Weekend Meme: Another 50 Questions Meme Pt. 2

>> Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween everyone!

Last night, me and the boyfriend already went out and take our costumes for a test drive. While the boyfriend looks sexy as a German boy and getting groped. My costume, in which I still have a hard time telling people what it is got a bit of compliments and the owner of a club asked me to participate in a competition but I didn't win.

Anyway, tonight is going to be a once-a-year big event. A Halloween ball hosted by the gay uncle of Philadelphia, Henri David. I'll sure be taking some pictures and share with you guys in the upcoming days. Hope you're having some fun!

Today's meme continues last week's from Sunday Stealing and here we go:

26. Do you like someone?
I like my friends, I love my boyfriend.

27. The last song you listened to?
It would be a song called "Invocations and Instructions" by Bronson Pinchot for a Sondheim review called Putting It Together featuring Carol Burnett.

28. What time of day were you born?
I was told that I was born around 2am.

29. What’s your favorite number?
If I tell you I'd have to kill you.

30. Where did you live in 1987?
I would have been in Hong Kong possibly living with my grandma, that, or I might be studying abroad in Macau.

31. Are you jealous of anyone?
I'm jealous of a lot of people.

32. Is anyone jealous of you?
I don't know but I'm sure some people thinks that I'm having it good.

33. Where were you when 9/11 happened?
I was at home watching TV and thought that it was a movie filming production introduced on morning TV.

34. What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
Bang and shake the machine. And if nothing happens I'll just leave.

35. Do you consider yourself kind?
Yes, most of the time towards the older, weaker, infants, pets and pregnant women. Otherwise, I'm cordial.

36. If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?
On my biceps.

37. If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?
Japanese. I read too much comic books.

38. Would you move for the person you loved?
Yes. Love is important.

39. Are you touchy feely?
Only with my boyfriend and some close friends. Otherwise, I don't like being touched by strangers at all.

40. What’s your life motto?
Try everything once.

41. Name three things that you have on you at all times?
Glasses, phone, iPod.

42. What’s your favourite town/city?
Hong Kong.

43. What was the last thing you paid for with cash?
A drink last night.

44. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
Probably not in this decade.

45. Can you change the oil on a car?
Nope, I can't even drive.

46. Your first love: what is the last thing you heard about him/her?
He was a very angry person. I saw him at a bar badmouthing me to a bartender, laughed and then left.

47. How far back do you know about your ancestry?
I know my grandma quite well, I heard her story of living and then leaving Vietnam.

48. The last time you dressed fancy, what did you wear and why did you dress fancy?
I wore my suit for a job interview. It's not extremely fancy.

49. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
Nope. My feet are aching a little from all the walking I did yesterday though.

50. Have you been burned by love?
You could say that but that's love, it burns.

Hope you're having a great weekend, and had some candies. This is a Halloween Sacher that I made for this year's Halloween. Cheers.


Project Runway Season 8 Finale

>> Saturday, October 30, 2010

We interrupt your usual programming of the usual weekend meme and bring you a special report on Thursday night's Project Runway finale. I have been a fan of Project Runway and love the creativity, the process and the challenges most of all. Like many fans, I have followed the show from Bravo to Lifetime and I too enjoyed the extended 90 minutes episodes so to better understand the creative process of each clothing.

This year, our villain is in the form of a pompous Gretchen Jones and her lackey head-bitch Ivy Higa picking on a cute bear called Michael Costello who doesn't have formal design training. Said bear has a son and a wife and everyone. including me, thought he was straight at first but turns out he was forced into marrying a girl when he was younger and he's in fact gay and has a partner.

As with any usual talent competition show, the talent pool and the interest wanes, and if it's not for the drama I doubt that anyone would watch it. The challenges had been somewhat predictable and boring, maybe due to its move to a lesser channel the celebrities who appears on the show also seems to be of a lower rank. After 13 grueling weeks, 3 contestants ended up in the finale:

Exciting Mondo who likes to mix-and-match prints:

Hawaiian Asian Andy with a shiny, Asian influenced collection with celestial headgears.

Decidedly granola, monotone and drab Gretchen with a chunky jewelry collection that she designed herself:

Based on my description, I'm sure you already know my feelings towards certain designers and their designs. Overall, I like Mondo's the best. His inspirations were Latinas, Mexican Day of the Dead festival, Aztec and his black and white prints. Somehow, I see early black and white version of Minnie Mouse. Is it just me?

While Andy's headgears were distractingly bad, I didn't mind the collection too much. It's short and shiny just like what Heidi Klum would like and there's an easy and lightness to it that I do enjoy. But the bigger story is that there seems to be accusations that some of Andy's designs actually comes from a Japanese pattern book. Plagiarism is seriously shunned on and if it was intentional, and it seems that it is, it's seriously unwise.

Gretchen's collection is really humdrum, the fabrics utilized were drab and uninspired. Truly it's the worst amongst the three. I can see the collection being sold at Burlington Coat Factory or Ross. Not that there's not a market for it, but it's for a girl who likes to browse consignment and second hand shops. The jewelry reminds me of car hood ornaments, they are clunky. Maybe it's just personal taste, I've never responded well to drapey clothing, I'm more into form fitting pieces.

So how in the hell did Gretchen become the winner of this season? My theory is that one of the prize for the winner is to have his winning collections produced for sale and Gretchen's collection seems to be the easiest. It's not easy to use the prints exactly right and it surely will not fit most body types. Also, a little controversy makes for good TV. Anyway, too bad reputation of the show suffers because of a bad decision, Lifetime really dropped the ball on this. I mean even queen bitch Ivy Higa managed to turn out a pretty respectable decoy collection:


When Things Don't Go Your Way

>> Friday, October 29, 2010

Continuing with yesterday's story, at a radio interview with local Delaware station WDEL Tuesday Christine O'Donnell snapped her finger to summon her campaign manager/lawyer/security in an attempt to intimidate radio host Rick Jensen, when the interview didn't go her way.

During the interview O'Donnell criticized opponent Chris Coons for cutting funding for senior, but when Rick Jensen ask her what would she cut when a budget cut is required. O'Donnell called in her goon and pushed him into action as if something would happen.

After the interview, the O'Donnell Campaign asked that the video be turned over to the campaign and not released. He stated that the videotaping had not been approved by them. They also threatened to "crush WDEL" with a lawsuit if the station didn't comply.

An attorney representing the O'Donnell campaign contacted WDEL's law firm Hogan Lovells and initially asked that the video not be released. WDEL's attorney asserted that the interview and video were in compliance with all applicable laws, was clearly protected free speech under the First Amendment, and that the campaign had no grounds to demand the station withhold it from the public.

After seeing the video the attorney for the O'Donnell campaign contacted WDEL's counsel again to apologize for charges made by their campaign manager. The attorney agreed that there was no legal issue with the video and expressed regret for the incident.

So this is how the right is portraying themselves and getting their message across. Just add that to the list of crazy things that Christine O'Donnell does. Nothing is sincere or from the heart, everything is scripted and protected. How could anyone not see through her and vote for such a clown is beyond me.


"Don't Tread On Me"

>> Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes, after calling themselves teabaggers they are comparing themselves to poisonous snakes. I find that interesting.

via HuffPo

With the rightwingers justifying hate speech as their first amendment rights and Baptist Church and anti-gay religious group showing up at gay pride parades and other place that they are not wanted but protected by law enforcements, it's hard to understand why the opposite cannot be true.

The first video is of the much covered incident where campaign coordinator of Rand Paul, Tim Profitt stomped on the head of MoveOn.org Lauren Valle when miss Valle tried to approach wearing a wig and armed with nothing but a RepubliCorp sign. Tim Profitt claimed that he was trying to protect Rand Paul from harm but from a longer version of the footage, you can see there are waves of people between Rand Paul and Ms. Valle. Tim Profitt also claimed that he has a bad back and that's why he used his feet to step on Ms. Valle's head and that honestly, HE should be the one receiving an apology. Ok, then.

The second video is from another incident on Tuesday where Republican candidate was holding a local meet and greet at a Virginia coffee shop. The man who got wrestled down by cops is John Taylor, a local Democrat showed up with a sign supporting the opposing candidate and refused to leave when asked to, so the cops intervened and the rest was captured on tape above.

Another incident involved Alaskan Senate candidate and Sarah Palin's pal Joe Miller who during a town hall meeting of a public school got his goons to detained and handcuffed a local reporter and accused him of trespassing a private event.

Given I will support a violent treatment to taunters like the Westboro folks protesting a dead soldier's funeral, but reporters? First, candidates like Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell running away from reporters who simply wanted to ask them questions and now they are met with violence? That's a bit too much.

Instead of fighting for lower taxes, Tea Partiers and Republicans alike are getting into a worrisome militant stance. Our freedom of having our first amendment rights are giving way to the need for second amendment expressions of some. You can almost smell the start of a one-sided revolution, how is the left going to protect ourselves? If the right is going to silence their opposition with violence, how is United States better than communist China?


Kanye West's "Runaway"

>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I was considering making this 35+ minutes "music video" of Hip Hop biggest ego Kanye West's Runaway which turned into an hour long TV program on VH1 late last night my Music Invasion of the week but the sheer length of it doesn't fit in my definition. Maybe it's one of the occasion where the language barrier with me really shows, I can't decipher or understand most hip hop songs without really taking the time to study the lyrics, so in no point of this mini movie does any piece of music got into my head.

To call Kanye egotistical is somewhat of an understatement, he has surpassed your normal rap star bragging and go into a whole megalomaniac state. I too was endeared to Kanye when he showed up on the Hurricane Relief Concert and blurted out "George Bush doesn't care about Black people", his gay-friendliness and I did enjoy Late Registration. But these days, he has been pulling a Mel Gibson on us showing up late and intoxicated in concert performance, getting on stage and be Taylor Swift moment-stealer on the VMA. Success do funny things to people.

Despite the theme of this mini-movie is an artistic expression of his "Why do people hate me because I'm talented" narrative, it isn't without any merits. Sure, the story is a bit out there, illogical and deeply pretentious, it was quite beautifully filmed. Main actress Selita Ebanks is gorgeous, both the art director and the cinematographer deserve awards. The sequence starts at 13:37 with the ballet is gorgeous, I love the contrast of the delicate unraveling limbs and flowery tutus with the rough content of the song "Runaway" and I can almost see myself appreciating ballet even though I think it's one of the most boring type of artistic expressions. There's truly some great music in the video, I loved the final song with the very Imogen Heap-y vocal manipulation. It showcases that Kanye really does have talent, if only he can be more personable and less of a twat about it. When people have talent and self-confidence, I imagine there would be an attractive quiet confidence about them, someone with a lot to prove and an arrogant demeanor usually means otherwise.


The Future of China

>> Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As much as I loathe Republicans and Teabaggers alike calling their opponents to "man up" and "get their man pants on" to challenge their opponents' masculinity or to imply that they could be gay or using homosexuality as an issue on robocalls to scare their voters to vote their way as if they're telling campfire ghost stories to scare kids, apparently homosexuality is not the only scare tactics.

Joining Blacks, homosexuality, taking old people's meds and medicare away, and illegal immigrants (aka Latinos) is the Chinese!

Gotta love the gong sound and fortune cookie.

This one is way better done.

The bleak black and white room with Chinese propaganda decorations, the evil Chinese professor with the insane laugh. The Chinese is not only here to take your job, they are here to enslave your people!

With a booming economy going on in China and its large population that translate to one of the largest market in the world, their economy is bound to surpass the US. We do still owe the Chinese almost 1 Trillion dollars and it will take time to give that back but it makes little sense to turn on our lendors.

Actually the US should utilize the Chinese economy and invest in it. Since introducing the first Starbucks in China in 1999, the number of stores has increased to 376. Resource-hungry China has Africa's growth by increased trading between the two countries. Via the Wall Street Journal:

In a report released Monday, the International Monetary Fund said that growth for the sub-Saharan region—which typically counts 47 countries excluding North Africa—should reach 5% this year, up from an earlier prediction of 4.5%. The IMF predicted annual growth would rise to 5.5% next year. The organization attributed the increase mainly to strong economic fundamentals, such as high levels of reserves and low inflation. But it also noted a marked shift toward trade with resource-hungry China and developing countries in Asia and Latin America.

Africa's growth acceleration has stirred interest among investors, since it comes as the U.S. and Europe are struggling to recover from the global slump. After China and India, Africa is seen as the next emerging, billion-person market—one that boasts not just mineral wealth but increasingly large pockets of consumer spending power, too.
In fact, the relationship between China and Africa is building so rapidly that one of the news anchor on CCTV, the governmental television channel is from Zimbabwe.

Instead of feeling that China is, somehow, taking advantage of US, we all should think about how we can take advantage of the booming economy of China.


God's Peeing On You

>> Monday, October 25, 2010

I wonder if this qualifies as a weather phenomenon. A giant penis shaped storm front going through Texas. At least the weatherman reported with a straight face. I wonder if the people at the station really didn't catch it.

Nothing much else to report. Hope the week will get better.


Coin-Operated Park Bench

>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

Via 8Asians

When resource-starved communist China was introduced to capitalism, people went all sorts of money-crazy. People were getting rich fast. Starbucks, yoga studios were opened up in every street corners. As long as you have a new idea that sounds foreign which equate to good, people will patronize and get behind it.

I didn't know this is the extend of it:

In Shangdong province eastern China, Yantai Park has installed coin-operated park benches that allows visitors to relax in the park only if they input coins for that privilege, or else metal spikes will ‘encourage’ the park-goer to stand instead. It must deter homeless people, if only they can make the spike sharper and someone could jump up in pain in a comedic way. Or maybe we can see old lady sitting in a stool beside it and use the bench to punch holes in doughnut or something.

It's worth noting that the coin-operated park bench was inspired by German artist Fabian Brunsing where a similar bench was created as a protest against the commercialization of modern life.

Apparently the Chinese doesn't have any concept of public property or relaxation. Anything for a buck, huh? Who knew that extreme capitalism is the next step of communism?


Weekend Meme: Another 50 Questions Meme Pt. 1

>> Saturday, October 23, 2010

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
That I desperately needed to shave.

2. How much cash do you have on you?

3. What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?

4. Favorite planet?
It'll have to be Earth, right?

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
A Mahjong friend

6. What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?
It's an existing musical ringtone called "Fall In Love"

7. What shirt are you wearing?
A black tee-shirt from Uniqlo

8. Do you label yourself?
Sure. I'm "Asian" and "Gay".

9. Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently wearing?
Not wearing any.

10. Bright or Dark Room?
Relatively bright.

11. Did you do anything to celebrate John Lennon's 70th?

12. What does your watch look like?
Looks like a G-shock but it's metal.

13. What were you doing at midnight last night?
Watching TV.

14. What did your last text message you received on your cell say?
A friend asking whether I will join him on a hauted house tour expedition.

15. Where is your nearest 7-11?
About 4 blocks away.

16. What’s a word that you say a lot?
"I know."

17. Who told you he/she loved you last?
My boyfriend. Yay!

18. Last furry thing you touched?
My boyfriend. Yay!

19. How many drugs have you done in the last three days?
Nothing at all.

20. How many rolls of film do you need developed?
Not a one, who still uses films?

21. Favorite age you have been so far?
Probably 18.

22. Your worst enemy?

23. What is your current desktop picture (extra points if you post it.)?
A standard background from the computer manufacturer Asus. With a bunch of blue butterflies flying across a charcoal colored space.

24. What was the last thing you said to someone?

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly what would it be?
Money sounds pretty good right now, but I always wanted to be able to fly.


The End of An Inspiration

>> Friday, October 22, 2010

When he was first elected or even before, The One Who Promised Change has generated much fanfare. Being the very first self-identified Black president, we saw it as some kind of a milestone and a signifier of change. More so than having Will.I.Am writing a campaign song for the candidate, I regard having Obama on the cover of Spiderman an endorsement from the younger generation of the whole nation and it got me fantasizing about the start of a brand new era. Reality will prove that change requires hard work and some sort of headstrongness.

In the past 2 years, Obama has demonstrated that he is willing to work for progress, unfortunately he lacks the willfulness of W. He spent to much efforts on unifying the two parties and bridging the gap but through endless negotiation, the right unified to go against his every notion and due to his skin color, the Tea Party was born to question his origins and motives along with Fox News. Obama seems to be too willing to compromise his goals in order to appear cordial.

Regardless that the accomplishments of the administration is numerous, none of them are big ticket items and none of them are openly publicized perhaps because stamping the Obama name on them will create controversy and conspiracy theories will come out of Fox News. Americans are going on their daily life not knowing what exactly were being done. In a time that most families experience tax cuts, people are marching out in the name of "Tax Enough Already". While Health Care Reform is a major milestone, the independent public option had been chopped through negotiations and the major provisions won't take effect until 2014-16. The right has managed to make "Obamacare" sounds like it's something sinister. Either there's disconnect between the government and the people or the White House needs much better PR people.

On the GLBT issues front, absolutely no progress were made. If due to some reason, the administration has to end tomorrow, nothing would have been accomplished: ENDA is in effect selectively, gay marriage is available in a handful of States, gay adoption is illegal in a handful of States, anti-bullying law is not there. And even Obama has said he is a fierce advocate for the LGBT community and that he strongly opposes DADT, his administration has filed for an appeal and even though DADT has been overturned for 7 days, it is back for being the law of the land. Because if it's not done the "proper way", you rather destroy it and do it over again, which makes his It Gets Better video quite disingenuous.

Not to undermine a semi-heartfelt unofficial address from the president on LGBT issues which is unprecedented, the best it is for us gay folks is still not full equality and he has the power to change things around. How can you tell teenagers that it gets better while keeping DADT in the works? What's more unfortunate is that this ordeal happens right before the election and this whole kerfuffle is bound to make members of LGBT community quite angry. It's not like by preventing gay soldiers to serve in the army, voters from the right will start to vote for the left. All it's going to accomplish now is that the gay and lesbians will be less likely to go to vote. It's bound to be a tough election this year. Don't the Democrats have a strategist? With all the inspiration and enthusiasm squashed out, I wonder if anyone would want to draw the president into comic books anymore.


What Are They Thinking?

>> Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amidst the wave of LGBT teenage suicide which is still happening, a week or two ago LDS church elder Boyd Packer came out to speak against homosexuality.

On a post on Joe.My.God, I made a sly comment about how unfortunate it is for a religious leader to be named Boyd Packer, I mean come on, a name like that in that setting is practically begging to be ridiculed. Somehow that comment was the first for the post and some random anon who's fervently against the LDS tagged on it so his/her comment can appear near the top of the chain, and then some random LDS defender named Celeste who has misconceptions about gays stated her ignorance on her post.

I would have cared less, since it wasn't toward what I said I would have glazed over this little exchange and move on. But apparently some folks still go back and read the past posts and comments, and Celeste will still defend her position no matter how ill conceived they are, so I put my foot in and asked her to back off. Apparently, Celeste is convinced that gay people can change their orientation at will and of all 10 gays that Celeste knows, all of them seemed to have been molested at some point in their lives and Celeste is convinced that this is why they are gay. She doesn't understand that why gays are forcing churches to marry them, also why gay people are so promiscuous or why some act like women while others are don't act like women. She says "If someone has a deviant behavior it is studied and gets understood by the science and medical community. But with the gay issue all I have ever heard is "they are born with it and it can't be changed."" For all I know Celeste can be a 14 year old girl feeling bored and cruising gay sites to rile things up, or she can be good old Maggie Gallagher trying to incite violence with something as outrageous as this. So I went in to rip her a new one.

At the end, she claimed that we will never see eye-to-eye on the issue, while she can never understand me being gay, she claimed that I will never be able to understand God. Meanwhile, I still pretty sure she's convinced that causes homosexuality. I have never been molested, I don't think any of my ex-boyfriends or close gay friends have ever been molested. All I know is perhaps two acquaintances telling me stories about them getting molested by priests. If anything, there's a larger correlation between religion and homosexuality. Maybe it's the half naked Jesus on the cross?

On the topic of gay teen suicide, AFA's Bryan Fischer as well as NOM' Maggie Gallagher are trying desperately to make themselves feel better by justifying that if it wasn't for the deviant homosexual than maybe gay teens won't be killing themselves. In the video below, Bryan Fischer is arguing that since gays cannot reproduce, we are recruiting students from kindergarten on and forcing them to declare that they are gay from a young age, these confuse young kids killed themselves because they can't handle the pressure of being deviants.

Maggie Gallagher, on the other hand, is discovering that gay teens are killing themselves in Massachusetts even though gay marriage had been legalized in that state 4 years ago. Hence, according to her column in the New York Post, legalizing gay marriage won't help and so she's not responsible for the death of LGBT kids. Her argument is that gay teens are messed up to begin with. According to some CDC studies that she pulled out from thin air, GLBT teens are more likely to have been sexually abused, more likely to use drugs and becoming or making someone else pregnant.

These people are have a preset image of what gays are and whatever facts are presented to them to counter that image are discarded aside. They think we are going to kindergartens and showing them gay porn videos. They think we are marching into their churches and forcing them to marry us. They think we are actively recruiting people to be gay. What impossibly outrageous notions.


Destroying The Value Pack

>> Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I get frustrated when people claim to defend family values or Christian values or traditional values. While I do believe that there are values that is worth upholding, those claimed values defenders only seems to use the term to discriminate.

Being a Christian used to be something to be admired, like Mother Theresa who used to rally people to help people in the third world. In the old days, flocks of Christians will go to underdeveloped countries to teach children how to read and help with horticulture, nutrition and disperse medical care. Those were the Christians I grew up admiring. Nowadays, those causes get delegated to televangelists who claimed to help out while using money from their congregation to buy giant mansions and yachts. If not, it's pedophilic priests and pastors who likes to touch kids and store kiddie porn on their computers. Instead of working on ending poverty and other more meaningful causes like helping out the Tsunami/Earthquake victims, The Pope is busy concealing their pedophilic priests and transferring them to other parts of the world so they can be free to start all over again. Vatican is so laden with useless stunts and bureaucracy that it is still deciding whether they should apologize for issues that had happened decades or even centuries ago.

The average Christian don't even go to church every Sundays. The average Christian have not yet finished the whole Bible and probably won't in their lifetime. The average Christian don't care about passage mentioning prohibiting them to wear clothes of mixed fabrics or eating seafood without fins or scales. The average Christian have never and probably won't initiate or even participate in a stoning of disobedient children or an adulterer. Even though adultery and theft belong in the Ten Commandments, no on out there is condemning, harassing or making them second class citizens. No Family Association comes out with studies claiming adultery as a deviant behavior or a disease, nobody is revoking marriage license for divorcees who had once claimed "Til death do us apart" in front of an altar inside a church in front of god. But on gay marriage, Christians will hold up their bibles and said it's against their values, values that they get to pick and choose.

Teabaggers claimed that they want to take back their country from their Black President and if they don't get their ways, they are threatening to form militias for second amendment remedies. At the same time, other teabaggers are saying that we need to protect the borders from pregnant Mexicans that will drop anchor babies once they land in American soils. People are threatened to not pay taxes, they are crazed and scrambling to maintain their own status quo. United States used to be exemplify a dynamic progressive country. It was the land of opportunity, the land of the free, the land of equality and justice, a pretty picture that got painted by Hollywood and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. These days, we recognize that race is still very much an issue, any kind of minorities are discriminated against. While dumbasses who have never read the constitution gets to run for office and use campaign funds to fund their lifestyle, politicians get elected so they can be swayed and bought by big industries. Protecting American values my ass.

I don't know what they think will happen if they don't defend their values, maybe the whole population will subject to brainwash so everyone will convert to be gays or if they relax that their black president will take away all their possessions. At the end, maybe they are all upset that their world is changing before their eyes and since they are not educated about subject like homosexuality and people of color that they become uneasy. But, clearly treating other people with contempt is not the way to solve any problems.

While having a set of preset values is handy, we all need to re-exam our priorities and see what is it about those values that is truly good and beneficial to the society as a whole. Sure, religion is great for some but if the church you belong to spends more time to condemns people than to help people, then why would you still want to associate yourself with that particular church? We all need to look inwards to see what's really important to us and recognize lies when we hear one.


Spooky Musical Numbers

>> Monday, October 18, 2010

Can't believe I haven't shared this with you all before but seeing Silence of the Lamb on TV last night reminded me of this great musical number from Silence! The Musical. The below video is brilliantly in Lego form which is a bonus.

For details of the musical, please visit Jon and Al.

Other than that, I'm sure the witch's face and her words will haunt me forever:


Movie Review: Jackass 3D

>> Sunday, October 17, 2010

In two years or so, every movie title will be "So & So 3D" which would make 3D redundant and render this argument improbable. Following the upcoming 3D televisions, maybe glasses will come pre-polarized and manufacturers will start producing polarized contacts. A new disease called the 3D Syndrome will surface where people can't tell whether they are watching a 3D graphic or actually watching something happening in real life and actually needs to resort to touching things to differentiate. More accidents will happen with people touching sharp objects and getting ran over by cars. It will be utter chaos.

At least half the movies I saw in theater for the past year were 3D movies; Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Big Tits Zombie 3D, Toy Story 3, Piranha 3D. I own numerous pairs of 3D glasses in various stages of 3D technology, but I have never been more excited than when I heard the idea of putting Jackass in 3D. As people who's familiar with the MTV hit knows, there's really no plot to the Jackass franchise. Just a bunch of friends pulling horrible prank on each other. Viewers are tickled pink from extreme disgust and sheer schadenfreude.

Imagine making your friends enacting the worst/most disgusting idea you have in your life. Drink the sweat of a fat man, enrage a bunch of bees by kicking their nest around, crawling through a corridor buzzing with active tasers and cattle prods, spreading crazy glue on your hand and use it to wax your father's belly; disgusting, dangerous and insane stunts that you know you should never do but you're doing it because your friends are cheering you on. In the back of your mind, you clearly know it's stupid but you're making a movie and there's money to be made. Why not, right?

It's not important where they got their motivation from, really. I still enjoyed their insanely creative way to get themselves into situation that I wouldn't would attempt in my life. Sure, some skits are predictable and I'm pretty sure it's the same kind of humor from their TV series or their 2 former installments and I can't say if it's funnier or if they have topped themselves and god knows there are disgusting and puke inducing skits that I rather soon forget, but at the end despite the lack of substance, I still had a blast. Also, props for recognizing the general homoeroticism of the series and screening it at LA's leather gay bar Eagle. C+


Weekend Meme: Crafty 50 Meme Pt. 2

>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

In the upcoming weeks, there's a couple of rally that is possibly worth participating. This coming Wednesday is LGBT Spirit day which people are encouraged to wear purple in honor of the few gay kids who took their own life recently because of being bullied. I think I only have one purple t-shirt in my closet, so hopefully that day won't be so cold.

The day before Halloween is Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington D.C., even though I really want to go and participate if not just to spite Fox News, transportation to D.C. is only 4 a day and it takes a bit less than 4 hours one way, so even if I catch the 8:30 down, I won't get there until after noon, missing the opening of the rally. In the back of my mind though, I really want to be there. Why can't Oprah give me plane tickets and hotel accommodations?

Anyhow, today's meme is a continual of last week's. Twenty-five more random questions, let's hit it!

26. What do you normally smell like?
Normally I don't smell like anything, or maybe I'm with myself so much that I got used to my own smell. And when I sweat on some rare occasions, I think I smell like porcinis.

27. Do you like Carrie Underwood?
I just know this song of hers and I quite like it.

28. Been to “The Vegas”?
Nope, but I'd love to.

29. How far away do you live from your parents?
My father, if he's still alive, should be around 2388 miles away, while my grandma and extended family is about 8091 miles away.

30. Are you happy with your job?
Don't have a job right now, but if it's not for needing a source of income, unemployment is rather fun. (I know...)

31. Where do you work and what do you do there?
Again. My main responsibility right now is cooking for the boyfriend. I would rate myself doing pretty good work.

32. What did you get in the mail today?
Junk mail asking me to apply for credit cards.

33. How do you like your steak cooked?
Medium well when I eat out. At home, I mastered pan frying my steak to have a crust outside while being rare and tender inside.

34. Britney Spears …is she back?
Not likely, I mean she was a teenage sex bomb but after having two kids and shaving her own head, it's hard to maintain an innocent image.

35. What do you usually order at Taco Bell?
I don't. I think I've only bought something from Taco Bell twice in my life.

36. Have you ever sat all the way through Gone With the Wind?
I know it's a classic and all but I've never actually seen the film.

37. Have you ever been to Mt Rushmore?
No, never had the pleasure to step foot into South Dakota.

38. Is it just me, or was The Marine (w/John Cena) a really horrible movie?
It's as good/horrible as any Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme films, but then John Cena do look a lot hotter.

39. Are surveys like the cocaine of myspace?
I wouldn't know, haven't been on MySpace for a long time and probably don't plan on doing so anytime soon.

40. Where is your favorite place (that you have actually been to)?
I like traveling, I guess I've to say San Francisco. I always manage to have a good time there.

41. What is your favorite candle scent
Interesting question. I usually don't like scented candles because they are usually very strong smelling. If I do have to pick one, I'll go for the subtler or more familiar ones like sandalwood, lavender or jasmine.

42. Do you believe places can really be haunted?
Maybe, I tend to believe places can have bad designs or bad electrical wiring.

43. Do you smoke cigarettes?
I tried but it didn't stick. I guess me and smoking weren't meant to be.

44. Have you ever been to NYC or LA?
Both. I don't think LA is for me. To that matter, NYC isn't either. LA is too broad and spread out, NYC has too many things going on, too loud and too expensive. I need a place where I can travel to most place on foot and that I can fall asleep at night.

45. How many states have you been to where all you saw was the airport?
The very first time I come to the States, I took a Southwest flight and it stopped in Denver. I think I was highly unconscious then so I don't think I even saw the airport during the stop.

46. Do you think 50 questions is enough?
At one time? It's probably too much.

47. Are you currently planning a trip?
Not really, though maybe I'll stop by New York or Washington D.C. for a day trip.

48. Is Ryan Seacrest gay? Should anyone care?
In 1999 when Ricky Martin first blasted into the music scene years before he came out or people even suspected, a friend told me that he had been spotted in the beach of Phuket with an Asian boyfriend. I used to be excited knowing that Ricky is gay. But it's not like these stars will come to have sex with me or be my boyfriend just because they are gay too, so while it's nice to know, who cares? As for Ryan Seacrest, I could even care less.

49. Do you take anti-depressants? Sleeping pills
Nope, never had the need.

50. What do you think about space travel?
Foreign, boring and possibly unsafe. Too much effort and resource spent on nothing. Go to those anti-gravity chambers and twirl around, it's pretty much the same.

Alright, have a great weekend!


Obama's Promise

>> Friday, October 15, 2010

In a completely out of character move, Obama had tweeted this yesterday.

This can almost be interpreted as a promise and not since his campaign days had he made a statement this strong about LGBT issues. In fact, I have no concrete grasp of the president's point of view regarding us gays. There were so much that we expected from he who offered hope, but we were told that LGBT issues are taking a back seat because there were so many other more important things that needs to be processed first. At the same time, we see those more important issues going nowhere; The US unemployment rate is still high and health care reform public option is somewhat lost now. When Obama's approval rate being less than half, Democrats likely to losing the majority and the rise of bat-shit crazy teabaggers, it's understandable that the gays are in a panic; it's unsure that this relatively reasonable president could get a second term.

It isn't until the relentless efforts of Get Equal and the recent wave of gay teenager suicides that bring the subject of equality to the forefront. Meanwhile, White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett had called homosexuality a "lifestyle choice", Obama had stated that he is in support of civil union but not gay marriage and at one point in time last night his Department of Justice attorneys were preparing to appeal the federal judge ruling of the overturn of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. We have no idea what Obama's real feeling gay issues, he is after all a heterosexual black male who's culturally more inclined to be homophobic or at least more conservative towards homosexuality, and who knows about the viewpoints of the people surrounding him?

At the end, repealing DADT is but a small step toward equality. Sure, you can openly serve in the military but the other kids will still pick on you. It's just like being in the schoolyard, you can tell people you're gay but you'll get bullied because of it, the sergeant could potentially treat you differently because his beliefs tell him that you're an abomination. It's horrible to say but serving in the military is not very relevant for the majority of gays and lesbians. For now, while the DADT ruling is posed to be appealed, the firing of gay and lesbian soldiers has been halted. Pushing forward, to make every gay and lesbian's life easier would be implementing anti-bullying rules in school and legalizing gay marriage.

And so we wait.


Teabag Vultures

>> Thursday, October 14, 2010

I know this Rachel Maddow clip is from Monday night and it's 13+ minutes long but I think it's worth watching.

So there's a culture war going on and the Teabagger conservative resurgence are running for office all over the country. In my liberal slightly leftish mind, I see all these folks are highly unelectable but god forbid if they do get into office.

New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino who sent/passed on emails from his government email account to his friends and colleague of a horse fucking a woman and other sexist comments and porn, racist jokes, pictures and other sentiments. The same Carl Paladino who had a child with his mistress, an exstaffer nonetheless, Carl Paladino who has a gay nephew who's helping him to run his campaign, had called the gays not a valid and successful option. Apparently the speech is written by homophobic Rabbi Yehuda Levin and Carl Paladino had issued an apology since but if elected, Carl plans to "utilize emptied New York prisons as dormitories for the poor where they could work in state-sponsored jobs, get employment training and take lessons in "personal hygiene." Imprisoning the homeless, problem solved! Carl has also been caught threatening to take a reporter out, a true old time gangster at heart.

Teabagger darling Delaware gubernatorial candidate "I'm not a witch, I'm you" Christine O'Donnell other than not understanding how evolution works, dabbling into witchcraft and being anti-masturbation (Aren't those values conflicting?) just said that by repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell is like allowing adultery within the military. Apparently Christine O'Donnell has lied about her entire education history, claiming that she attended Oxford, Princeton and Claremont Graduate University while no one has heard of her and she has just obtained her undergraduate from Fairleigh Dickinson last month, so her commercial about never attended Yale was true. Christine O'Donnell has also been accused of misusing campaign funds and living off it instead of paying her campaign staff, While being anti-masturbation because of the lord and spreading rumors that her opponent is gay, unmarried Christine O'Donnell enjoys sex quite a bit according to her neighbor who constantly hear her sex screams.

Nevada Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle is famous to imply a "2nd Amendment solution" if things don't go her teabagger way and when asked what she means by that, she just smile her schmuck smile and say "Anything is possible". Angle also believes that insurance companies should have the right to drop coverage whenever they feel like it and that the U.S. Department of Education should be eliminated. Also Sharron Angle believes that the U.S. should withdraw from the United Nations. Much like Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle enjoys running, especially when she's faced with questions from reporters about her own statements and platform.

South Carolina Senatorial candidate Jim DeMint is better known as a homophobe who recently has repeated his running platform in 2004 where he said that gays and sexually active unmarried women should not be teachers. Jim DeMint is also known for praying for the failure of health care reform along with Michelle Bachman, Sam Brownback and evangelical extremist Pastor Lou Engle. Jim Demint is also against net neutrality. Jim DeMint comes fully endorsed by the AFA, NOM and other hateful organization, given how consistently anti-gay he is, I would have put it in the "Thou doth protest too much" category if he wasn't such a loon.

Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer was the cause of why gay people were boycotting Target early this year (Are we still doing that?) Minnesota Target had donated $150K Tom Emmer's Minnesota Forward campaign and Best Buy had donated $100K, while the campaign donated money to the ministry of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International who manages a punk rock band that goes on Minnesota public radio that advocates for the killings of gay and lesbians. Funny, because you would think that teabaggers and bible-thumpers will be against Muslims but in the program the band actually agrees with Muslims in their prosecution of gays. With a history of DWI, Emmer proposed a bill to shorten the license revocation period of DWI and for refusing a sobriety test.

Oregon 4th District Congressional candidate one-time scientist Art Robinson believes that global warming is made up and that we should breakdown and dilute nuclear waste and sprinkle it into the ocean to get rid of it because low radiation is good for us. Also Art Robinson believed AIDS is a myth, a government conspiracy and those gay people died because of exposure to homosexual behavior. Also Art Robinson believes that public education should be abolished.

It's hard to imagine what the country will be like with these people in office but all these people have serious financial backing and they all do have a shot at it. It's a scary world that we're heading to and at the same time, if these people can run for office, why can't I?


OKCupid Report: Straights vs. Gays

>> Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Following the very interesting OKCupid report about the perfect profile pic, OKCupid had produced a report about the difference between gays and straights.

Based on their 3.2 million users, OKCupid had compiled their viewing habits, searching habits, profile contents and answers to some questionnaire and here is what they've found:

1) Homosexuals are not a threat to heterosexuality

- Only 0.6% of gay men have ever searched for straight man profiles.
- Only 0.1% of lesbians have ever searched for straight woman profiles
- Only 0.13% of visitors to straight man's profile are gay men.
- There's not a single gay man who primarily searches for straight men.

2) Gay people aren't any more promiscuous than straight folks

Median number of sex partners of any hetero or gay, male or female is 6.

- 45% of gay people have had 5 or fewer partners (vs. 44% for straights)
- 98% of gay people have had 20 or fewer partners (vs. 99% for straights)
- The two lines are pretty much identical.

3) A lot of straight people have had/would like to have gay sex

- Men seems less open than women (82% of straight men said no and never, 7% said yes and liked it, 6% said yes and didn't like it, 5% said no but would like to. The numbers for straight women are 49%, 26%, 7%, 18% respectively, It's safe to say that it is cultural?)

- The people who responded that they have had gay sex or would like to try are quantified to produce the above map. The are more likely to be from Canada, the US West Coast or New England.

4) Personalities

- By comparing straight men versus gay men, straight men seems to be disproportionally more into sports, they all seems to be more violent, more aggressive, hornier, dorkier and more religious, while gay men are more ambitious, artsier and more compassionate.
- Straight women seems more religious in comparison to lesbians and they also seem more optimistic, while lesbians are more into drugs, kinkier, artsier, more adventurous, more violent, hornier, more romantic and dorkier.
- Heteros regardless of gender seems to be more into sports perhaps it's more frequently a heterosexual topic. Gays and lesbians are understandably less religious, artsier (gay gene?), more compassionate, more literary, more political and more spontaneous.

5) Stuff We Like

Stuff Gay People Like

Stuff Lesbians Like

The higher and bigger the font is, the more it is mentioned in the group's profile. Apparently lesbians really like The L Word and something called Tegan and Sara. Funny the both gays and lesbians like the movie Running With Scissors (I didn't really), Imogen Heap (I like one of her songs), Tori Amos (whom I love), Katy Perry, Drop Dead Gorgeous (What's that?), Lily Allen, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mean Girls, Kelly Clarkson and cuddling.

Stuff Straight Men Like

Stuff Straight Women Like

Unless I'm missing something, straight men and straight women seems to have nothing in common. How do they find common ground? How could the human race have procreated? Is Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus actually an accurate analogy? At least after seeing the straight men list, I know that I belong to the gay category.

There seems to be little in common between gay men and straight men as well. While hetero people and lesbians had a more significant response that they like to hang out with their friends, friends seems to be less significant to gay men. Also straight people seem to have more activity based answers than gay people.

Anyway, the report is interesting. Go over and see for yourselves.


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