Celebrity Look-a-like

>> Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have a MySpace account and since some dude from Georgia took the YvesPaul handle I've abandoned the whole site. (I mean who does he think he is? Doesn't he know 'YvesPaul' is trademarked? lol.) Well after my online friend CubXotic's request I've gotten back into it and updated it and approved a few friends. Sorry, that wasn't the point. The point is that when I was checking out my friend's profile I came across something kinda cute and fun so I thought I would share it with you guys.

Apparently there is a site online called MyHeritage.com and the fun thing about it is a function called Face Recognition, in that you can upload a picture of yours and it will compare it to the faces of different celebrity and tell you who you look like. It's apparently highly inaccurate because I did it with 10 different pictures of mine and tons of different people came out. I also uploaded some pictures of actual celebrities and their own name did not come out. Since it's free and there's no sign up required, it's kinda fun nonetheless.

Here's who I look like:

Takuya Kimura (70%, 55% & 45%) - Showed up in 3 different photos but I really don't see it. It must be because I'm Asian, right?

Lana Turner (69%) - Looks incredibly like my mom, I'm scared.
Steve Jobs (61%)
Song Hye-Kyo (60% & 56%)

Robbie Coltrane (59%) - The actor who plays big giant dragon breeder Hagris in Harry Potter. (No!)
Martin Luther King Jr. (58%) - Must be the dark skin, I wish I could look that authoritative.
Cindy Crawford (56%) - Pretty, but not for a guy.
Vivian Lai (55%) - Grew up watching her on TV and listening to her songs in HK, not incredibly talented but she was the sweetheart of the whole city.
Won Bin (54%)

Jared Leto (54%) - Boy, do I wish? Loved him in My So-Called Life.
Kathleen Turner (54%)
John Belushi (53%)
Otto Van Habsburg (53%)
Queen Latifah (53%) - She wouldn't make a good looking man.
Ayumi Hamasaki (52%)

Hu Jintao (52%) - Maybe 20 years later...
Hedy Lamarr (52%)
Maria Callas (51%)
Sam Cooke (51%)
Jason Newsted (51%) - He's a good looking man, on some angle.
Sho Sakurai (51%)
Albert Speer (51%)

Susan B. Anthony (50%) - Um, are you kidding me?
Billie Joe Armstrong (50%)
Cuba Gooding Jr. (50%)
Chen Kaige (50%) - Looks a bit like my father but I don't look nothing like him.
Terry O'Quinn (50%)

50 Cent (49%) - Hope I don't get shot because of mistaken identities.
Chester A. Arthur (49%)
Jamie Bell (49%) - Billy Elliott? Really?

Naomi Campbell (49%) - We look the same especially when we throw our cell phones at our assistant.
Jesse Jackson (48%)

Dean Cain (47%) - My idol. Umm... Maybe I love him because I'm egotistical?
Lauryn Hill (47%)
Sophie Marceau (47%)
Billy Boyd (46%)
Keira Knightley (46%)
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (46%)
Ben Harper (45%) - Hot guy. :)
Beyonce Knowles (45%) - We look the same when we shake our booties.
Aleksandr Lebed (45%)
Jean Monnet (45%)

Robert E. Peary (45%) - North Pole exploration leader, he's from Pennsylvania.
Norma Shearer (45%)
Georg Simmel (45%)
Will Smith (45%)
Barry Sonnenfeld (45%)


Scary iBot Commercial

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Still processing some feelings so here goes another non-personal post.

The iBot seems extremely useful for the handicapped but the demonstration of its usage is a bit much, especially the ending....


Movie Month - May

>> Monday, April 28, 2008

The weather is good enough for people to be active again and since summer is near, there will be a series of interesting movies coming up in May starting this Friday.

May 2 (Friday)


I remember the cartoon version of the DVD came out sometime last year, so I'm very familiar with the base story. Tony Stark, scientist and owner of Stark Enterprises, is a weapon engineering genius who was kidnapped by a terrorist group to develop a powerful weapon for their use. Instead, he developed a suit of armor to escape captivity and ultimately save the world. Basic superhero movie, but I love superhero movies. Robert Downey Jr. is not the most likable guy, but he does resemble Tony Stark a little bit and if Keanu Reeves can play Neo, I wouldn't complain that much.

May 9 (Friday)

The Fall

Limited showing, it's another showing about superheroes. This one is about an older man telling superhero stories to a younger kid during the time when they are both in the hospital. I'm sure the old guy would either die at the end or he would be one of the superhero in his stories or both.

May 16 (Friday)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Never read the book, so I don't know what it is all about. But I know it's a big production with a lot of special effects. I bought their first installment but Principe took it with him when he left, I watched it half-heartedly in Spanish with him, since my Spanish sucks.

May 22 (Thursday)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

What can I say? It's a Indiana Jones film! Well growing up, I've seen a lot of Indiana Jones films and I share a same phobia with him, I'm terrified of snakes. Um, petrified. So I'm really looking forward to see this film but then again Harrison Ford has grown a lot older and I would be very disappointed if this film turns out to be another franchise that lost its substance and they are just doing it because of the money.

May 27 (Tuesday)

Shelter (DVD)

I saw this film last July in a gay and lesbian movie festival here in Philly and I loved it so much. I'm surprised that they didn't want the film to go on the big screen and it has to go straight to DVD but it is a very sweet story. Just as Eliot has recommended everyone to see Into the Wild (and it was good), I would recommend everyone to rent this film when it comes out.

May 30 (Friday)

Sex and The City

I don't think I need to say more. I was a fan of the series and I thought it ended too soon. So I'll definitely be in line for this one. I think everyone is expecting great things about this movie, I think it will gross the most revenue for this movie genre.

I complain all the time that there is no mainstream movie theaters in Philly that can be reached by conveniently. But I'll get my lazy butt to a movie theater in the suburb, maybe with my friend DC and do our usual hopping from one movie to the other, sneaking around until we get dizzy. Thinking we'll get caught is half of the excitement.


Asian Artist Introduction: Sandy Lam

>> Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have started to listen to Sandy Lam's music since the mid 80s. She started her career doing upbeat bubbly Canto-Pop, then transitioned to something called City Rhythm, faster western dance songs about city life. In the mid 90s, she collaborated with Singapore producer Dick Lee which masterfully combined Chinese traditional instruments with a beat which create modern song with a rich oriental flavor that is unique. From then on, she focused on utilizing her soft, richly feminine voice for some of her best ballads.

What I love about her the most is her voice. Whenever I hear her doing ballads, it makes me feel like I'm submerged into clouds of big soft pillows. Everything she sings seems to be effortless with the best female qualities. Her Chinese name literally means "Forest reminisces about lotus flower" which is probably the most poetic Chinese name I've ever heard of. She had done an entire album about flowers entitle "Wildflower" and she has taken over the symbol of "The Wild Rose." She's a gay icon in her own right and surrounds herself with the good gays all the time.

"Let her dream for she's a lady,
let her cry for she'a a child,
let the rain fall down upon her,
she's a free and gentle flower growing wild."
- from Wildflower.

A sample of her soft, "pillowy" and extremely feminine voice. And oh, you know how they make fun of the Chinese about their small, slanted eyes? Even we make fun of her eyes, so you can say that she's the epidemy of slanted eyes.

"Love from the past lifetime" - Collaboration with Dick Lee which fuses Chinese Opera, Asian instruments with a modern beat. Excuse the low budget music video, it's not that high quality and it's done in the late 80s. "Words cannot describe, no one can alter, we have gone beyond all limits of space and time."

"If I Let You Kiss Me" - one of my favorite songs of hers. It's not related to the background picture of "Scandal" - a terrific Korean movie, but it's the only version of the song I can find on YouTube.


The Frida Kahlo Exhibit

>> Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Frida Kahlo exhibit has been in town since the end of February and since her work is so famous and iconic, I wanted to go see it. I've been telling Medic Guy for the longest time but he never have time during the day to go with me. I found out that the museum actually stays open on Friday night until 8:45pm, so I told him that we should go on Friday and I'll even ditch work early so we would have more time. Coincidentally, some of my friends from the Afro-Asian Mahjong Brigade were thinking about doing that, have dim sum and go see Alvin Ailey's dance performance on Saturday. So it was a win-win.

Thursday night came, Medic Guy was nowhere to be found. I gave him an email to ask him what's going on and he didn't respond until 2:00pm on Friday, saying he won't be able to make it, and my other friends told me that not a lot of people are interested in seeing Frida. So I got a bit pissed and went by myself. Just as well.

Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico in 1907. When she was 18, she got into an accident which left her with a broken collarbone, broken spinal column, broken ribs, broken pelvis, fractured legs and feet, dislocated shoulder and a punctured womb. She nearly died from the accident, that and her stormy marriage with Diego Rivera left her in physcial and emotional pain for the rest of her life. Most of Frida's work describes such pain.

Animals are symbols of children that Frida can never have

Frida is well known for her self-portraits. There's a certain iconic look to it, especially with her strong, spirited unibrow. She utlizes Mexican mythology and heavy symbolism and surrealism in her work to illustrate death, pain, politics and infertility. But other than the iconic self-portraits that confronts her audience with her pain head-on, her most powerful work in my opinion has to do with the story telling of others.

One piece entitled "Unos Cuantos Piquetitos" (A Few Small Nips) is about an incident in Mexico where a jealous husband stabbed her wife to death and the husband's response to the jury was "It was just a few small nips." As if it was the wife's fault for dying so easily. Frida painted the picture as a protest for gender inequality in Mexico. Red paints flowed from the corspe of the woman's body and tainted around the frame.

Unos Cuantos Piquetitos

"El Difuntito Dimas" (The Deceased Dimas) is a portrait of a friend's dying son. Despite Frida's effort to persuade the child's parent to get the child to see a western doctor, the child was not cared for medically and ultimately died. Frida painted the kid staring out of picture lifelessly wearing a paper crown and a golden robe surrounded by marygold laying on a weave mat as if a king. It illustrated the Mexican culture and its natural reaction to death.

Actress Dorothy Hale committed suicide after the death of her husband, her friend Clare Boothe Luce commissioned Frida to do a painting to memorialized her. But instead of a portrait, Frida did a storytelling ex-voto style painting which illustrated her suicide. "El Suicido de Dorothy Hale" retold the story of Dorothy Hale jumping from a tall building into the ground, serene and yet bloody at the same time. Luce horrified, wanted to destroy the painting and refused to pay.

El Suicido de Dorothy Hale

Frida died at age 47, one of her last diary entries read "I hope the exit is joyful - and I hope never to return - Frida". Life must have been unkind.

As I walked out of the museum, I felt a sense of loneliness. Here I am, gazing down the beautiful Ben Franklin Parkway, another great experience all to myself. I texted Principe in Argentina telling him that I really misses him and he texted me back with the same affection as always. I fought back my tears and walked the long way home.


The Bird Stuck In The Ceiling

>> Friday, April 25, 2008

This is the time of the year where season changes. Winter is gone, the trees are blooming and the allergy season starts. Spring is here and it reaches onto 80 degrees on some day. My office building has yet to run off the heat and turn on the cool air. The building management specifically told us not to open the windows and most of the windows are painted shut, but in this extreme heat, we broke off the paint and crank them open to make the air circulate.

So one day in the middle of last week, we came into the office to some open windows and an open ceiling tile. When I asked what has happened, the staff and volunteers told me that a bird had flown up between the drop ceiling. There was a little *tweet* sound coming from the ceiling every now and again. Some tried to use food to lure it out and others tried to whistle and "talk" to the bird.

As the weekend came and went, I was surprised to come back to the tweeting. Apparently the bird managed to stay alive throughout the weekend. "Doesn't it need food?" I asked. "Oh, one of the staff put some food up there." our office manager replied. "What about water?" I persisted, but the bugger lasted the whole week. We did climb up the ladder and used a flashlight to look around and we didn't see it anywhere. I was convinced that maybe the office next door got a new bird, even though no animals were allowed.

Well, what do you know? This morning when we came in the office the maintenance people were around and they told us the tweeting is from an emergency exit door alarm that's running out of battery. The whole office felt extremely foolish.

I admit, I was one of the whistlers. Shame, shame... lol


Earth Day and Relevant Rants

>> Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuesday was also Earth Day, but there was no celebration or events happening whatsoever. I guess the election overshadowed everything. As far as environment protection goes, I don't have a car, so I'm living quite guilt-free. Although there's a lot of improvement that can be made. I love baths, it's so relaxing but it consumes a lot more water than shower. I leave my bathroom lights on 24 hours a day, because I'm afraid of the dark and I need a night light. The whole city has recycling, but somehow my apartment building doesn't and nor does my work. Well not until a few weeks ago actually. Now we have three trash cans with different signs on. I'm so uneducated when it comes to recycling, especially in what's defined as plastic. Are Styrofoam, Saran wraps recyclable? When I watch the today show, they say not all the bottle caps are recyclable and we needs to look for number 1, 2 or 3 under the caps and need to unscrew them before we put them in the recycle bin or else they might explode in the recycling process. So complicated.

Due to the recent escalating gas prices, the price of food has been skyrocketing worldwide, especially the price of rice and wheat. Rice are being rationed in part of Asia and West Africa. There are people who attributing the low supply of grain to the fact that the production and transportation cost of rice is higher due to gas prices or that the US dollar is weak hence Thailand and China won't export their product here. And there are some who suggested that US should rethink using corn to produce Ethanol, but it all sounds like another scam to increase prices of food to me. Costco and other wholesales stores are limiting the purchase of rice to 4 20-pounds bag of rice a day. Who eats that much rice anyway? Not even the largest Chinese restaurant use that much at a time. And if we don't use corn to produce Ethanol, we'll have to depend on oil like we always do and then when the price of gas increase then the cost of everything else will increase just the same. Propagandas, I'm so sick of being scammed by all these lobbying companies.

Of course, as a member of the rice-eating culture. It does affect me deeply. When I went to Chinatown to get my 5-pound bag of rice, the price has increased about 25%. Is it not possible to live in an environment that I don't have to worry about people constantly scamming to get each and every cents out of my pocket?


Dog Post

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2008

After 40 days of courting, Pennsylvania has spoken and although it might have not been what I wanted, the deed is done. The crowd is gone, and we feel used as the putas have moved on to court somebody else. So it wasn't love, Obama didn't even stay the night, he already has moved on to his next trick in Indiana. Oh well.

A few days ago, my colleague sent us a petition with some gruesome photo about a dog. Apparently, an "artist" in Honduras named Guillermo Vargas decided to pick up a stray dog from the street and tie him to a wall and show him as living art as the poor dog starve to death. Um, ok. Why doesn't he tie himself to the wall and starve to death? That would definitely be a more powerful and compelling piece. Since Margaret, another dog lover posted on her blog about this as well, I guess it's important enough to spread the word. Read her blog here for more information, she's more eloquent than I ever can be.

Speaking of dogs, one of my friend was dog-sitting for a friend and invited me over, it was really fun playing with her. She got a tennis ball with a rope ring attached to it and we threw it for her to catch and that little dog had so much energy. She was sleeping in a small carrying cage that was a bit too small for her, so my friend got on Craigslist and got her a huge cage for $20. And I thought Craigslist was just for porn. I'm so impressed on how resourceful my friend is.

After that trip, I kept on thinking about Medic Guy's mean little puppy Lil' Bear. I got a new toy for him similar to the one that I used to play with the other dog. Got some stain cleaners for my carpet and hope that maybe the little meanie would get used to me and stop biting my ankle and my hand. There are not a lot of places that welcome dogs. In the back of my mind, I know it's a bad idea to invite him over again but I still did. Thank god the Lil' Bastard ate the wrong plant from his neighbors lawn and have been puking all day, so he wasn't able to come over. Medic Guy's neighbor apparently just sprayed his lawn and Lil' Bear was allergic to it or something.

Medic Guy took him to the vet and paid $150 for blood test and all the while Lil' bear was growling and barking at the vet. After he got home he stayed in bed pouting for the whole remaining day, so Medic Guy panicked and took him back for the whole procedure again and had the little bugger stay at the vet overnight. He told me he cried when he left Lil' bear there, because Lil' Bear had a very sad look on his face. Well, he called me today and the bugger didn't die and ran around licking people. Ok, so "it" can be nice.

When I was thinking of places I can bring the dog to, I come across this:

Apparently, this restaurant has a new dog menu now. Serving dogs outdoor for Sunday brunch. Turkey burger, chicken breast and sweet potatoes? Wow. I wonder what frosty paws are. Maybe I'll bring the little booger here if he doesn't bite my hands off first.


The Election Mob

>> Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There's only about 80 minutes left to vote and the mob in the city as I walked back home after work was big. Campaign cars are driving blasting slogans, other cars are honking when they see signs of candidates that they like. There's some sort of exciting energy in the air.

Rallying crowd for Obama.

About 25 news vans lining down South Broad Street from various networks. I haven't seen that many satellite dishes all in one place.


Medic Humor


Early White House Scandal

>> Monday, April 21, 2008

Continuing the theme from yesterday. (NSFW)


The Feeling of Being Important

>> Sunday, April 20, 2008

Generally I hate politics and politicians, but lately Pennsylvania and Philadelphia have become the major focus due to the recent democratic primary. The whole city has become very vibrant, the feel of the community is strong, the people feel important. Everyone has been asked who they are going to vote for, as if it matters or it means something.

While I cannot vote, hence I don't matter, I still have my own point of view in the issue. I wasn't going to take side and I respected both democrat candidates a lot, but as the candidates ran their campaign, I can't help but lean toward Obama. Again, I can't vote so at the end my point of view doesn't quite matter but since this is my blog, I'll rant a bit at my leisure.

I was talking to DC yesterday during one of our shopping trip and he told me that he supports Clinton and if she does not get the nomination, he will seriously consider voting for McCain. That way of thinking earns a WTF from me, but I'm suppressing it inside since he is my best friend. He explains to me that with Clinton there is experience, one thing that he learns to appreciate in his "old" age. He finds Obama looks good on paper but wouldn't be able to achieve a lot if he's not experienced in the lion's den. And he knows a lot of people in his company that knows what to say, but cannot deliver. Hmm, interesting but McCain? He's now sounding like a right wing looney, people are comparing him to another 4 years of Bush and then he reminded me of something that I already know and hate about politics: "They don't say what they mean during the election." Right.

That's one of the things I can't stand. During the election, the candidates need to appeal to the masses, therefore they don't take concrete positions on issues. McCain has a more liberal history, but he's crazying it up to gain the republican support. So it hard to tell the position of all candidates until they get the presidency, but then they want to get reelected as well, so maybe nothing major is going to take place until year 5. I think that it is a very bad way how politics work. I much rather have everyone who wants to run, run the full course. If we have 20 candidates running for the presidency at least they will show us where they stand to differentiate themselves from each other. Like Kucinich, who said he would approve gay marriage. With two candidates, they are not trying to be different from each other. They are basically the same person. That is why the focus turned into what Clinton said about her being under fire is Bosnia and what Obama's reverend said. Their views on issue are non-committal and pretty much the same.

What I like about Obama is what he represents. A change in the system. Like the TV series Mister Sterling. Someone in a position to do things a little bit unorthodox, and really change it. Kick out the lobbyist, do what a politician is really meant to do: good. Obama knows how to handle himself and treated Hillary with respect while Hillary seems more and more conniving, of course she's in deep water and getting desperate. But no voters like the smell of desperation. The whole negative campaigning does not do anyone any good. The whole election drags out way too long and it's sort of why the winner of America's Next Top Model and other reality shows never come out successful; You get to know too much details about those people's personality. They are not saints, there's no mystique, there are just another schmo and we don't want another schmo to run the country, do we? We want someone better than us, in one way or another. If you're just another average person, why would we want you to lead us?


My Dreams

>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well, we all have dreams, don't we? Of course I want to be rich or famous or madly in love with a hunk of a man. But let's get specific.

1. I want to win the lottery - well, everybody does and feels like they deserves it, like god is the one who chooses the winner. lol. Maybe I should say I don't want to worry about money for the rest of my life.

2. I want to own a duplex - ES laughed when I told her that's what I want and called me easy. Well, I want a nice spacious one in the city, It has been one of my dreams since I was a kid, that and being able to fly.

3. I want to find a good man, settle down with him and start a family together - I think that's every gay man's dream, or is it that we want tons of sex swith tons of good looking guys?

4. I want to get a dog - Preferably an Alaskan Malamute or a german shepherd. I know they like cold weather and they shed like crazy, but aren't they cute?

Alaskan Malamutes (aw...)

5. I want to adopt - Given I can't reproduce with my guy, I think it's important to give kids a home.

6. (This one is a big one, ready?) I want to start a non-profit "feel good" restaurant - I have given this quite a few thoughts, here we go:

I want to start a restaurant in which the revenue is donated to a different worthy cause each month. A feel good restaurant in which the diners will eat good food while feed good knowing they are doing something good just by patronizing the establishment. Of course, there will be a report with figures of donation or the good that the restaurant has done near the entrance updated monthly available for reading.

In order to maximize the amount donated to the cause:
A. All wait staff could be volunteers. (More charming and don't have to pay)
B. Tips should be part of the donation.
C. Sous chefs will be interns from nearby culinary institutes. (Don't have to pay)
D. Negotiate with local farmers/fisherman/alcohol companies to donate or sell produce for a special rate and they can write it off as a tax deduction.

Spending that could not be avoided:
A. Rent
B. Equipment and kitchen supplies
C. Interior design plus furnishing
D. Inspection and licenses including an alcohol license
E. Salary for chef, dessert chef, bartender, maitre d, accountant, PR person.
F. Some alcohol and food costs.

Other potential bits:
A. Healthy food? (Hopefully not too healthy)
B. Organic food? (Depends if it increase production costs)
C. Water fountain (If people are encouraged to throw coins, that could be part of the donation)
D. Email newsletter (It's a must)
E. Guest chefs (From other restaurants to donate their time as a tax write-off)

If this business model works, I can turn it nationwide or even worldwide.

From what I've heard after sharing my ideas to my laughing friends, this is not exactly new. They have business models like that in Thailand and perhaps DC, but I do think it is achievable, if I have the dough. But oh, one can dream.


All About YvesPaul

>> Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Since it's my 365th post, I thought we should get to know each other just a bit more.

Name: YvesPaul (Not legally)

Age: 32 (and older by the second, although I'm blessed with the Asian gene)

Male (and macho... well, I think I am?)

Astrological Sign:
Cancer-Leo Cusp (more Cancer than Leo)

Height: 5' 11" (and a half)

220 lbs (yeah, I know)

Ethnicity: Asian (Chinese)

Eye and Hair Color: Brown/Black

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Living Situation: Alone

Marital Status: Single (dating, but uncommitted)

Kids: No (but would want ONE before I turn 40)

Smoking: No (tried it but never really liked it)

Alcohol: Socially (tried it but never really liked it)

Recreational Drug: No (tried it and liked it, but consciously rejects it)

Education: Master's (barely scrubbed by)

Occupation: IT Manager (really need to change it soon)

Languages Spoken:
Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Spanish, French. (Well, limited Spanish, and forgotten most of my French)

Sexual Orientation:
Gay (and happy about it)

None (believe there's a god who's not necessarily "The" god, live by the code of Buddhism and Karma, and against organized religion)

Political View:
Lean left (cynical with a big mouth)

Personality Type:
INTJ (See Right Panel; Shy at first until I get to know someone, best in one on one settings)

Interests: Music, Films, TV, Comedy, Cooking, Food, Web Browsing, Blogging, TV/Computer Games, Gay Culture, Asian Culture, European Culture, Doing Good, Love, and Sex.

(Some of) My Favorite Things:
Ice Cream, Chocolate, Sushi, Mushroom Risotto, Drumsticks, Rib-Eye Steaks, The color blue, RPG Games, Mahjong, Anything by David Leavitt or Gregory Maguire, Joe.My.God, Watching Heroes, CSIs, House, Weeds, The Daily Show, Project Runway, Kathy Griffith, Margaret Cho, Stephen Lynch and Jeff Dunham, Tall Guys, Nice Pecs.

(Some of) My Least Favorite Things:
Dried Oysters, Kombucha, Awful Smells, Seasickness, Arrogance, Selfishness, Liars, Wingnuts, Entitlement, Disrespect, Bigotry, Fox News, Homophobes, Loud People, Singing Out of Tune, Embarassment, Certain Sports, Heat/Hot Weather.

People who I'd Like To Meet Before I Die:
Randy Pausch, Joe.My.God, Jon Stewart, Stephen Lynch, Jill Scott, and Tori Amos.

My Favorite Part of My Body:
I really appreciate my head, my brain to think, my ears to hear, my eyes to see, my tongue to taste and I have come to realized at my age that I'm actually cute. But recently I also discovered that I have amazing untrained calves. I guess it comes from the fact that I like to walk and I'm heavy so they are naturally trained.

The Inexplicably Well-Defined Calves

Some Words I Use to Describe Myself: Shy, Thoughtful, Kind, Caring, Romantic, Opinionated, Easily Provoked, Marginally Talented, Smart Ass, Rebelious, Low Self-Esteem, Obsessed, Lost.

My Ideal Mate: A Gentle Giant (A tall, meaty/muscled guy with nice pecs who is fun, loving, kind and supportive, preferably well-developed in all dimensions)

My Dreams: (See Tomorrow's Post)


Celebrity Spotting

>> Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yesterday online, I met a Chinese gay twink 10 years my junior and he was screaming that he was bored and wanted to do something, so we decided to visit the brand new karaoke bar within a walking distance. I don't have a single friend in the States that speaks my native language: Cantonese, so I was very excited to meet someone and perhaps even putting my foot into a totally different social circle. (He knows how to play Mahjong and knows people who periodically get together for a game)

Apparently there's a Hongkonger singing competition coming up and he's going to try it out in August. The kid can sing pretty well, I'm convinced every person from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan can sing now after the invention of Karaoke. Okay, I take it back, some uses karaoke as a vehicle for torture more than anything. I haven't sing karaoke since last time I was in Hong Kong, that would be six years ago. And since I don't listen to much Chinese songs anymore, my repertoire is growing small. But we had a pretty fun night and it would be fun if he would win the competition and become the next bright star.

Come to think of it, I have actually been lucky enough to have spotted a few celebrities on my own. Well, I have attended performances of Amy Winehouse, Margaret Cho, Deborah Cox and a few Chinese singers. From movie previews, I have seen Ru Paul, Jay McCarroll, Chi Chi Larue and porn star Matthew Rush. I have bumped into Brad "The Rhino" Patton one night in Castro, and let me tell you that it's not necessarily a good thing to see a porn star in real life. I have also ran into a C-list Hong Kong TV star on the street and my classmate's brother is a famous Hong Kong movie director.

But the closest I've ever gotten to a celebrity was at a DVD signing event in Philly. It was for the US version for Queer as Folks. Hal Sparks, Harris Allen and one of my all time favorite TV stars Robert Gant was there. Oh, handsome Robert Gant... It was quite surreal to see him in real life, he doesn't look quite the same, his features were a lot more pronounced than I thought it would be. I got to shake his hands and we even spoke for a tiny, tiny bit. Although Hal Sparks was also there but I got too distracted and brushed him aside. No, I didn't need to be escorted out. I left voluntarily after a few minutes, the place was crowded with gays and I'm not the only one ogling at Bobby, I know my place.

What celebrities have you seen in real life?


A Darker Shade of TV

>> Monday, April 14, 2008

Watching TV as usual these days, I notice a lot of new faces. Well, not just new faces or because of Obama but faces of minorities. Of course there are channels like BET, CW, Univision and Telemundo that cater to minorities but mainstream TV has been predominantly white, but even those channels are taking a noticeable turn.

I remember Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye has done a commercial to encourage children of colors to join the entertainment business because they are underrepresented both in front of the spotlights and behind the scene, but I'm happy to report that there is an obvious improvement.

Food Network - It has been one of the biggest mystery for me on how Food Network could remain to be an all-white network in the past few years since food is so cultural. Sure they had a few show in the beginning that has to do with ethnicity, but they haven't had any non-white person on the network since Ming Tsai left in 2003. Al Roker would occasionally do ad hoc stuff on the network but that's about it. But now, they are introducing Simply Delicioso with Ingrid Hoffman which focus on Latin cuisine, Down Home with The Neelys, a cheeky black couple who teaches the art of barbeque, and Cooking for Real with Sunny Anderson, an adorable girl who cooks soul food.

For years, Emeril Lagasse has been taken care of the soul food front southern cuisine. He even managed to make up a couple of Asian dishes and that's as exotic as the whole network gets. And that arrogant asshole Bobby Flay has been the in house barbeque expert. I'm glad to see some new shows. Not to mention that Patrick Neely of the Neelys is quite the cutie, I wonder if he would want to see anyone on the downlow. And could anyone cancel Semi-homemade with Sandra Lee? That bitch is looks crazy. She looks like those people who cut themselves when things don't go their way, the whole show is too painful to watch.

HGTV - The Home and Garden Channel, full of design ideas again it used to be white, rich elitists who have too much money and time on their hands, but I'm happy to announce that it has become home of one of the three shows with an Asian host. (The two other shows are MadTv with Bobby Lee and the lady in Big Brother) Vern Yip from TLC's Trading Spaces got his own show on this network called Deserving Design. A low budget version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. They go out finding deserving people and redesign their house for them. Kinda neat. By comparison, Vern Yip was a few level better than all the other designer on Trading Spaces, so if Ty Pennington, Paige Davis can have their own shows, Vern Yip definitely deserves a show of his own.

Kim Myles, the moolatto winner of the network's interior design competition Design Star got her own show as the reward. Her own show Myles of Style can be now seen on the network.

Oxygen - Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love is about NFL star Deion Sanders, his wife and their five kids. Think MTV's Run's House or Being Bobby Brown

VH1 - I know MTV and VH1 have long utilized minorities to get more street cred but this time they have gone Hispanic, which is rare for any network. Viva Hollywood! is another competition reality show, but the goal this time is to be the next big telenovela star. If it wasn't for Principe I would have no idea what telenovelas are, but since I do now I can't help but be drawn to the show. I love Latino men, and the ones in telenovelas are gods. Given, there's only one or two guys in the competition worthy enough to be in a real telenovela and most of these next Top Models/Idols/Whogivesashits never made it in big time but the first week and they are already backstabbing each other and learning how to fight telenovela style. The show is made of cheese, people! Muchos quesos!

I guess I have to say I do like it better with more people of color on TV, although of course I probably won't see a few of these shows but I think it's a great sign.


Travelogue - April 2008

>> Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some pictures taken from my recent travels, I have to remind myself that my cell phone is not a good digital camera. I tried to take some pictures of Jay McCarroll and they turned out to be a disaster. I miss my Canon Rebel.

NYC Chinatown - These stores were closed because they were selling fake Prada, Fendi, Gucci bags and all, while dozens other shops down the street are still open and doing the exact same thing.

Flushing, NY - Two stone Mao statues, me and my friends would love to get our hands on them and put them in our living room, although the floor would probably break.

Philadelphia, PA - Girls from Tamagawa University dancing to celebrate Cherry Blossom Festival.

Bethesda, MD - I loved my room in Hyatt, there's a speaker for my iPod, a king bed, a nice TV armoire and a gorgeous dark wood desk. It just fits my aesthetics. I should so change my hotel membership from Holiday Inn to Hyatt.

Washington, DC - The cherry blossoms in Tidal Basin. I got dizzy and disoriented just by looking at them.

Washington, DC - The merry-go-round outside of the Smithsonians on the National Mall. Does anyone know how old is too old to go on them?


Movie Review - Eleven Minutes

>> Saturday, April 12, 2008

Philadelphia Film Festival is happening for the past two weeks and I usually ignore it because the film comes from all around the world and there's no concrete guarantee that they will be good. I much prefer the Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival that happens in July, at least the topic is much more relevant to my life. Since they are held by the same organization, gay films are reserved for the gay and lesbian film festival, hence the regular film festival are guaranteed to be gay free.

This year to much of my surprise, they have a semi-gay flick and what's more interesting is that it had to do with my favorite reality show - Project Runway. Jay McCarroll, the first winner of Project Runway stars in a film called "Eleven Minutes", a documentary about what it takes to produce in the fashion industry from design to producing samples to show in Bryant Park to getting buyers. The whole she-bang. It's intersting to watch Jay, he is truly a charismatic person. Being the bitchy queen that he is, we get to see his interaction and dialogues with different people in the industry and get lots of laughs from them.

Jay didn't accept the $100,000 prize money from the show because back then there was a clause in the contract saying that 10% of his revenue during his lifetime will have to go to the network and now it seems that heis business is not taking flight as he thought it would and he's rethinking how the $100,000 will help his career. He has to resort to the help of neighbors and do the collection in a very grassroot way. With his lack of industry experience, he managed to produce a brilliant collection but has difficulty selling them because normally nobody is willing to buy the first collection without knowing where his direction would lead. Although discouraging, we all hope he will take flight.

Since Philly is now Jay's homebase and it is a film about him, Jay attended the festival, introduced the film and had a Q&A session with two film-makers. Project RunGay bloggers Tom and Lorenzo also attended the premiere, but they distanced themselves from the crowd, is that fame? Someone asked whether Jay will open up a store in Philadelphia, and he said it's possible. Lately there had been news that Project Runway has been sold to Lifetime and one of the judges Nina Garcia, Fashion Director of Elle has been rumored to be fired from her post. That might change the face of Project Runway completely. I hope my favorite show will stay on air for the coming years.

I recommend this movie for the ones who are interested to learn about the fashion world. The little meanie is coming tonight, I better go get some beef jerky and maybe line my carpet with some newspaper. B+


Book Review - Randy Pausch "The Last Lecture"

>> Friday, April 11, 2008

I don't know how many of you have heard Randy's story but he has become quite the celebrity lately. He is a tenured professor of computer science in Carnegie Mellon and he has recently given a lecture on how to live your life which made its way to YouTube. What makes him such an expert on the subject? He's dying of pancreatic cancer and has less than 6 months to live.

Of course one cannot claim to be the expert of living just because he's dying. Randy has also fulfilled most of his childhood dreams. He has floated in zero gravity, won plenty of giant stuffed animals, became a Disney imagineer, authored an entry in the World Book encyclopedia, and being (at least very close to) Captain Kirk. And with Diane Sawyer's help he has (sorta) played in the NFL "Brick walls are there to show you how much you want it." Randy says. "They are there to keep the other people out."

As a tradition, professors in universities are asked to do a lecture as if it was the only lecture they have left to do in their life entitled "The Last Lecture". What would you teach people if that is the only chance you have? Randy took this opportunity to leave a message to his kids, 6 years old Dylan, 3 years old Logan and 18 months old Chloe. His lecture is on pointers on living a fulfilling life, a life without regrets. "Would you rather be Tigger or Eeyore?"

With all the other values installed on him by his free-loving and charitable parents and his nurturing family and friends, Randy told lessons he has learned throughout his life to his children, so as they grow up they would understand what kind of a man their father was and the good intent he had for all of them and the fortunate people who happened to be touched by his words.

"Make your childhood dreams come true and enable the dreams of others."


Music Invasion - Basement Jaxx "Take Me Back To Your House"

>> Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another music video from basement Jaxx because 1) it's brilliant and 2) I'm fucking lazy.

Have to wake up around 5:30am today to catch the train to come down to Bethesda. I should have so booked a room for last night way beforehand. The Hyatt I'm staying in is really superb, sleek classically decorated with a high king bed in the middle. I haven't stayed in a Hyatt for a long while now, they even have a speaker clock for my iPod to go into. The only thing missing is Comedy Central, sigh, I won't be able to watch Jon Stewart for a couple of nights.

I even got a chance to go to DC to see the cherry blossoms before the sun sets. Even got a hot dog along the way. Not a bad day at all. Now if I can only find a gay bar or a coffee shop to hang out for a while.

Take Me Back To Your House

Everybody's all gone
Everybody's had enough
It's gettin' ugly out
I'm so tired so tired so tired so take me home

It's getting late (getting late)
Come here and wait for me
Let's get out of this place
It never changes, it just stays the same
So take me home

(Come on, let's go)
I just wanna run away, I've had it here
I just gotta get out of here, I've had it here
I just wanna run away, I'm done with this
Grab your coat, just take me, take me

Just take me back to your house, your house
Come on take me back to your house, your house
Just take me home
Don't wanna go home all alone

Just take me back to your house, your house
Come on take me back to your house, your house
Just take me home
Don't wanna go home all alone

Just put a record on
Make it a country song
Come on, make a drink for me
Let's sing along the songs of vacant hearts

Let's stop all the talk
Let's take it easy now
We don't have to worry about anything at all until the dawn
Just take me home

(Come on, let's go)
I just wanna run away, I've had it here
I just gotta get out of here, I've had it here
I just wanna run away, I'm done with this
Grab your coat, just take me, take me

Just take me back to your house, your house
Come on take me back to your house, your house
Just take me home
Don't wanna go home all alone

Just take me back to your house, your house
Come on take me back to your house, your house
Just take me home
Don't wanna go home all alone

Take the keys to my car
Lets drive

I'm lonely, so lonely
Can I come home with you?
I'm lonely, so lonely
Can I come home with you?
My head is spinning circles, think I need a rescue
I don't know why I just feel like chillin' with you
I'm chillin' with you
I'm chillin' with you
I'm chillin' with you

Just take me back to your house, your house
Come on take me back to your house, your house
Just take me home
Don't wanna go home all alone

Just take me back to your house, your house
Come on take me back to your house, your house
Just take me home
Don't wanna go home all alone

Don’t you wanna get out get out get out

Take the keys to my car
Let's drive

I'm lonely, so lonely
Can I come home with you?
I'm lonely, so lonely
Can I come home with you?
My head is spinning circles, think I need a rescue
I don't know why I just feel like chillin' with you

Like ice melting in the stream
I can't hold on to how I used to be
A better man would understand, will you?


Music Invasion - Basement Jaxx "U Don't Know Me"

>> Monday, April 07, 2008

This video is genius, Queen Elizabeth on rampage.

I'll be in Bethesda, MD for three days for work. Hope it'll be nice down there.

U Don't Know Me

You think you know me
Know what I do
But all you think about is what it all means to you

I got so much, so much to give
All you gotta do is be ready, ready to live

You think you know a lot about my kinda woman
But you don't know nothing bout me

You don't know me
You don't know me
You don't know anything about me
You don't know me
You don't know me
You don't know anything about me

Saw two women
Both the same size
Think you're living a nice little life
Don't think I'm ready
To do what I can
Because you're the one that ain't the real man

You think you know alot about my kinda woman
But you don't know nothing bout me


You don't know
You don't know
You don't know
You don't know
You don't know
You don't know

You don't get it
You don't even understand

You're nothing I know
You're my gigolo
You look nice in your clothes
But you're nothing
sketchy sketchy


You think you know a lot about my kinda woman
But you don't know nothing bout me


Uncle Charlie's Letter

>> Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yesterday I got a letter from my family, I thought it's another nagging letter from Grandma asking for money, but it was Uncle Charlie.

Ever since my mom has gotten terminally ill when I was 9, I have been taken back by Grandma and living with her and her sons in Hong Kong. I always had fond memory of Grandma, so I was just happy to be with her instead of my father who was distant and evil. Uncle Charlie is the best looking guy in the Chen's family, he just got the right combinations. Well arched eyebrows with a hint of white on his left eyebrow that he's got since he was in his teenage years, a pair of sideburns, nice eyes on his squarish face, chest hair, he looks very masculine. I adored him, he became a father figure for me. He taught me to rub whiskey on my chest to grow hair and it worked. We remain to be the only men in the family that has chest hairs.

The first one of two years were cute, everything was new to me. Of course, I've known them since I was born but I haven't really lived with them for a long period of time. The way the Chens work is that they pinch every cents and used that money to invest. We rarely buy anything new. My grandma will moan and groan when I need books or uniforms for school and don't even think about getting any plaything. Uncle Charlie is the same way but he spared no expense if I was to use the money to learn a skill. Each of the Chens have a way of life and they constant argue among themselves to say that their own way of life is The Way.

Uncle Charlie was The Prima Donna of that. He would throw a fit, literally throwing things, be it a teapot or a dish he didn't care, it was his way or the highway. Being the social retards that the Chens are, they were all single until their 40s. I wasn't the most obedient child either. Schoolwork in Hong Kong is severe, being from Paris and haven't had to go to school much because of my mother's illness, I was used to it. Having to study Chinese all over again added to the stress. I might even had ADD on top of it. I often not do 3 or 4 of the 12 daily assignments and say 'fuck it'. Many teachers take it as an personal insult and give me detention or hit my hand with a ruler or two.

Uncle Charlie would get furious at me, yelling and screaming and yes, domestic violence do exist but brushed it off and moved on. It does has a longer lasting effect though, I think my lack of confidence comes from the constant nagging and belittlement of Uncle Charlie. Sometimes it feel like no matter what I do, it will never be good enough.

Seven years ago he came for a visit and started neat-picking everything in my place. How I shouldn't pay to use the dryer and should instead hang up my wet clothes on a wire. Or I don't need to eat out or cook lavish meals from home, fry and egg and eat it with rice. Or why do I have to have so many CDs and movies, what can I possibly gain from that. He does that to everyone he knows. I was excited to see him at first, but I have had it with him after a few days of that and told him off. "I was happy for the years away from you, stop telling me what to do with my life!"

He got married 16 years ago and had a son. His wrote to me that he is now divorce and his new address. He now lives alone. I have known about his divorce for a while, the family talks. His wife told me last time when I have visited that she is not happy, even her young son had learned how to throw and break things when he's not happy. Too much mental anguish. In my uncle's letter he was dismayed on how people thought he deserved to be alone, and honestly I am one of them. But I know he has done well for himself. With all the money he saved, he paid two property in full without blinking his eyes. He didn't believe in paying the bank interest. The man paid for my college. He also asked me to write him when I have time, and I thought I had successfully avoided him for years.

I so didn't want to be like him when I grow up, but more and more I see traits. I see my pessimism on everything, I'm a stickler for rules and I want everything to be done my way. Without my uncle's thrifty ways, I can't possibly handle ending up on my own.


Building a Doghouse

>> Saturday, April 05, 2008

I have actually tried to put off writing about Medic Guy for a few days but I guess it cannot be avoided. He was supposed to come over and stay over Thursday night, he said he was going to call me around 7:00 at night but didn't end up contacting me until 11:30 when he got home from work. Of course I was fuming again.

Woke up Friday, verbally spanked him severely with an email. Told him to leave me alone for a few days and he didn't reply or contacted me the whole day. My anger was building up more and more, although I asked him to leave me alone it obviously wasn't what I really wanted. I wanted him to plea and beg for forgiveness, in my head if he really want us to be together he would have done something. I was expecting maybe he will sit on my frontsteps waiting for me to get home with flowers in his hands when I was walking home from work, but nope, nothing. The whole anger thing is giving me a headache, lying in bed trying to calm myself down I was thinking if he really left me alone for a few days then we should really break up. But being a person who can't bottle anything up, I texted him and asked him if he wants this relationship to work and if so how? How can he let me hang there all night waiting for him and then not come over and don't even tell me? He called me being very apologetic as always, saying that he still want us to be together but we both don't know how the relationship would work.

The thing that bugs me the most about him is that he wouldn't fight for me, he needs to get pushed to do something. I have to suggest to him to buy me flowers to woo me. He came over with flowers finally. White roses. And I love white flowers, he chose the right color. I called him an asshole and he took offense and then realized that he deserved that. We went out for dinner, I didn't feel like talking all night, didn't feel like having sex, didn't feel like saying the usual 'I love you's, didn't hold hands. Although we kissed, I didn't feel like I meant it. I tried to really look at him and thinking to myself what I like so much about him. He had been fishing an 'I love you' from me since then, but I still didn't feel like saying it. He knows he is in the dog house and maybe my attitude towards him has changed, I'm not into torturing or punishing a guy for what he has done, I know that to torture him is to torture myself, I'd rather have a clean cut break up but I guess I must still have some sort of feelings for this guy.

A friend told me it is called 'settling', another one said he is a lesson which needed to be learned. I have been reading some older text messages between us and this is not the first time I have flown of the handle for similar things he had done, and I doubt that it would be the last. I'm telling myself one more time and that's it. The best advice I've got is to quit when it's not fun anymore, I think it has gotten very close to that point. I'm afraid it might not just be the fact that I don't feel like saying 'I love you' anymore, but maybe I'm getting to a point that I cannot allow myself to love him because he's able to hurt me and he's not being careful.

I'm usually very analytical and can give precise advice to others, why can't I follow my own?


Music Review: Basement Jaxx

>> Friday, April 04, 2008

Got a couple of CDs last week from Amazon. I finally got Amy Winehouse UK bonus track "Addicted" from her imported album. Along with Amy Winehouse, I also got Basement Jaxx's collection CD called The Singles as well as their newer album called Crazy Itch Radio.

I've heard about Basement Jaxx for a long while but I couldn't pinpoint what they do and for someone quite blatantly ignorant about dance music like myself. I needed to hear their sound before getting a CD or two and trying them on. Basement Jaxx is a British dance music white guy duo (often the case with dance music) that started back in 1999. Their sound is really on the fun side of dance, very party-like and colorful. They can really cheer me up on a gloomy day. Their music can be heard in different featured films and commercials. Even I couldn't place their music to their name, I have been expose to their sound numerous times unknowingly. Their more famous tunes includes "Red Alert", "Where's Your Head At?" and "Do Your Thing".

This time I was prompt to get their albums by a song called "Hush Boy", but after listening to their CDs, I'm mesmerized by the song "Good Luck". They always have guest vocals on their tracks, and who doesn't love a soulful black lady vocalist with an afro? I swooned when she pouted out her lips and oohed. And her tone for the word "Honey" in the chorus is to die for. Loving it.

Good Luck (Feat. Lisa Kekaula)

Tell me tell me is life just a playground
Think you're the real deal honey
And someone'll always look out for you

But wake up baby
You're so totally deluded
You'll end up old and lonely
If you don't get a bullet in your head

"Good luck good luck
Good luck in your new bed
Enjoy your nightmares honey
When you're resting your head" x2

You sold me sold me
Sold me down the river now
Hope you're feeling happy now
Now you'll always have a sneer in your smile

But wake up baby
You're so totally deluded
You'll end up old and lonely
If you don't get a bullet in your head

Chorus x2

Good good luck
in your new bed
Enjoy your nightmares
When you're resting your head
Good good luck
in your new bed
Enjoy your nightmares

And I'm glad so glad that I'm done with you
No more crying crying leaving me so black and blue
You backed me up against the wall but I stand tall
Don't give a damn no more

Oh baby bye bye
No more lies
No more lies
No more lies
Without you

Chorus x4

Good good luck
in your new bed
Enjoy your nightmares
When you're resting your head
Good good luck
in your new bed
Enjoy your nightmares


Ping Pong Songs

>> Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lately I have hear Enrique Iglesias making a big deal about writing a song code name the "ping pong song". I was intrigued because I have actually heard of a ping pong song before done by an Asian singer called Jay Chou, who has appeared in a recent Chinese movie that made to Hollywood called The Curse of the Golden Flower.

Ping pong balls might not be a musical instrument with the largest range, but it's different and can be rather fun to use it in a song. Here is Enrique's version, the song is called Do You Know (Ping Pong Song):

I'm really not that impressed comparing it to Jay's version done in 2003, It's called Third Year Class Two,

The funny thing is they both have a product placement for cell phones.


Vacation Part 3: The Mean Dog

>> Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rehoboth Beach was nice, but with the cold weather around there wasn't much to do, mostly we just walked around shops. Although I took a "required" photo with a plastic bear for my profile for a bear site, I was glad to go home when Sunday came around.

I'm still getting a sense that I wasn't quite connecting with Medic Guy. Maybe he's really a low energy guy, I wouldn't classify him as laid back though. After resting in our respective home for one day, I suggested that he bring his puppy over. The puppy has been causing trouble at his house while he's not there, it happens whenever Medic Guy leaves home for a long period of time. He named his puppy "Little Bear" because he likes bears and the puppy looks dark with white tuffs like a bear. Little Bear manages to tore and dug a hole in the sofa cushions. Leap onto a tall table, stealing donuts and unplug the wire from a tiffany lamps and chewed it up.

I suggested Medic Guy to bring him over because I love dogs, I'd like to see him and his mom needs a break from the dog. So I was all excited getting Little Bear a dog bowl and some snacks. I wasn't sure if Medic Guy would bring him, but he did and 5 minutes after coming into my place he took a dump on my carpet. Great!

Medic Guy explained that he does that when he's too excited. He jumped around up and down on my bed, ran around the apartment while growling at me. I really though I have a magic touch with animals, but I guess not with Little Bear. He was a jealous one. I started to bribe him with biscuits, and it worked for a while until I got close with Medic Guy. After an hour or two he got used to me a little but whenever Medic Guy and I started kissing or get close, he gets in between us and licked both of our faces. Tried to bite my hand a few times too. Medic Guy wanted to have sex but Little Bear was growling and biting and I didn't want my boyfriend nutured. And when Little Bear tries to bite, Medic Guy gets a little rough with him, which I think it's a sign that he won't be good with kids. I got a bag of beef jerky and use it on Little Bear, and it works like wonders. He wouldn't let me go and followed me around whenever I go near the kitchen. At the end, the bugger didn't want to leave. Cute.

Kids and dogs, they are way more fun when they are not yours.

The Little Meanie


Vacation Part 2 - Cape May/Rehoboth Beach

>> Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We drove down to Cape May the next day, walked around the older looking town. It looks like something out of an old technocolor movie. Little souvenir shops, a very old looking supermarket, little hotels along the beach. There's a small town charm to it. We took our shoes off and walked along the beach for a little while. We have been blessed by some sun, but it's still quite breezy and cold.

Took the Cape May - Lewes Ferry across the Delaware Bay. I thought it would be quite interesting, but Medic Guy is still recovering from an ear infection and although he never had a history of sea sickness, he's feeling it this time. I was gonna make another sex joke for his need to sip cola and suck on mint to keep himself from hurling but I spared him. The ferry takes 80 minutes to cross a 17 miles gap and with the wind picking up, it's surprisingly rough. I'm usually pretty good with being at sea but for the rest of the day, I felt the waves in my head, it's strange sometimes after swimming I would feel the movement of the water when I go to sleep.

The gay bed and breakfast in Rehoboth turned out to be a motel and it's right next to a very busy street. There was no way, anyone can be naked in anywhere of the property. There goes the Jacuzzi plan. We went to the outlets and trying to take advantage of the tax free situation but the prices in the stores are really not as low as other outlets in Pennsylvania. And more and more I got a feeling that I'm the sugar daddy here as Medic Guy's sweet tooth protrudes. I wonder why I have always acted in that role in all of my relationships, especially when all of my boyfriends have been older than me.

We went to a seafood restaurant recommended by the host of the inn. It was pretty nice. Medic guy don't eat much seafood, so he ordered bruschettas and a steak. He's allergic to raw tomatoes and I thought he would be allergic to the bruschettas but he said it's OK because there's olive oil and garlic. Huh? I got some steamed clams, some seared tuna, some curry mussels and a side of linguine. They were nice enough to mix the linguine with the curry mussels for me. I was gonna mix it up myself, but I guess they knew what I wanted.

After dinner, Medic Guy insisted on going to a drag show. I wasn't enthusiastic about it mostly because I have a fear of big tall drag queens just like some kids cry when they see clowns. Sorry. It was way better than I expected. One drag queen calls herself Dillusions wore a fantastic car costumes with headlights and all came out, she was killing it lipsynching to "Carwash". The host Mona Lots came out dressed as white trashy Divine with a flying pan did a comedic rendering of "You Ain't Women Enough". The best performer though is a black lady, not only is she looks way more feminine than the other 6'5", 250 pounds white drag queens, she also really does perform while the others are more interested in grabbing money. At one point, Medic Guy and I were worried that her neck might snap from twirling too much.

All in all I had a great night.

Cape May


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