Movie Review: Watchmen

>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I finally figured out why I couldn't get into the comic book version of the Watchmen. Well, sure the style and coloring of the illustration is a little old but it's not until I watched the movie that I realized that all but one of these so-called Superheroes have any kind of superpowers, all the others are but masked vigilantes.

The story of the Watchmen happens in a parallel universe when the relationship between U.S. and Russia during the cold war had became so grave that a nuclear world war III became imminent. At the same time, one of these retired crimefighters was mysteriously murdered, the remain of the gang uncover a plot that had to do with the existence of the entire humankind.

I guess the use of the word "Superhero" has conditioned me to expect people with superpowers, so I was a little bit disappointed that it wasn't the case. Other than omnipotent Dr. Manhattan who got his powers through a freak accident, all the others do demonstrate some mild super strength, speed or leaping abilities. I was half expecting to get an explanation of a super soldier serum or something of sort, so I can't explain how Rorschach controls his ink blot mask (or is that his super powers?) I have to say though if Mothman can't actually fly, his costume might be the cause for him to end up in a loony bin.

It's like a reality show with a plot. The viewers were confronted with superhero characters with flaws. The god-like Dr. Manhattan who can see the past, the future, transform himself into any size, multiply, disintegrate and reassemble himself and any other matter feels detached to the world and other beings. His powers dehumanized him too much and that's probably why he doesn't mind being nude and let it all hang out from time to time. (In my opinion, that is much less obscene than the high-waisted black spandex speedo briefs he wears.) The Comedian was a ruthless and cynical man who's capable of rape and killing the innocent. Just as I was thinking to myself why Robert Downey Jr. is in every movie, it actually was Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mary Louise-Parker's ex-husband who have occasional cameo in Weeds. No wonder he's so much beefier and I'm so mesmerized by his chest.

Middle-aged Nite Owl had gained weight since he had retired from crime fighting. While his Batman-like techno-gears are still impressive, he had gone soft without them. The usually reserved and shy gentleman takes on another persona behind his masks and it seems he had associated his masculinity with it as well. Rorschach on the other hand put on a mask so he can abandon his humanity and search for his truth in a bestial rage. The weakest of them all had to be Silk Spectre, after making the original a whore, her daughter became the second generation Silk Spectre with limited fighting skills and a weak personality. I keep hoping she'd duke out some weapon Elektra-style but it was not meant to be.

All in all it's not a bad movie, there's a rich plot in it. There are some gore, nudity and a long sex scene. (It still irk me to see parents bringing little kids in an R-rated movie.) I'd say if you enjoyed Sin City, there's a good chance that you'd enjoy this film as well. B-

Here's a Scooby Doo version:

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