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>> Friday, March 20, 2009

Kinder being the chocolate brand name and not the life goal.

As Easter is slowly approaching, I'm mystified to not see my favorite Kinder Surprise Eggs anywhere. It's mind boggling to me, because the egg-shaped kinder seems to be the perfect thing for Easter and yet I can't find them anywhere. Who wouldn't want to get a chocolate egg with a hidden toy inside? You get the taste of great chocolate, a capsule containing some sort of figurine, or sometimes a small toy that you have to assemble yourself with a small instruction telling you how to. And even the plastic capsule is fun, you can use it to shoot the shell across the room.

After looking around, I found out from Wikipedia that this marvel of a product is actually not sold in the United States due to some stupid, stupid regulation by the FDA prohibiting embedding "non-nutritive items" in confections so it is illegal to sell Kinder in the US. I guess that's why Sue and Vic had never tried one before, I can't believe that how the FDA robbed their childhood.

I guess it can be choking hazards for kids, but in this case I'd have to plead Darwin and go with Herbert Spencer, it's really not fair to the smarter kids to be robbed of the excitement and happiness that comes in this small package.

Wikipedia did mention that this product might still be sold in stores that sells other European products and food. I don't know where that would be but I'll try to find out and treat it as my own personal Easter egg hunt.

It's funny how certain food can make you happy or lift your spirits up. Just look at this Sudoku Pizza, it gives me the giggles:

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