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>> Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have mentioned before that I'd boycott the Fox New Channels and every sponsors that they have if I could just sit through a few hours of their programming to create a list of advertisers. But alas I couldn't put myself through that kind of torture. Subsequently, even the regular Fox Network leave a bad taste in my mouth. I'm convinced that the political views of Fox News comes from Fox itself and if Fox would fold then maybe no one will have to endure Fox News anymore.

MadTv is gone now, it just add to my conviction to never watch Fox again. Most of the shows are mean-spirited. Who needs to watch Gordon Ramsey or Simon Cowell yelling at people? Or the violence of 24, Prison Break or Cops? But now and then I get into the medical mystery of House, the talents on So You Think You Can Dance doing something that I can never do, making fun of the contestants on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, and as trashy as it is, the guiltiest pleasure of them all having people ripping the hearts out of their supposed loved ones on The Moment of Truth all the while knowing it IS the dark side.

The reddeming quality of the channel other than the outrageously funny but now gone MadTV, belongs to the two-hour long cartoon period on Sunday nights. Although I never liked King of The Hill much, and thinks that The Simpsons had been on so long that it might be a bit irrelevant by now (and where's the Bart and Apu's Slumdog Millionaire episode?), I'm really enjoying Family Guy and American Dad.

I guess that's a rare show on that network to go after the ex-gay scam, that and to mention gloryholes and fisting an an 11-way orgy. On the other hand, they did ramp up the campiness, not every gay guy is really that flamboyant and flaming with fantastic haircuts. Too bad it's only in animations and there's no other gay shows on the network.

On another note, if you want to see through 45 minutes of gay commercials. There's a clip from Gaypub, at the end it's just half naked guys, not all of them are gay themed:

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