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>> Monday, March 02, 2009

Last Friday, Andy at Towleroad posted a new video from the Norwegian electronica group Röyksopp called Happy Up Here. It's a very cute video with night city views, lots of lights that turn into the classic arcade game space invader theme.

Happy Up There (2009)

I thought the name Royksopp sounded very familiar and when I clicked on Towleroad's link, I got into a list of Royksopp's videos and I was reminded that one of their song "Remind Me" was used in the annoying Geico cavemen commercials. It's a good song and its original music video was amazing. Actually the music video won a few awards and the airplane instructional type graphics are awesome.

Remind Me (2002)

All of Royksopp's music videos are great, they are all well produced and inspiring. That's surely a way to make yourself famous. And of course, you have to have good music to back it up. They reminded me of when Bjork first came out and released a whole bunch of great videos produced by Michel Gondry. They were truly amazing back then. The generic pop princesses mouthing and posing to their own tunes seems anemic in comparison.

A track entitled Poor Leno in particular reminds me of Björk's Jóga mixed with animations that reminds me of Gorillaz. It's pretty damn sweet.

Poor Leno (2002)

If you're interested in the rest, here they are.

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