St. Patrick's Day 2009

>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Since I don't drink much and I'm not Irish, it doesn't mean that much to me but I found out St. Patrick's day is quite the international event. I guess people are more susceptible to a good excuse to drink in any form. Maybe I should get a Kiss Me, I'm Irish! shirt out to a gay bar just to be cheeky. I always thought I should get the Everyone Loves An Italian Boy or the truly offensive Abercrombie and Fitch Wong's Dry Cleaning shirt.

It's got to be one of those things where it's only OK for an Asian to wear. Hehe

Somehow everything I'm ingesting today turns out to be green: Seedless green grapes, diet green tea, chicken Caesar salad, cream of celery soup. So I guess I'm festive enough.

Following the ad post yesterday, can anyone tell me if this is a vibrator in disguise?

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