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>> Monday, March 23, 2009

Foot fetish, anyone?

I finally went to see a doctor for my ankle. I got an appointment on the afternoon because I know it's very hard for me to honor a morning one, I guess I've turned into a night owl. The foot doctor's office is not far from me and once I've stepped into it, I was reminded with what SV had said to me.

SV has a company where he recruits hygienists and receptionists for dental offices, and more often than not it is not experience that the dentists ask for. It's more about appearance and, dare I say it, boob size. There were 4 receptionists in the lobby of this medical institute, and they all look exactly the same; Pretty looking girls with long straight brown hair wearing white shirts, blue ties and brown pants. Someone has a catholic school girl fetish somewhere.

There are about 30 people with various foot braces, canes, crutches and wheelchairs. It's the gathering of the lame and I'm one of them, although they are all mostly considerably older other than a few people that you can tell they got injured in car accidents. After filling some forms, I was took back for a few X-rays and then to the doctor's office where I saw the X-rays on my foot being displayed on a monitor. Of course, I had to take a picture.

After touching my foot twice, which the second time hurt like hell and I yelped, the doctor told me that it was something called Achilles Tendinitis. He showed me an exercise to stretch my calf muscle that he said can help, and told me to do it twice every hour for the next three weeks and write me a prescription for some anti-inflammatory drugs that the cute pharmacist at Walgreens deemed to expensive and told me to take Ibuprofen instead. Very well. I'm always reluctant to use pain killers but I also don't want my tendon to snap and leave my foot like a string-less marionette. Funny thing is that this tendinitis are common amongst middle-aged athletes, so I'm unsure whether i should be flattered by the athlete clause or insulted by the middle-aged one.

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