Joe's Crab Shack Commercials

>> Monday, March 16, 2009

Am I the only guy who's offended by this commercial?

A waiter delivered a pot of seafood to a gal seated between two guys and all the sudden one of the guy demanded "Take your top off!", flabbergasted the gal replied "What?" When the other guy shook his head while taking the lid off the gal's seafood pot, all of them laughed.

First of all, why is it Guy A's business if the gal keep the lid on her food or not? Why is he so nosy or controlling? Guy B is none the better, not only is he overreaching, by shaking his head he's calling the gal stupid. So the gal is not only openly sexually harassed, now she's dumb for not getting the double entendre. It's a one-two punch. Can it be more misogynistic?

Looks like the ad agency of Joe's Crab Shack likes to shock to get attention.

I don't believe that ads have any powers on me, so even though I don't like their commercials I wouldn't cut their restaurants out. There isn't even a Joe's Crab Shack around that I'm aware of. And the shame is that I really like the food they're promoting. Two small lobsters and a pound of clams, shrimps and sausage all in the same pot? It's practically a rice-less paella. Yum. The commercials though are a bit discouraging.

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