A Party in Limbaugh

>> Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I have to say I don't understand how the Republican Party is giving Rush Limbaugh so much clout and power. After all, he's not a politician but a political radio host. Why is he all the sudden the light of the Republican Party and even RNC Leader Michael Steele had to issue an apology after criticizing him? Why the power, why Rush?

He's like Ann Coulter, he draws attention and ratings from producing erratic, irresponsible and controversial speech and he's been paid handsomely for doing so. He had been involved in a few scandals and a few drug related ones. Is the Republican Party in such a disarray that they have to rely on Rush Limbaugh, again, a non-politician with drug addiction, sexist and homophobia history and a 3-time divorcee to lead? And what purpose do Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal serve? The United Colors to counter Obama's ethnicity and prove that the Republican Party does not necessarily believe in white supremacy? Or is the plan simply to put Rush Limbaugh in place to rile up the crazies in time for the much expected assassination? I mean what direction do they hope the direction of the party will take with this guy?

I'm dismayed that the Republicans and the Democrats are in such a divide that their main focus is to see each other fail. Even in this economical downturn, they can't work together and make their country better. They rather see it turns into a disaster and prove that they were right. Of course, they are all relatively well-off individuals and even the economy is crumbling, they are relatively unaffected. I guess that's why I hate politicians and politics at the first place.

Oh, exactly what are the criteria for a party to be disbanded? How bad does it have to perform until it is no longer valid? Does it have to be there forever just because we have the two-party system in this country?

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