BP Oil Spill: Day 72

>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Because of this, I'm totally in favor of criminalizing BP executives.


The Animated Allegations

>> Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Before I left for US some ten years ago, we had a new Newspaper in Hong Kong called Apple Daily. Since all the other newspapers have been publishing for eons, Apple Daily had garnered a lot of young readers and have been regarded as more progressive on the news reporting end. It got so successful that they started publishing in Taiwan as well. When I first come to the states, I still read about news in Hong Kong through their online newspaper. Until they wanted me to pay, that is.

I actually haven't revisited their site until recently when their reenactment animation of the Tiger Woods incident got world famous. It's not like everyone understand Chinese but the animation is fun to watch just as well.

This little clip got 2.5 million views and probably encouraged the company to produce a lot more animations. In fact when I check their site right now they seemed to have animation for every news item. The following one is the animation on the incident between Team Coco and Team Leno.

And then the below one is the latest one on Al Gore and the masseuse. The problem with these clips is that they are all allegations and not proven facts and somehow seeing it on "tape" make it look very much more believable. There's a clip on the site about a coach molesting a 12 year old student, without knowing if it actually happened, it looks like it did after viewing the video. Of course, it is all sensational news and the paper is just trying to make a name for itself and expand its audience base but morally, I'm very sure it's wrong.


Reasons To Watch FIFA

>> Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's unfortunate that US has been eliminated from World Cup but there are still plenty of reasons to watch it, here's why:


Weekend Meme: 30 Days Challenge (Last 6)

>> Saturday, June 26, 2010

My laptop is acting up these few days, especially since I upgraded my iPod to 4.0, both devices seems to be lagging when I'm loading web pages. I do hope it's my network instead of the devices themselves. I won't be a happy camper if I have to buy a new laptop.

Today's meme is the end of the 30 days challenge. Most folks who's been doing this challenge has given up when they come to this point. I admit, I would have given up to due to the bleak nature of the questions within but I'll try to finish it regardless.

Day 25 — Your day, in great detail
Let's see, yesterday the boyfriend didn't have to go to work so we woke up pretty late. I let him sleep while I browsed online around 10:30, took my shower. Made lunch, watched some TV, went out to shop for kitchen stuff, bought groceries, made dinner, ate, watched some more TV and went out to have a drink, met some friends, went home, read my book and go to bed. Not very exciting.

Day 26 — Your week, in great detail
Let's get rid of the "in great detail" note now. Most days are pretty much the same, there is shopping involved, some job hunting, I went to NY for Folsom Street East, tried Ippudo, met a friend for lunch during the week. Etc.

Day 27 — This month, in great detail
Helped a friend celebrate his birthday, Philly Pride also occurred in this month, a lot of Mahjong playing on weekends and since the boyfriend has a lot of vacation time, he took off all Mondays and Fridays, so I got to see him more.

Day 28 — This year, in great detail
Nothing much really, I haven't traveled much. Last year today, I was in Atlantic City with the boyfriend. We went up to New York a few times. Our relationship has become a lot more stable, mostly my highlights of the year involved him. I also hang out a lot more with my straight Asian friends. A friend from Hong Kong came visit. That's pretty much it.

Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Would love to find a stable job and maybe once I have a stable income, I'd be able to travel to Hong Kong for my best friend's wedding. I wouldn't mind winning the lottery before that.

Day 30 — Whatever tickles your fancy

It's just funny how these things along with the Alien abduction only happens to this kind of people. Git Away From 'ere, Git, Git!

Have a great weekend!


When Integrity Comes To Call

>> Friday, June 25, 2010

General Stanley McChrystal openly criticized the President and the Vice President on Rolling Stone; calling them "wimps" and showing full subordinate attitude. It's a good thing that Obama had the guts to let him go. During wartime, and it IS still war time, it's unfathomable for a general to come out openly making derogation comments about the commander-in-chief. That's worse than violating "don't ask, don't tell", that's treasonous territories. I'm not too worried about the former General and his career. He would be hot commodity at Fox News when they're always looking for someone with credentials criticizing the current administration with a microphone. I'm sure he'll fit right in.

Continue the them of my last post, here's another female GOP senate nominee Sharron Angle who's running away from a local news reporter because he has done his homework.

On Sharron Angle's website claimed that her platform is to eliminate social security, medicare and EPA, she aimed to withdraw United States from UN and she stated that if the congress keeps on going the way it is, people should look into "second amendment remedies". But when she was asked questions about these, she held her opponent Harry Reid responsible for launching these issues like a negative campaign and ran away from the reporter. So a person can run on an outrageous platform, but when questioned they can pretend it was untrue? You can make threats but when comes to call you can fake innocent?

Here's another jackass:

Arizona Senator got interviewed by a high school reporter about his vote on eliminating 90% of funding for Career and Technical Education which he claimed to be important during the interview. When asked about the discrepancy, he ran. It's hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

When people in power don't think that anyone would call on their bullshit, they could pretend that they are indeed working for the people. Journalists are suppose to be the watchdogs, I'm afraid the news are focused more on sensationlism than making sure the system is working as it should. They should all be calling scum politicians on their bullshit.


The Danger of Female Republicans

>> Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last night Stephen Colbert and Gloria Steinem were discussing how even though there are less female Republicans than there are female democrats but somehow the female Republicans do tend to do things to make themselves known. From the highly homophobic Sally Kern, to Virginia Foxx who denied Matthew Sheppard was killed because he's gay, and crazy media whore Ann Coulter who'd say anything for a minute in the spotlight, the Republican Party is full of crazy chicks and of course there are these:

When it comes to lunacy, none comes as close as the craziness of Michelle Bachmann (even though birther queen Orly Taitz comes in a very close second.) She's one of the people who comes out criticizing Obama no matter what he does, but just that wouldn't necessarily make her insane. I understand that she's just trying to cater to her base, but like Joe Barton, they don't understand that at some point they'd cross a line that even their base won't follow them on it.

In multiple occasions, she has accused Obama setting a $20 billion compensation fund with BP as extortion and crossed the line:

And after the Joe "The Apologizer" Barton incident, she retracted her statement:

When your focus is to be extreme and polarizing to the point of reality and values are all secondary, you have gone insane. After a while, people will figure out that she's a crazy spineless voicebox that cries wolf over nothing.

Another loony on the Republican side obviously is this chick:

What the hell is wrong with her? So are people just supposed to do nothing from now on but pray for a miracle? Is her son the retarded one or is it just an inherited family trait? Remember there was a time that we thought she'd just return into anonymity in Alaska after the election, why won't she just shut the hell up?

Of course, we can't forget Arizona governor Jan Brewer who tries so hard to control her border and traded racial equality for racial integrity. The one who made sure nobody with an accent would be able to teach and made sure that no one in Arizona gets to learn other cultures and scheme against the white race. I can't tell you how horrifying it is to think of a person like that can be put in charge of an entire state. I hope some of the religious folks can see the recent wildfires around Flagstaff to be a result of the discrimination, that or maybe they'll blame the fire on the illegal immigrants.

I realize this post is somewhat sexist, I mean there are probably as much male Republicans doing crazy stuff as females but somehow I think female Republicans have to be more extreme in order to stand out and establish credits in their party. Whereas their male and Democrat counterparts rarely act out, the worst that Hillary Clinton has done so far was to send a gift to the Russian with a misspelled Russian word. I guess I wouldn't beat myself up so much, it's only when I hear from people like these that I think women shouldn't be in politics. (Nope, in general I just think Republicans shouldn't be in politics period.)


Music Invasion: Sherry Vine's "Gang Bang"

>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Further popularized by Quentin Tarantino, I was a big fan of Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang and Audio Bullys' remix version Shot You Down. I just can't believe how perfect Sherry Vine is to cover this song, it practically sends shivers to my spine. Of course, as every other song done by Sherry, this one is also NSFW. It's a wonderful thing when a drag queen encounters her perfect performance song, though I wish there's a scene change or something. Still, great video.

Gang Bang

There were 5 or maybe 6
Who knows? I couldn't count the dicks
Through a hole, I sucked them all
I know the bathroom at the mall

Gang bang, I went down
Gang bang, to the ground
Gang bang, I didn't drown
Gang bang, on my knees I went down

One day I went to see the Jets
Practice in their dirty sweats
This tight end caught football fever
But now, my friends, I'm a wide receiver

Gang bang, I pulled a train
Gang bang, hey they won the game!
Gang bang, I'll never walk the same
Gang bang, I pulled a choo-choo train

Late one night I walked the street
Looking for a trick to meet
(Hi! You wanna have some fun?
Oh for you? Just ten... um, fi... three dollars.
You're what? You're a cop? Oh you're kidding me, shit!)

New York's finest busted me
Set your records willingly
I do my time with a smile
In the shower doggy-style

Gang bang, no one-on-one
Gang bang, group sex is fun!
Gang bang, on hands and knees
Gang bang, just take a number please!


Travelogue: Folsom East 2010

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

With all the gay events around I had the most fun at Folsom Street Fair and Folsom Street East when I get to meet Sue two years ago and from then, I've been looking forward to go again. I planned to go with the boyfriend but at the last minute, he was pulled away to celebrate Father's Day for his grandfather, since Folsom East seems to be coincide with Father's Day every year, I guess it's not meant to be. The night before, I was pulled away for a mahjong all-nighter and I wasn't sure I would have the will to wake up in time, turned out I did.

This year, I decided to fit in better so I wore my pair of black boots, jeans and a starch white t-shirt, armed with my cell phone camera, I headed into the wall of men known as Folsom East.

This year's Folsom East is hosted by Mike Dreyden and Peppermint. I still miss her last name even though she chose to do without and can I just say how short Mike Dreyden looks next to a tall drag queen on high heels?

The whole block was full of people. I would have enjoyed rubbing chests with these folks a lot more if it wasn't so hot and everyone isn't so sweaty. Now let's go to the posers and performers...

Here's a master and his bootlicker.

Oops, the licker is getting double flogged. He must've missed a few spot.

Here's a boy getting himself tickled and his nipples clamped.

A doggy who barks and likes to be petted.

Hunky Go-Go boy here has some moves, but I'm more interested in the Go-Go bear behind him.

Give this guy a minute and he'll be singing and dancing to Rhythm Nation.

Throughout the day there are hunky guys who were handing out promotional postcards. This one is a porn star who works Lucas Entertainment.

Five bare-chested guys standing around in a pentagon, I'm liking this version of Power Rangers.

Some nice hairy chests here, but can someone explain to me about the Black guy on the left? How does a military beret and the Chinese garb go together?

Throughout the day I tried to capture as many bare-chested hot guys as possible and I'm finding the hottest ones don't stay in one place. By the time I fumbled with my camera, they are already gone. It's failure in my part. Well, there are a few more pictures in my album, also a lot of other folks have already posted their pictures on Flickr.


Movie Review: Toy Story 3

>> Sunday, June 20, 2010

From the first installment of Toy Story back in 1995, Andy, the kid who played with Woody and Buzz had grown up to be a young man of 17 and ready to leave for college. He must decide the fate of his long neglected toys.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Through a snafu, the bag of toys that was meant to end up in the attic got accidentally put in the trash and after feeling abandoned, the toys sneaked into a donation box meant for a nearby childcare center. At first, the daycare center seemed welcoming. Mr. Lotso in the form of a tattered strawberry-scented fluffy bear had the daycare center governed into tip-top shape. Slowly, the gang discovered that there are dues to be paid in a place like this. From traveling between afew houses and another place across town, the toys are all over town in this installment and it all just sound a little bit more far-fetched then usual. But the heart warming theme throughout the movie held it together.

Woody longer to be by Andy's side, while the rest of the gang understand that a separation is inevitable. For a 17 year-old boy to feel the need to bring a toy to college seems a bit strange. In reality, most boys would have moved on to more afe appropriate things like video games. Most toys don't last that long, most toys get forgotten and trashed. If these toys do have feelings, I can't imagine how traumatizing it would be for the toy to see his owner getting drunk and having sex and how traumatizing it would be for the college kid to be lectured by these seemingly dead objects. So I guess it's natural for the producers to create an endpoint for these characters.

It's generally a feel good movie with lots of laughs and actions. It's especially fun to see Ken being teased throughout the movie for being a girl's toy. He's acting very flamboyant but yet not gay because he's in love with Barbie, so I guess it's a play on metrosexuals. I find Joan Cusack's voice to be a little sharp and awkward for voice acting, but everybody else did a pretty nice job. It's worth a watch. B


To the Straight Guy at the Party Last Night

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

From Craigslist:

A mutual friend of ours threw a big party for her 30th birthday, tons of people were there and it was a lot of fun. Somewhere along the line you and I ended up on the balcony for some fresh air at the same time. We started chatting; we talked about sports, books, tv – discovered we both are about to start our masters degrees and spent some time debating the pro’s and con’s of the educational system. We talked about hanging out sometime, and you wanted to meet my girlfriend.

I understand how upsetting it was for you when I blinked mildly in surprise and said I was here with my husband. I know it was a shock to your system, if your face had turned any paler I might have called 911. You made a good recovery though - that hurried mutter of “I’m not like that” was very polite and you only knocked over two drinks and one vase in your hurry to rush to anywhere other than near me. I can’t blame you – I forgot how delicate you straight boys are. So I wanted to give you a few helpful hints about where you went wrong last night.

1) As a general rule we don’t walk around with big signs around our neck proclaiming our sexuality. No scarlet letters, no scent of hellfire and brimstone… sorry about that.

2) We do not generally assume that everyone within 5 feet of us must also be homosexual – it was nice of you to immediately reassure me that you are hetero, but it was really unnecessary.

3) Homosexuality is not infectious. While I am sure you meant no disrespect with your hasty departure; in the future you can rest assured that taking a few extra seconds in your mad dash for safety will not result in you being turned gay. It will however keep you from destroying expensive vases and knocking over senior citizens.

4) This next one may come as a surprise; but you are not, in fact, irresistible. The fact that you have a dick does not instantly turn me into a bundle of uncontrolled lust. Contrary to popular opinion, being in the same room with a straight man does not cause a gay man to instantly lose all common sense and basic common courtesy. Though I am not so sure about the reverse.

5) Homosexuals in general get a little irked when people treat us like some sort of leper. Rushing to another mutual friend of ours and advising him of my sexuality, so he could be “forewarned” was really uncalled for.

6) Upon being told (by said mutual friend) to stop being an idiot and that you were not my type anyway… it generally confuses the issue when you then proceed to become upset that I DON’T find you attractive. Three seconds ago you were running through a crowd of people with your hands cupped protectively over your junk as if I might attack you at any moment with a blowjob. See hint number 4.

7) We homosexuals have an odd sense of humor – I can’t help that. Something about watching you freak out as if all the demons of hell were after you just struck me as vastly amusing.

8) While being pissed at me for dissolving into uncontrollable laughter might be understandable… gathering a couple guys together to “teach the fag a lesson” is not.

9) You might also want to drink a little less and be a little more careful about the guys you approach for your little proto-hate-mob.

10) Assuming the two tall muscle-bound bruisers must be uber-hetero and just as appalled by my presence as you was your first mistake. It was an understandable one though. How were you to know that pflag tshirt the first guy was wearing wasn’t a sports team? Also the rainbow ring the second guy was wearing could have meant anything I am sure.

11) In retrospect I suppose that upon hearing your not very subtle hate-talk and seeing who you were heading for; I could have said something instead of just laughing harder. I apologize for that. I should have just introduced you to my husband instead of letting you walk up to him and ask him if he wanted to help you teach “that fag over there” a lesson. I hope that broken nose heals up cleanly.


Weekend Meme: 30 Days Challenge (Fourth 6)

Guess I'm not the only one who's excited about the return of another season of True Blood. Just in the season premiere this past week there are 3 naked butts from 3 different main characters. I guess they know there's a big queer/female audience. Apparently the guys like it too:

This is probably just a little number the folks at True Blood paid Snoop Dogg to do for promotion sakes. I just never expected Snoop Dogg to be doing this. He had been a whole lot more mainstream lately.

Anyhow let's get to this week's meme, which is a continuation of the popular 30 days challenge. Here we go:

Day 19 — A talent of yours

I can recognize most songs within the first bar. I remember there's a game show using this concept and I think I can do pretty well in it. Coming up with the song name though might prove to be a it more difficult. It doesn't have to be the first 4 bars either, most of them I can listen for the first 2 seconds or some notes in the middle and I can sing along real quick. Maybe most people can do it but my ears are pretty good.

Day 20 — A hobby of yours

Blogging, going to new restaurant, trying new food and reviewing. Cooking. I'm also reading The Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson.

Day 21 — A recipe

Of all the stuff that I make, I'm most proud of a simple lemon pasta dish that comes from my head. I've made it for a lot of people and no one ever complains. You can add seafood to it or it can serve as a side dish for steaks, chicken or chops. It even works to be eating alone. I like it so much that I crowned it Pasta a la Paul. Anyway, here is the recipe.

2 Tbsp salt
1 lb of thin spaghetti/linguine fini
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 Tbsp butter
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 small onion, cut into thin ribbons
Zest of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 lemon
1 can (14.5 oz) chicken broth
1/3 cup grated Parmesan
Salt and pepper
Parsley, chopped (optional)

1. Cook pasta according to instructions on box about 10 minutes, drain.
2. Heat up the oil and butter in medium heat in the previous pot
2. Put in the garlic and onion, stir-fry until onion gets translucent (5 minutes)
3. Add lemon zest, lemon juice and chicken broth, heat until simmer.
4. Put in pasta or spaghetti squash and heat up for 4 minutes until liquid is slightly absorbed.
5. Sprinkle in the Parmesan. Season with salt and pepper, served warm. Sprinkle with chopped parsley if desired.

Day 22 — A website

Other than the blogs on my blogwheel, I also store some links in my bookmarks and I have been reading Lady Bunny's blog for a long time. She blogs sparsely but she often finds hilarious, racy materials. It's well worth reading.

Day 23 — A YouTube video

Since Joe.My.God introduced me to Auto-Tune The News, I've been a big fan. Though their 12th installment is out, I still find #11 to be the most genius one. It contains clips from March when UK's Nigel Farage confronting the legitimacy of Belgium's Herman van Rompuy being the president of EU, and the interaction between Glenn Beck and Eric Massa. If auto-tuning can get kids to watch the news, it might not be all that bad.

Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy

Rent was playing on FX yesterday around noon and I just tuned right in when Angel died and this funeral scene played out. I was struck on how good Jesse Martin looks and how great he sounded here. It brought tears in my eyes to hear him sing. Too bad I never got into Law & Order, I have not since one single episode, despite the show retains the cast of Oz and Chris Noth.

Have a great weekend!


What Obama Should Do

>> Friday, June 18, 2010

President Obama has been criticized for not taking the leader role and having concrete solutions during his presidential address on the BP oil spill this past Tuesday. I haven't seen it, so I guess I can't give an opinion. We are all quite frustrated in the helplessness of the situation. It seems like nobody has a solution for the oil spill, which is now on day 60. Adding to it, journalists are still getting harassed for getting close to the shoreline by BP employees and it just generate that much more bad feeling.

A deal has been negotiated between the White House and BP CEO Tony Hayward to establish a $20 billion compensation fund for the victims of the oil spill, which does not include the cost for cleaning up the spill. To show how extreme Republicans are, here's Shameless Stupid Asshole Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) apologizing to the CEO of BP for "shaking them down". Even though it's unbearable to watch, I hope the people of Texas who's affected by the oil spill can see who is representing them in Congress. Let's find out aside from his hate for a black guy to be president, how much contribution he's getting from the oil industry.

On the subject of politics, there are people who sides with Republicans, there are people who sides with the teabagger/Fox News movement, there are people who sides with Obama/Democrats, and there are the ones who sides with the "liberal media". I guess I'm in the last group. When my two major source outlet is saying the same thing, I'd take it to be true.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me eight times, am I a fucking idiot? I guess speeches are nice and it'll make people feel good for a while but despite the talk, nothing ever gets accomplished since the first speech done by Nixon in 1974, that's before I was born. United States had refused to tax oil and has the lowest cost per gallon despite the previous price hike. It creates a highly oil dependent culture where alternative energy source cannot compete. If the oil spill inspire and result in less dependent in oil, maybe not all is lost.

Obama has been caught pussyfooting on issues too many times. While I don't necessarily care about gays donating blood, I do agree with this guy in saying "President Obama, if I may — what do you possibly gain by trampling the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans?...I'm sorry, but pandering to people who think you were born in Kenya by crapping all over a community of people who campaigned for you, knocked on doors, raised money for you, and you won't even allow them the dignity of donating blood? That's bullshit."

Don't get me wrong, I had drink enough Tang and chewed on enough saltines before and I have even donated enough blood to get little metal blood droplets to prove it. But if you do want to donate blood, you don't necessarily have to disclose your sexual orientation. If the blood bank is so full that they can afford to discriminate, then fuck them. If the patients who need blood are homophobic, I'd like to see them slash their own wrists and bleed the blood back out like Aryan James cutting off his gum implants in Oz.

This is how Rachel Maddow thinks Obama should have delivered his speech:

Honestly if Rachel Maddow runs in 2016, I will vote for her. She could be the first US female/lesbian president ever. Any Stewart/Maddow/Franklin combination would be swell even on an independent ticket, it's just a shame that we have to rely on comedians/newcasters to do something for the nation.


Who The Hell Does That?

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yesterday right before 5, I was seating in my living room watching TV and all the sudden I heard sounds of water dripping coming from my bathroom. I first thought it's my faucet and I haven't closed it tight enough, but when I go see there was water leaking from my ceiling. After calling maintenance to notify them, part of the bathroom ceiling came crashing down and now the water is coming down in a full brown rain. Now I'm panicking.

The 5-minutes wait for the maintenance person turns to be an eternity and I'm pacing up and down the block looking for that person hoping he didn't just blow me off and went home instead and after he looked around the building, he told me that it wasn't a pipe burst. My upstairs neighbor decided to turn on his faucet in the bathroom sink and go to sleep. Who does that?

Later he called to apologize and clarified that he was talking on the phone with a friend with suicidal thoughts. Still, now my bathroom is flooded, and so is the person living under me. There's massive clean up, laundry, throwing out stuff that has been broken and unusable. There are still things falling from upstairs. What have I done to deserve this?

Most curious of all is that along with some rocks and some chunks of wood falling down, I found a couple of bullet shaped metals with a market in the back saying Super-X. After looking around online, it turns out they are indeed... bullets. I wonder what they are doing between the walls. Maybe there's a piece on top of my ceiling somewhere, I wish there is also a duffel bag full of cash up there as well. That would definitely make the story a lot better than someone forgot to turn off their faucet and ruined my bathroom.

Anyway, I'm in the mood of Bambi's mom right here:


Here's another thing where common sense dictate people shouldn't do - Resisting arrest.

One female subject turned and began to walk away. The officer again instructed her to step over to his car. She continued to walk away and appeared to raise her hand in a dismissive gesture. The officer contacted the female subject and began escorting her back toward his car. The female subject began to tense up her arm and pull away from the officer while yelling at him. Once at the patrol car the female subject refused to obey the officer's commands to place her hands on the car. When the officer again tried to gain control of her, she pulled away and twisted, breaking free of the officer's grip several times.

At this time a large crowd gathered around the officer. When the officer tried to handcuff the female subject, another female subject intervened. The second female subject placed her hands on the officer's arm, causing the officer to believe she was attempting to physically affect the first subject's escape. The officer pushed the second subject back, but she again came at the officer, at which time he punched her. The second subject moved away and the officer was able to handcuff the first subject and place her in the back seat of his patrol car. As the officer contacted and subsequently escorted the second subject over to his patrol car, she too tried to pull and twist away from him. The officer restrained her until backup officers arrived, at which time the second subject was handcuffed.
The Internet has been abuzzed about a 17 year-old girl getting punched in the face by a Seattle policeman over a jaywalking incident but after watching and reading what it is all about, I tend to side with the cop. Getting pulled over for jaywalking is inherently stupid, but the girls should have followed the cop's order, it is just common sense. Maybe the cop just wanted to give the girls a warning, but when they're brushing him off like he's not important, of course he will make sure that they learn a lesson. The cop is not a creepy old guy at the bar who wants their phone numbers, they can't curse at him and wrestle him out. It's good that he isn't using his taser or draw his gun. At the same time, it could have easily gone more out of hand if he wasn't surrounded and filmed. The girls should consider themselves lucky for just having gotten a punch in the face. If they have had more common sense, none of this would have to happen.

Sorry for ranting.


Animals: From The Cute To The Disturbing

>> Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's nothing better to turn your frown upside down than cute animals. The adorable boyfriend loves to look at adorable animals, maybe the adorableness can be absorbed from watching cute stuff?

Meet the sloths at Avarios del Caribe in Costa Rica, the world's only sloth orphanage.

A baby cat and a mirror are hours of fun.

So is a young axolotl and a pair of chopsticks.

A cat born with two faces and lived. I guess it's possible for an actual Cerberus to exist?

Beastiality amongst animals, meet the first Fleshlight ever.


Traffic Accidents in China

>> Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Despite having a movie called The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, Asians are always teased for not knowing how to drive. I guess I'm not helping the claim since I have yet to learn how to drive. Well, the following clip lifted off of YouTube shows you traffic accidents recorded by China's closed circuit video recorder.

A few thing I'm surprised by:

1. There doesn't seem to be traffic lights or even a mirror anywhere.
2. The streets are narrow and there's no line or zebra crossings on the ground.
3. Again, people living there doesn't seem to be aware of how their privacy is violated when there are cameras everywhere.
4. Drivers don't seem to know how to slow down or honk.
5. People seem to be content standing in the middle of an intersection even though they are blocking traffic.

Of course, the accidents in this clip is accumulated over a period of time and it seems so much more ridiculous when they are viewed altogether but I wonder how a rapidly developing economy deals with cars being all the sudden available to a large population. When some streets are still narrow and most people are still used to biking everywhere, where would people even park their cars? How do you avoid hitting someone when people are everywhere and there's no traffic control of any kind? My main reason for not driving is because I'm afraid I might run someone down, seems like having to drive in China would be my biggest nightmare.


Gay Pride 2010

>> Monday, June 14, 2010

Maybe because the economy is still generally down and hasn't recovered yet, Philadelphia's gay scene is in a little bit of a downward spiral. The gay pride parade this year seems to be a lot smaller than the last. The executive director of the biggest Asian organization is stepping down, only 2 out of the 10 or so local gay bars sponsored and staffed floats. There was also a rumor about the much beloved gay and lesbian film festival is down-scaling quite a bit which worries me because I'm a big supporter and if the selection of films is smaller I'm not confident that only the better ones remain.

Even though the parade is not as jam-packed, it still took quite a bit of time to walk down the street. At times, you have to stand there and wait 20 minutes for the next float to come by. In the middle of that, it also rained quite a bit and the heat of the day just added to the whole uncomfortableness. Good thing, me and my friends sneaked inside a sandwich shop and watch people go by when we're eating in full air conditioning in front of the windows. We even got in the designated area in time to see Jennifer Coolidge, though we missed Raven from RuPaul's Drag Race.

So these are the pictures I took:

Dykes on Bikes

Marching Band

Rainbow Pups (Poor Dogs...)

Gay Cheerleader Team from NY

Random Flagwaivers

Yellow Chicken Team from Woody's

Closer Look of the Muscled Hotties in The Back

Forgot What This Was For...

Philadelphia Fins Swimming Team

The Asian Float

Blow Up Dolls and the Heat Suit

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Weekend Meme: 30 Days Challenge (Third 6)

>> Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're continuing on the 30 Days Challenge that a lot of blog pals are doing this week. Since there's no mention of any of this week's categories have to be my favorite, I'll just talk about the recent ones I've encountered and worth mentioning.

Day 13 — A fictional book

There's a Chinese idiom saying "pick up a jade belt on the street and go bankrupt" that perfectly describe my current situation. We have a practice in my building that occasionally some tenant will left some unwanted reading material, dishes, glass, used furniture or electronics on the stairway so interested parties can benefit from it. Well, one day I picked up James Patterson's 8th Confession and started reading. I like detective novels and found out that I didn't exactly hate James Patterson's work, so I went around used bookstores and found 1st to Die and 2nd Chance, went on Amazon and bought the rest.

Day 14 — A non-fictional book

Shameful to admit but I seldom read non-fictions, the ones I have are mostly cookbooks. Of course, depending what kind of food I'm in the mood for, they are all useful. The one that get me the most bang for my buck is probably William Mark's The Chinese Gourmet. Usually Chinese cooking require a lot of ingredients in small amount, so cooking Chinese is really troublesome and quite impossible to remember all these little things. William Mark being a famous critic in Hong Kong, his book has some of my favorite Chinese recipes in authentic taste. I picked this up some 10 years ago at a Borders on sale for only $1.99 and it remains to be my favorite Chinese cookbook. (Well, I only have about 5 of them.)

Day 15 — A fanfic

Fanfic? Let's see I have had read some small erotic stories about different TV characters having sex but I don't think they count. Well, I used to read a series of comic book about the adventures of the grandson of a fictional famous detective in Japan. Does that count? The original story of Detective Kosuke Kindaichi has 77 installments and they were all written by Seishi Yokomizo between 1946 and 1980. The comic books called Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo depict a high schooler who's Kosuke Kindaichi's grandson and not related to the former stories at all. So I guess it's sort of a fan fiction?

Day 16 — A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

I don't believe there is a song that makes me cry but there are songs to help me express my emotions when I'm sad. I can't cry if I'm not already sad no matter what songs you're playing. I guess Mary J.'s Not Gon' Cry do a pretty good job to bring out the melodrama in me, so is Nina Simone's Little Girl Blue but there's nothing like a song repeating the word 'cry' a million times hammering it home again and again that really brings out the tears.

Day 17 — An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

When I was going to the Urban Bear event I happened to see a viewing booth of a cutout background. It was an installation done by artist Richard Galpin who is famous for creating geometric shapes through cutting out photographs of famous landmarks.

Well, I lined up not fully understanding what it was for and the pictures I take probably didn't do it justice. This is what it was intended to be but notice the designs of the cutouts are slightly different and in real life, it's quite hard to get it lined up perfectly. (Which is a long sentence to say I didn't get it.)

Day 18 — Whatever tickles your fancy

Lately I've been collecting a series of Kidrobot toy figurines. The series is called Cucos by Argentinean artist Patricio Oliver. They are kinda cute in a Tim Burton kinda way. I also like how you can mix and match their body parts around.

Anyway, have a good weekend!


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