The Chinese Tantrums

>> Friday, March 13, 2009

I have no idea since when my people, the Chinese, had officially became the crazy bunch. I guess mostly it's my Pinoy friend Cubxotic asking me to translate these clips in English for him that made me realize so.

There was this clip about an extremely spoiled girlfriend throwing a temper tantrum forcing her sugar daddy to buy her a Buick (Of all cars? C'mon!) by jumping into it in a showroom and threatened to drive the car through the window.

There's this crazy uncle in Hong Kong lecturing his fellow bus passengers about cell phone use and just can't seem to shut up about the subject. The truly crazy part is that he sounded exactly like my own uncle who's the reason why I left Hong Kong at the first place.

There's this middle aged woman who missed her flight to San Francisco from the Hong Kong International airport and can't stop hollering, crying, screaming and groveling on the floor to cause a scene.

And now there's this. A clip about a woman in Hong Kong throwing a fit because the restaurant ran out of shark's fin and that's what she wanted to eat.

But after all it could just be a hoax to promote awareness to shark extinction. The sound and visual is too clear, plus the last frames might have hinted to that direction.

Seriously though, what's wrong with my people? Are they just going around throwing tantrums and causing scenes, is life back east so stressful now or what? With that train of thought... Where's my diamond-encrusted leather harness? NO! I want it NOW! I WANT MY DIAMOND-ENCRUSTED LEATHER HARNESS NOW!!! I SAID NOW!!! (Rolling on the floor, beating the ground, paddling my feet...)

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