The Quest Crew

>> Friday, March 06, 2009

So Asians can dance, who knew? For the second time, MTV's American Best Dance Crew was won by an Asian dance crew and there were only 3 seasons so far, two out of three ain't bad. I also remember that gay Asian guy winning Fame one time. I wish the Asians can dance stereotype had set in when I was young, so I wouldn't have grown up with two left feet. And since when is an Asian performer allowed to take off his shirt and get half naked on stage?

At least this crew, the Quest crew didn't wear masks to hide their Asian faces like their predecessor JabbaWockeeZ, especially when Hok (Hokuto Konishi) has such a handsome face and a sexy British accent. I remember him as a finalist on another dancing show, So You Think You Can Dance, but I think he didn't have a visa then so he got disqualified, or maybe later in another season he was eliminated because he can't be versatile enough to dance ballroom or some shit. But now he and his friends are winners. Not too bad.

I guess it's not surprising, most Asians are compact and quick and if we can do Kung Fu then dancing is not that far off, right? Meanwhile old uncle is lying here in bed with a broken back.

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