Funny Or Die: The Landlord

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Recently I see Jon Hamm popping up and down a lot of different shows and pictures. Actually during 30 Rock, I thought he was Kevin Sorbo. Jon Hamm does have a smoldering look, complimented perfectly with a cigarette in MadMen. I might not kick him outta bed but he really doesn't do anything for me. Here he is in an exclusive clip on FunnyOrDie, just a warning, it is in the borderline Die category.

The most viewed clip belong to Will Ferrell's The Landlord. I didn't expect what I saw and it's mildly amusing.

Does it qualify as child abuse? I wonder how Pearl would feel reviewing these clips after she's grown up. Just because you kid can talk and repeat what you say, it doesn't mean you should abuse her skills. lol.

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