 3 cutest guys I've ever met. (The boyfriend is in it too.) Aside from being built and handsome, Dylan is also a talented illustrator and an accomplished programmer. Dylan's blog called Waterlog(ed) has a collection of artwork and his pictures. Great eye candies all around. Dylan just took on a 365 self-portrait challenge, make sure you go over there to support him.

This week's meme is from his site. Just 3 questions, simple enough.

You're at the mall when the zombies attack.

You get:

1. One weapon
2. One song blasting from the speakers
3. One famous person to fight beside you

What do you choose?

Let's see,

1. Against zombies, I'd have to go with a flame-thrower.
2. Where's Your Head At? by the Basement Jaxx. It'd be ironic when a zombie head gets chopped or blown off.
3. I would normally choose the boyfriend since he has extensive knowledge on zombies but I wouldn't want him to be in harm's way. For a famous person and still sorta young enough to fight, maybe Jet Li.

Have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday, Boyfriend!

>> Friday, August 07, 2009

Yeah! It's the boyfriend's birthday today!

I've retrieved him from the airport yesterday and it was great to see him after being apart for two weeks. He looked a bit tired from the travels, so I thought he'd pass out once he gets home but he decided to stay up to adapt to the regular time. I've packed him some dinner, snacks and some other stuff earlier and put them in the fridge, but his air conditioner decided not to work so I had to sneak some hidden stuff and get them back to my place.

After watching the last episodes of True Blood, I took this out after midnight.

The boyfriend loves Legos and we got these cake/jello mold and ice trays, so I figured I'd make some Lego cakes. It was hard making the fondant, the food coloring doesn't seem to work as well and since I've decided to go for the easier recipe, the end product is not a smooth dough but rather crumbly and hard to utilize. Next time, I will have to use the long version even if it involves glycerin and other chemicals that I'm not used to. Since we've tried so many gourmet chocolate lately, I'd thought I'd made my own with dried pineapple, cognac and salt crystals. It wasn't bad, but the pineapple didn't quite stand out.

I've also carved him a birthday card. I got a wood plank "postcard" from an art store and carved him a lego themed birthday card with a chef lego figurine holding a cake and some sayings. Aside a tiny gift box of lego figurines, since he also like Aquaman, I've bought a custom lego Aquaman for a guy on Flickr and sneaked it in the box. I think the boyfriend was quite pleased.

The day's not over yet, but I predict it'll involve some fancy dining and some drinking, maybe a lot of drinking.


Taking Flight

>> Thursday, August 06, 2009

Via 8Asians

Since I was a kid, I wanted to fly. Not on planes, but take flight either self-propelling mid air with a pair of wings or through telekinesis, even controlling the wind like Storm would work. Of course, the next closest thing being a jet pack would be wonderful, but no one ever produces it.

Now there is JetLev, the water-powered jet pack. Founded by Chinese Canadian Raymond Li, JetLev can launch you up to 30 feet up the air by pumping water through a cable attached to the device. It only costs $130,000.

Personally I thought it looks a bit ridiculous, and the cable doesn't provide you much freedom. It's like one of the leeches for kids. So, I'll still be waiting for the jet pack. Maybe they won't produce it because of the potential danger it imposes, but this version at least will be bond to strictly recreational. Unlike jet pack which will allow you to rob a bank and fly away with the money

Speaking of flying, the boyfriend should be on the plane right now on his way back to Philly. I'm gonna go to the airport to retrieve him back. lol. Maybe I'll spin him around and have an airport moment where we hug and kiss in front of the children. Maybe not, but I simply can't wait to see him.


10 Cheap & Green Kitchen Tips

>> Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Finally, I've finished my week-long late-summer cleaning fest. The place is gleaming with light reflections and it smells like a mixture of pine and lemon. None too sickening yet. Everything from the sheets to the blades of my fans are freshly cleaned. I'd see how long this clean phase would last, I'd give it 10 days. I've thrown away 4 bags of trash and packed up 2 bags of donations, one of the relics that I've to give up is a cork board with dozens of restaurant cards pinned on it. I like the designs, the colors, different restaurants opening in the same spot over the years but the board and the cards had just been hanging there collecting dusts. So I put it in the trash and it mysteriously disappeared after an hour. Maybe someone else can appreciate it now, meanwhile I got a new board and maybe I can start collecting cards again.

Since the kitchen is now sparkly clean, I thought I'd cook something so the smell of it would chase away some of the pine/lemon smell. Since it's sort of a new start, I was glad to read some kitchen tips from Serious Eats:

1. Fill Your Oven

It takes a lot of energy to get an oven to 400°F, so you might as well fill all the rack space. (Even if you can't eat them all in one meal, you can save it for another.)

2. Get a Small Tub for Your Sink

Find a small plastic tub in your house or buy one at a hardware store for around $2. Fill the tub with hot soapy water, scrub down all of your dirty items, and then rinse them all at once with cold water. This saves time and keeps the water from running longer than it needs to.

3. Clean with White Vinegar and Baking Soda

Many conventional cleaning products are petroleum-based and can have serious health and environmental implications with long-term use. Use equals parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle to clean, disinfect, and deodorize countertops. For tough stains, vinegar and baking soda cut with a little water makes an all-purpose, non-toxic, dream-team cleaner.

4. Eat Less Meat

The simple fact is that raising cattle uses more water and land than it takes to grow potatoes. Since you're saving money by eating less meat, when you do buy meat choose grass-fed animals who were raised humanely without hormones or antibiotics.

5. Keep Your Fridge and Freezer Full, Clean, and Sealed Tightly

Surprisingly, your fridge and freezer work harder when there is less in them than when they are full. Do the dollar bill trick to check air-tightness: close a dollar bill into the door, it should slide out, but with a little bit of effort. If the bill slips out easily, it's time to fix or replace the seal. For maximum energy efficiency, your fridge should be set to 35° to 38°F and your freezer should be around 0°F. Finally, keep the coils underneath the unit clean. Sweeping dust bunnies away allows the fridge to dissipate heat when it needs to.

6. Get a Power Strip

Find a power strip somewhere else in your home and relocate it to the kitchen or make a small investment for a new one. Corralling your toaster, microwave, coffee maker, coffee grinder, and phone charger all onto one strip will allow you to cut down on vampire power. Electronics that are plugged in, even if they are off, still suck power from the electric grid. Just flip one button off when you leave in the mornings and you will have cut off the flow to all of your hungry units.

7. Ditch Paper Towels

Make the switch to cloth and microfiber towels. Cloth and microfiber towels are reusable, long-lasting, and only require a quick spin in the laundry to be good as new. You'll never have to buy paper towels again and you won't be killing trees every time you need to wipe up a spill.

8. Bring a Bag with You When You Shop

Forget the plastic bags. Buy a squishable reusable bag and keep it at your office, in your car, in your purse, or in your briefcase. Start doing it and bringing your own bag will become second nature. Plus, Whole Foods and many other grocery stores now deduct 10 cents for bringing your own bag and in New York, Trader Joe's enters you in a raffle to win $25 worth of free groceries.

9. Embrace Yard Sales and Thrift Stores

Hello, $5 Le Creuset pot! Being green doesn't mean buying fancy equipment or new Energy Star appliances. Running out to buy new stuff (even if it is an environmentally friendly product) still drives a demand for new products to be made and resources to be used. Since most kitchen items have almost no resale value you'll find great deals at secondhand stores. Just make sure to steer clear of any old pans with a nonstick, Teflon surface.

10. Don't Waste Food

Your mom was right all along. Whether you shop at a supermarket or your local farmers' market, think about how much you are buying and what you already have at home. For extra credit: take the food you can't eat (like peels and scrap) and learn how to compost it.

It's great tips and not too hard to follow, I'll see if I can incorporate some of these stuff into my daily routine. Meanwhile, I'll go get groceries to make my house smell more natural.


Happy Birthday, Obama.

>> Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I don't understand why it is the case but I dare to venture and say that Leos outnumbers people of other zodiac signs. At least it seems that way in my social circle. I celebrated mine on the first day of Leo, my young cousin on the same day, his mom two days later, one of my best bud last Tuesday, another buddy last Sunday, another one Thursday and the boyfriend on Friday. It's quite birthday packed.

Obama's birthday is today. I think it's cute for him to show up at the press conference to bring Helen Thomas some cupcakes. I also admire the work ethics of Helen who shows up at work on her birthday. I hope she's happy about the gesture, even though no one seems to want the cupcakes.

On the jokey side, we have this hilarious birthday card.

On the gloomy side, according to this and the clip from this morning there are rumors about Obama getting contribution money from pharmaceuticals and other lobbyists. The health care reform might turn out to be another meaningless bill. I wish Obama will know to do the right thing.


Why Health Care Reform Will Not Pass

Another gem from Keith Olbermann.

I don't understand the whole business of lobbying and campaign contributions. How is that even legal? While condemning other countries for corruption, how is this any different? Millions of dollars are spent each day to "buy" politicians into making decisions that would benefit industries. And by postponing votes or claimed to be undecided, you can squeeze a few hundred thousand dollars more from these industries. These so-called politicians are not working for the people, they are working for their own finances. Whoever has the money can buy them, only, the people can't compete with the big companies. We are not banding together to buy politicians, all we do is pay taxes which the government is taking it for granted already.

Most politicians are rich and maneuvers like this makes them richer, they have no use for a health care system that covers all, the poor is too busy to survive to fight for themselves, besides, they wouldn't have any hold. Money equals power, no? So that's why I think the health care reform will not pass, with all of their votes swayed and with them actively creating lies to confuse voters, how can it ever pass?

Another thing I don't understand is, with all the money pouring into buying politicians and hiring the people to lobby, couldn't they just use the money to provide better care? Millions of dollars are pouring it each day, can't they use the money to pay for claims instead?

I hate politics.


Smokers Unite

>> Monday, August 03, 2009

Still very busy cleaning here, yesterday I wiped down the cable box with a slightly wet sponge and now the damned thing is not working anymore and I'm without TV, ugh. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I finish cleaning the bathroom, it'd be the last space to clean in this 7-day cleaning marathon. I'll finally get to enjoy the space.

I don't think it'd deter anyone from smoking... lol


Weekend Meme: Bloggy Meme

>> Saturday, August 01, 2009

I've been occupying myself with cleaning this week. Divided my place into 7 areas and spending one day on each area and spending a whole day doing my best to sweep, dust, wipe, mop, repair and rearrange everything in sight. It's my rampage on dirt, clearing out the (dust) bunny ranch. So far I'm almost half way through, I washed the pillows and they remain wet, I'm not having a good night sleep. My place smells strongly of Pine-Sol, my body is sore but I feel butcher than ever. My fingers are wrinkled and looks like they're 15 years older, but I'm hoping by the time I'm done it would be well worth it.

Today's meme is brought to you by TenseTeacher, another wealth of memes. It's a meme about blogging habit, it looks interesting.

1. How did you come up with your blog title OR what does it mean?
When I first started the blog, my concept is that I would use it to rant on a regular basis hence the "melodramatic diary" part, also I tend to be cynical and sarcastic, so I dubbed myself a "cynic".

2. What are your general goals for blogging?
I use blogging as an avenue express myself, that and practice writing, jot down happenings and information just to remind myself and if I need them again I can look them up here. All this with a side benefit of meeting and communicating with new people.

3. Do people “in your real life” know that you blog and do they comment on your blog OR is it largely anonymous?
Some actually do. I've use the same online persona on other sites, and people who see me there can easily find my blog. A few friends including the boyfriend read my blog, sometimes they leave comment on the blog and some would comment on it in real life.

4. How often do you post (x per week)?
About 6 times a week.

5. How often do you read other blogs (x per week)?
Wow, that's a lot more. Almost twice a day. Having the blogroll updating itself by time helps a lot.

6. How do you select blogs to read (do you prefer blogs that focus on certain topics or do you choose by tone or…?)
Mostly, it's based on what interests me. I first just go to my high school friend's blog and write my own, after getting to know Jessica I got introduced to her blogger friends and started exploring. Almost all the blogs I read have to do with one of these four categories: Homosexuality, Food, Asian Affairs and Humor. And of course, all the blogs of the great folks I met along the way.

7. Do you have any plans to copy your blog entries in any other format, 0r do you think that one day, you’ll just delete it all?
I've never considered that my entry would disappear one day. I'm sorta counting on it to be there forever. I don't think anything I wrote is too important but it's fun sometimes to reread what I wrote and cringe on those grammatical and spelling mistakes.

8. What are the things you like best about blogging?
Just being able to broadcast my point of view, however ordinary, to the world. Makes me feel like I'm a part of something.

9. What are the things you don’t like about blogging?
I guess not being able to control who's reading my posts.

10. How do you handle comments?
I erase ads, other than that I'm pretty open. Answer questions when I need to, mostly I just read them and smile.

11. Do you have any burning thoughts to share on blog etiquette?
I think it's a free world and people should be able to do whatever they want, there's not much etiquette to speak of. Well if there's any etiquette that I'm not aware of and I'm doing wrong, please educate me. I try not to SHOUT and I don't autoplay music anymore. Anything else?

12. Any desired blog features?
Nothing I can think of at this moment, I'm pretty content with this site. Maybe if they can implement better template customization on the design front.

13. Have you suffered blog addiction?
Oh yeah, less about blogging, more about reading blogs.

So that's it, I'm back to playing Cinderella. Have a brilliant weekend!


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