Changing Detergents

>> Monday, June 30, 2008

It's the smell of his detergent and the fan above his bed that created the illusion of a world of intimacy. I've been reasoning an explanation of my obsession for him as if finding the cause will cure me off it. I wrote a blog entry and keeping it myself just to vent and I think it helped. I didn't realize how many love songs are in my iPod but when Vanessa Marquez's Good Girl came on, it made me laugh and my mood changed. It doesn't have anything to do with my situation but I can't help but giggle with the chorus.

I don't quite know why I'm so obsessed. Maybe I'm getting older and I still don't have anybody by my side that I can call a mate. Honestly I think I need something meaningful in my life to live for and I felt a connection with Lucius. We are both an insecure child deep down inside. I thought we both needed the same motivations and maybe we can add meaning into each other mundane lives. Maybe that's not what he is looking for, maybe he just wanted to kill time, maybe he needs to figure out what he really wants and he needs a friend to support him in the meantime. It's be hard to stay friends, but I'll try my best to be there after I get all these feelings and obsessions out of my system. Even though I got rejected, I still believe that he's a good person who needs support and care.

Maybe it's consumerism and advance technologies that made everything so instantly available and when something do not appear instantaneously it drives me crazy. Of course, I can buy a dog or rent a boy but I don't think it can replace a boyfriend. The consumer culture has spoiled me and I don't know how to handle rejection. (Pan to me getting arrested for punching the job interviewer for denying me a year later) Rejection does produce a lot of insecurity but I think we all owe Greg Behrendt for popularizing the concept of "He's Just Not That Into You", it saved so many of us trying to find the reason.

Surprisingly, after a night of dreams I felt a lot better. The healing power of sleep is amazing, although my ability to sleep has decreased more and more. I just heard from a commercial that people only sleep 6 hours? I used to be able to sleep for 10 hours and now it's about 7. I don't remember what the dreams were about but I was reminded that Lucius is not exactly perfect, he has a lot of good qualities for sure but he also has a lot of issues. I guess part of me was drawn to him because I thought maybe I could fix him. I mean nobody is perfect and in every relationship you win some and you lose some, but that helped me refocus and eventually move on.

I still have difficulty facing him though, we are still officially friends. I still plan on helping him to move a couch and his birthday is coming up next week. I just really have to learn how to deal with this kind of situation even though it's the first time that happened to me, I doubt that it would be the last.

P.S. Sorry for sounding so crazy and post so much on this little bitty affair. Just needed to vent, maybe at the end I can just reduced the whole thing into the week that I went a little bit crazy.

How could I mistaken us having sex for making love?


Movie Review: Wall-E vs Kung Fu Panda

Since I'm still pouting, I needed something to drown out my thoughts so I went to see Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda at the luxurious Cinema de Lux. It's the weekend but it's surprisingly not as busy as I thought it would be. The tickets here are $1 cheaper, why wouldn't anybody come here for movies?


Hundreds of years later, the president of the world is also the CEO of the largest chain of stores. Consumerism has grown to such a ridiculous degree that Earth is heavily polluted and the trash problem is uncontrollable. Humans are forced to leave earth and live in a luxurious space cruiseship. Everyone have their own hovering lazy boys with full holographic panels for all available information, sipping burgers in a cup, everything is so automatic that everyone has grown to a size that resembles a 400 pound maggot.

Meanwhile, earth was occupied by a drone of cleaning up robots that stacked all the junks into a skyscrapers. After a while these robots started to deteriorate and malfunction, all that's left is a little trash compacting robot called Wall-E. Wall-E seems to be intelligent and have a certain personality. Other than his job of compacting trash into cubes and stacking them, he collects different artifacts and robot parts. He also watches an old tape of Hello Dolly in his iPod and long for love.

The cruiseship periodically sends surveyor robot to Earth to evaluate whether the planet is suitable for rehabilitation. Wall-E saw Eve the surveyor bot and fell in love. Eve found vegetation on earth and returned to the cruiseship to report to the captain. The computer system of the cruiseship was programmed to abandon earth altogether, but with Wall-E's and Eve's help, the captain strive to go back and save earth.

What it feels like: A Pixar version of those Japanese environmental anime, what Al Gore's movie could be.

Target Audience: From kids to old folks, the film is actually quite mature

Voice Acting Index: No one I know, but it's well done. Not much dialogue in the beginning. Wall-E and other robots can only say a few words. (You would think technology of robotic speech would be much more advance 1,000 years later.)

Funny Index: Robotic Humor, very light but still entertaining.

Fat Index: It's so not ok to be fat.

Life Lesson: Take care of the environment and earth, you can do anything when you put your mind to it.

Unexplained Mystery: What were they gonna do with the trash towers? Where did their food and water come from in the cruiseship

Grade: B+

Kung Fu Panda

Po is a panda who works in his family noodle shop which his father's eager to train him to take over by revealing to him the secret ingredient in the secret ingredient noodle soup. Po, however, always dreamed of being a kung fu master like Master Shifu and his Furious Five in the training ground on top of the hill. His opportunity came when he stumbled into the Dragon Warrior ceremony and was chosen to be the Dragon Warrior in spite of the dismay of everyone else.

A former student of Master Shifu broke free from jail and was seeking revenge, Master Shifu offered a special training for Po while the Furious Five tried to stop that student and failed. Finally, Po learns the true secret of Kung Fu and saves the day.

What it feels like: A preolympic friendly gesture, or Mulan and every other "believe in yourself" cartoon movie.

Target Audience: Kids mostly

Voice Acting Index: Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu and Angelina Jolie were in it but you almost don't recognize them because there aren't that much dialogue with them.

Funny Index: A lot of physical humor, not high brow but I laughed.

Fat Index: It's okay to be fat just except who you are. Well actually it's good to be fat, you can use your fat as a weapon.

Life Lesson: Believe in yourself, you can do whatever you want in life.

Unexplained Mystery: The villain can escape from that high security prison and fly across a valley, but he can't waste a panda?

Grade: B-


Movie Review: Wanted

>> Sunday, June 29, 2008

I was feeling a bit blue because of the whole Lucius thing and I needed to do something else to take my mind of it. (I know, I'm a whiny bitch) A friend actually invited me for a boy's night out and since I have nothing to do but free time, I said yes.

It's a night out with the Black Asian Mahjong Brigade (BAMB), other than the fact that I'm the only Asian out her last night. I should really stop calling this group BAMB since we have met several times and only played mahjong once. (Not to confuse this group with the Gay Luck Club) This group has a chat forum online and they love to argue about politics. It actually helps me to know what's going on in the world, but they love to argue for argument sake's, there are a lot of opinion from them and I can get up to 70 e-mails in a very short period of time. So I unsubscribed to the e-mails and just check what they are talking about periodically.

They are all nice people, I got there a little bit late and they already ordered, we had quite a big meal, talked about different TV shows, boys, we kept checking out a cute line cook in the kitchen trying to decide whether he's Asian or Latino. By the end of the meal, all 5 of us shared a giant piece of mile high ice cream pie swimming in chocolate caramel sauce.

Afterwards we went to see Wanted, it's one of those action flicks that looked really good in commercials. I have never seen so much flying cars and curving bullets before. The basis is very much like the Matrix, but about assassins. (I love the word Assassins, there are so many "ass"es.) Angelina Jolie is in it, and also Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy. (I always confuses James McAvoy and Shia LaBeouf) It's about a group of assassins that have existed for 1,000 years called the Fraternity who just lost one of their members and have to train his son to replace him. There's some sex, foul language and a huge amount of violence, which I'm ok with but I can't help but wonder how the 7 year old boy sitting right next to me is going to take it. It is R-rated.

There are a lot of thrills and it is one of those movies that don't require a lot of brain mass to process. Angelina is cool, collected and as sexy as always. There are a lot of things in the movie that wasn't explained as throughoutly as I like it to but I always overthink the minor details anyway. (Huh? They get the name of their next target from a fabric machine?) But just watching the actions and Morgan Freeman cursing is almost worth the $10.

We all thought the movie was a lot of fun, if you're in for a night of brainless action or if you're a Jolie fan it is worth renting it when it comes out on DVD. Maybe I'll go for a Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E binge tomorrow. I got the feeling that The Love Guru is best left for DVD as well. C+


Chocolate Cake Blues

>> Saturday, June 28, 2008

I used to have a picky-eater for a colleague and somehow she's self-centered or self-important enough to insist on people buying food for her and treating her to lunch as much as possible. The food you get for her can't be too salty or too sweet or too soggy or too exotic or else she won't eat at all. She's in no way a pretty young thing, she had to be in her 50s and I don't know where she got that spoiled mentality of hers. I remember one day we were celebrating another colleague's birthday and I got a chocolate cake for him because he loves chocolate and I do too. When she saw we cut into the cake and it was chocolate she uttered in front of the whole staff: "Nobody loves me, you guys know I don't eat chocolate." in which the other staff and I dropped our jaws in shock. Really? Another person's birthday and it's about what you like? I mean, wow. So from then on, we have an inside joke with the phrase "Nobody loves me..."

* * *

So I went out with Lucius on Thursday, we have been talking about going out for drinks for a long time and I did bring my Chicken Noodle Soup to him and he ate it right away. We sat around his living room watching sports and politics, two things that I'm really not interested but I am interested in the guy so it makes it a lot more tolerable, especially when I'm not really paying that much attention to the TV.

I tried my hardest to play it cool the whole time, trying to find some way to approach the issue without looking too desperate or acting too much like a doormat. We were walking toward a restaurant in the gayborhood until Lucius spotted a scary stalker of his, so we made our U-turn and headed to Old City which is like 20 minutes away. Lucius is apparently very well read and very intellectual, the conversation is about what he read from the New York Times, politics, his anesthesiology work, the places he would love to travel, Cuba, fair trade and cigars, planned obsolescence and its relationship with Henry Ford. While I'm marveled at how knowledgeable he is, I'm a bit intimidated at the same time. He's definitely on another level and I don't think I can catch up.

After some alcohol in my system, I got a bit more comfortable and on our way back home (he only lives half a block from me) I got the courage to test him out and ask him whether he has met anybody interesting lately and whether he was looking to date anyone. (Not very subtle, I know.) He responded that he wasn't really looking to date, he just want to meet some friends and have a good time. So I got my answer there.

I don't know if I was nervous or if the antibiotics I took earlier mixed with the alcohol were acting up, but all the sudden I wasn't feeling too good. So I excused myself around 10 and cut the night short. Before I left, we cuddled a bit on the couch and I blatantly said "Too bad you're not in the market for love, I would have date you in a heartbeat." which I got an "Aw, thanks" in response. He was supposed to go out of town for a training conference for the weekend, and in my imagination he might have asked me to go with him or maybe not, but I don't think I would pester him anymore. I don't want to get too clingy and scare him away, so I probably won't call him first either. Maybe the message will sink in and he'll want to date or maybe we will stay friends, but meanwhile I'll allow myself to pout for a few days and repeat to myself "Nobody loves me..." until it becomes numb. lol. aye...

Don't worry, I'll pick myself up.


Weekend Meme: The IQ Adventure Test

Borrowed it from Donnie at Donnie's Diversions, it's from OkCupid and it's a lof of fun especially for killing time.

Here's the link and here's my score:

Apprently I'm good at math, well tell me something I don't know. All the little games are fun, just have to read the instructions carefully before you start to play. I wonder if this could be used as a prediction for the SATs or the GREs.


Music Review - Estelle's "Shine"

>> Friday, June 27, 2008

I really like John Legend, so I got Estelle's sophomore album mostly because he produced it. It was recommended in Out magazine along with Duffy and Adele's debut album. I mean, how many first name only artists from UK are there? Are people just cutting off their last names as they go? Do we really know each other so well that we refer to each other solely on first name basis? Plus Andy Towle did mentioned the video on his blog, so here goes.

I am really appreciating the cover art and the drawing on the CD, her trench coat and the art reminded me of the Pink Panther and the introduction track called Wait a Minute (Just One Touch) either sampled the beat from the Pink Panther's theme song or it just happened to utilized New Orleans style big band Jazz which I find cute. There is always a comparison and the first thing come to mind is Diana King. It's not as severe but although this is a Hip Hop CD, there is a serious reggae vibe to it. George Michael's Faith was sampled into a charming reggae song called No Substitute Lover.

I have problem understanding how she got so many big name stars to lend their talent to her record. The gem of the album is obviously American Boy, it's a collaboration of Will.I.Am, Kanye West. It's catchy, upbeat and have lots of cute references, I'm sure we'll be hearing this song in gay bars and clubs for the next 18 months. Wyclef Jean helped on two other reggae tracks. Back in Love is a pure John Legend song only with his voice replaced by Estelle's. Even Cee-Lo from Gnarls Barkley lend his talents in Pretty Please (Love Me) which is reminiscent of a Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell collaboration.

The album is fun, but maybe I'm not feeling the reggae as much as I'd want to, I think Sean Paul and even Diana King do it better. I don't really get anything special from her voice, I'm afraid it's the type of voice that would do well in Pop. (Sorry!) But the musical talent behind the record did spruce it up real nice. Lately I see Mr. Legend's talent is kinda misused, like when he played piano man for Fergie at the Grammys (WTF? It is one thing that he wrote the song but it's the Grammy's, don't just play the piano, make it a duet!). He should really quit lending his talent for sexual favors and do something great for himself.

Again, not that I hate this album, but it's just not as exciting as it could be. C+

Favorite Tracks: American Boy, You Are, Wait A Minute (Just a Touch), No Substitute Love.

A lot of cute boys but is it me or does Kanye have too much ego?


Banksy Pt. 4

Being a graffiti artist, you have to work fast so you don't get caught. You probably need to scout out the place beforehand. A lot of his work are titled by how many minutes he spend on them and they are mostly under an hour sometimes only minutes.

These are the last ones:


I'm sure it'll brighten your day if you see this on the street.

One of these were painted over to resemble Osama Bin Laden.

It would be so majorly awesome if someone can pull off a Banksy themed halloween party. I could probably dress as the dude who painted the big yellow flower or the flower chucker. It'll take a lot of guts to wear nothing but a pair of British flag boxers and carrying some lawn chairs around. :)


The Fool in Me

>> Thursday, June 26, 2008

Since Lucius has a hectic and unstable working schedule, I haven't been able to see him lately to tell him how I feel. I haven't been able to sleep well, I'm tossing and turning thinking, driving myself crazy with different scenarios in my head, but I guess that's part of the fun.

A few friends have been telling me to proceed cautiously and I'm drawing back from my initial passionate rush to proclaim my love like I'm coming out for the second time. I remember a while back he had been telling me how he was taken aback by some guy who was a bit too clingy, who called and text him a bit too often. Of course, I have my share of these codependent individuals and I understand how much of a put off that can be. But then I don't have any games, so I wouldn't know how to play hard to get. I have certainly ceased my online stalker behavior, although it is a bit hard to fight the urge of looking desperate. As Doug had said, I would know when the time to act is right.

I was supposed to help Lucius move his couch yesterday but he had to work, so we postponed it into next week. We have been texting back and forth about getting some Margaritas some time this week. Naturally I'm enthusiastic about the idea but I didn't want to push the issue. He told me that we might go out tonight but he is feeling a bit sick, so he'll text me to confirm later. Since I got that message, I've been thinking whether I should knock on his door with homemade chicken noodle soup, that way I wouldn't have to say much and he would probably get the point.

I think I need to act less stalker-ish but please understand these things are all in my head and I haven't act on any of these yet, so in reality I'm still in the safe zone. For a person like me, there's only 2 choices in this stage. Go all the way or cut it off altogether, and I'll be damned if I give up before even asking.

It's a good thing I know how to make a good chicken noodle soup though. Since I don't have the ability to hide my love or slow cook a relationship that's the best game plan I've got. And if Lucius is really sick and won't be able to go out tonight, I think I would have it in me to just leave the soup there and leave. Since he's so far from home and nobody's around to take care of him, I hope he'll be touched by the gesture.


Banksy Pt. 3

According to Banksy, the application process for an art piece to get into a museum is too complicated and too long. So as a shortcut, he would bring his own painting to a museum and hung it himself.

Imitation Art:

Banksy's Originals:


Banksy Pt. 2

>> Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How do you remain anonymous? It's hardly possible when you are constantly creating controversy around you. In this day and age when security cameras and camera-phones are everywhere, you are bound to be found. Banksy's real identity is a person named Robert Banks, born in the year of 1974. In a sense, he is sorta like a superhero who's fighting against the corrupted society with his art. I can see why he would have to conceal his identity, I mean, wouldn't the city charge him a clean up fee for all the properties he had "defaced"? Especially now that he's famous and his works are selling for hundreds of thousand of dollars, in this country he'll be sued just so that people can get a share.

Instead of the 15 minutes of fame quote by Warhol, Banksy provokes by saying in the future everyone will be under surveillance so much that they will only get 15 minutes worth of anonymity.

Some more of his work:

Fifteen Minutes of Anonymity?

The quickest way to break up with me. (He did it because he loves me?)

Mary has a little lamb which needs to be fed.

That's so romantic.

Have a nice day!


Can you clean my place too?

Banksy's Famous Rat

Banksy's Alter Ego?



I'm a creature of habit, whenever I walk to work from home or the other way around I have a certain route. I usually don't stray much. Same thing when I'm in New York City, I have a certain route I choose to walk. I'm familiar with certain areas that allow me to explore a bit, but anything too far from my route will confuse the heck out of me and potentially get me lost. (Well, not really since the streets are all numbered but anything south of Houston has the potential. ^^)

My New York City consist of Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, NYU, West Village, Chelsea, Times Square areas. Occasionally I'd go to Century 21 down around Wall Street, up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park, Barney's and Shanghai Tang around the Rockefeller Center, Todai Japanese Buffet around Empire State Building, when Principe was with me, we used to go to the Argentina Pavilion to have churrasco and ropa viejas. When I crave for real Japanese food I would got to the port authority and take the bus to the all glorious Mitsuwa in Edgewater. It's brilliant there, not only can you find the rarest ingredients and the food court is to die for, I wouldn't mind living in there for the rest of my life and the view of the NYC from across the river is beautiful.

So let me walk you through my route. Being a self-proclaimed foodie, I do have some favorite spots. On Mosco Street, there is a little dumpling shop that sells 5 gyozas or 4 fried pork buns for $1. Perfect, tasty little gyozas. It's probably the best buck you can spend. Around Mott and Bayard, there's Ajisen Ramen, their soft pork bone ramen noodles is a must. There's Tearrific Cafe which sells magnificent bubble teas and other delicious fruit-tea mixed beverages, foreigner-friendly Shanghai Cuisine restaurant with passable Shanghai food (Try the steamed pork buns, scallion pancakes and the cured beef), Tai Wong restaurant is always mobbed by people with their authentic congees and BBQ rice platters. There are also some music stores and an underground mall around the corner on Elizabeth street that sells cute knickknacks and hard to find anime comic books in Chinese.

On the corner of Mott and Canal sits a great Chinese pastry shop called Tai Pan bakery, Joe.My.God posted it on his morning view segment before. Chinese bakeries like other Chinese businesses earn their money by volume and speed, so don't get irked if the food seems too cheap or if they rush you to make your decision. Across the street on Mulberry is little Italy, where I always have to fight my urge to get a gelato and get my thrill by walking in the middle of the streets on Saturdays and Sundays. Turning left at the end of Little Italy lands me in Soho, where street vendors sell various art and jewelry. Also, interesting and eclectic shop are all around. My favorites are Pylones, Sur La Table and the MoMA/Muji complex.

Up and down Broadway there are tons of clothing store, it is like a mall. Speaking of buying T-shirts, Yellow Rat Bastard is the megaload. Turn left on Bleecker Street and right on Thompson Street, there is a very interesting chess shop, turn left again on West 3rd and you'll see jazz clubs and a park with half naked men playing handball at the end of the street. There are usually another batch of street vendors on Bleecker street selling jewelries and little charming eateries lining up and down the street. Last week when I was there I discovered a new chain of yogurt shop called Pinkberry that I've seen on the new American Express commercials. I'm not saying it's anything special, but they are apparently popping up everywhere. (I wonder how they will survive when winter comes.)

Crossing the 7th Avenue and it is the heart of Greenwich Village where the gays roam. I always goes to the Factory to catch my breath, but they seemed to have closed down either for restoration or for good. That's a shame, I loved their tin ceiling and the staircase that goes nowhere. Walk up 7th Avenue there's a novelty store called the Pleasure Chest, it's a nice birthday gift store for close friends. (Well, gag gifts mostly) Turning onto 8th Avenue it'll be Chelsea, I usually can sense the attitude coming from skinny queens everywhere around. :) There's a gay bookstore on 8th and 20th called Rainbows and Triangles, since A Different Light closed its New York branch, that would probably be a more interesting store.

Occasionally I'd go to Times Square or Union Square but it's not a habit unless I'm showing friends around. I like the Virgin Megastore in Times Square but Joe.My.God said that it is closing. Sad to say, but Times Square's Toys 'R' Us is probably the more convenient one for me, I find the other ones physically closer to me harder to get to. The past weekend, my friend showed me around St. Mark's where Japanese Yakitori bars and stores are popping up like mushrooms. I also went to two gay bars in the East Village; the Phoenix and Nowhere. I really liked how comfortable and the basement feel of Nowhere.

I always walk a whole lot when I'm in New York, with all the things to see along the way and my iPod on, I really don't feel that I'm actually walking until the next day. It's a good workout. And when I get tired, I'll just go to a coffee shop and sit down or hop on the subway, took my friends around a fw times and they are always complaining how much I walk though. I find it funny when they told me that they are scared of taking the subway though. :)

Well, that's my slice of New York City.

1. DollarGyoza, 2. 20060709 ajisen, 3. Having Bubble Tea at Tearrific!!!, 4. Shanghai Cuisine, 5. Elizabeth Street Center mall (chinatown), 6. TAI Pan Bakery - NYC Chinatown - 01.10.07, 7. Little Italy - Street, 8. MoMa Store 01, 9. Yellow Rat Bastard, 10. so many choices, 11. chess shop, 12. Handball Court, 13. FACTORY, 14. The Pleasure Chest, 15. Street band. Times square. NYC. Manhattan 18-03-07, 16. Virgin Megastore on Times Square, 17. toysrus, 18. NYC Subway, 19. Oh Taisho, 20. Manhattan Bridge Arch


Banksy Pt. 1

>> Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another awesomeness from the UK is of course, Banksy. I have read some posts on Towleroad about how a graffiti artist Banksy's painting fetch half a mil easily in auction and how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is breaking their bank to get some work of his or how George Michael is trying to commission Banksy to paint the back of their house while trying to protect the Artists real identity at the same time. Well I didn't get what the big deal was until I picked up Wall and Piece at the MoMA store.

Back in the late 80s I discovered Keith Haring, and he became my hero when HIV/AIDS first become a crisis. Now, bad politics and bad politicians had become a crisis and Banksy's art explores it. Not in a museum arena way, but he take his questions and viewpoints to the streets of London, Bristol and even LA and SF, provoking thoughts sparking conversations. What good is a painting in the museum if it can't be readily available to inspire?

He utilizes stencils to make humorous images, occasionally poems. The message is usually anti-war, anti-capitalist or anti-establishment. Subjects include rats, policemen, soldiers, and children making reference to popular cultures.

Here are some of his works:

Pledge to commercialism? Or is it that it means all the same to children?

I heard that this happens in the airports.

I love this one. Could this possibly normalize the gays?


Love this too. It is so controversial and thought provoking.

Revenge! I wish I can do this to the men in uniform. Well I could, but I have to pay for it by the hour.


Does the guy know me? Is he an ex? lol

After meeting Joe.My.God, Banksy is now on the top of my list of people I'd like to meet. I'll post more his work later but if you'd like to explore, go to his site here.


Old Habits Die Hard (The Rise of Lucius Vorenus)

>> Monday, June 23, 2008

Ok, I've gotta come clean. Two days after my boast on how June has been good to me so far, I realized that maybe a lot of my recent happiness have something to do with the younger guy I'm seeing and having casual sex with. I've since developed this very intense feeling for him and killing myself on whether I should pursue him. All is not well in YvesPaul land. I can figure out a lot of things or at least make decisions, but relationship is such a complicated thing.

I have said in the past that I fall in love too easily and I'm trying not to ruin something that can potentially be a great friendship but I can't help how I feel. Lucius is a great guy with a lot of things going on for him. I realized we might now have a lot in common since he's into sports and I'm not that enthusiastic about it, but he's very easy to be with. He can be a bit nerdy, but he's also attractive, nice and genuine. He is fully capable of handling himself but whenever I'm with him I can't help but feel like I need to protect him somehow.

I'm completely okay with playing Mr. Good Sex for a while, but I'm sure by next time we meet I'll burst out asking what his views on dating while making out in a bar after a drink or two. Although I have to admit I wouldn't know if I can survive seeing him from then on if he turned out to not be interested at all. Still, for my own sanity, it's better to know than to torture myself with the thoughts of what could have been.


Folsom East 2008

This is my first time at a Folsom Street Fair and I have to say it is actually quite awesome. Half, um more like 3/4, naked guys all over the place, think of all the things I can justifiably do if I'm drunk. :)

Sue was really delightful to meet and we roamed around the fair looking at all the hot guys around us. I was a bit shy with the camera, I'm a voyeur but I do enough gawking as it is, I couldn't possibly take the camera and and point at people all obnoxiously. People were wearing rubber suits and leather, one guy is wearing nothing but a rubber wrap around his junk. While passing the tight crowd and rubbing up against all those nice hairy people, I occasionally look down and see people whipping it out for the world to see. There was a flogging performance in the middle of the street, apparently it's for a college fund. (I didn't really figure out how it works) It started off kinda light, Sue and I weren't quite impressed until later when it gets harder and harder. Just the whipping noise was kinda disturbing and the guy screamed for it to stop. We hurried into the Eagles and explored the place. The rooftop is quite amazing.

The weather was quite strange though, black clouds were passing by pouring down hard and while the sun is still shining from another directions and 20 minutes later it's all bright and sunny again. I kinda got soaked going back and forth. We were looking for Joe and his crew for the longest time and finally spotted him around the stage when Bob Mould was performing. From reading his blog, I knew Joe is really fond of Bob Mould's music and I'm really glad that I got to shake his hand. I didn't ask for a picture though, that would be uncool... lol.

Meeting Fairview Sue

The Crowd

Half Naked Bodies

Before and After Flogging

A Master and His Slaves (Are they pigs or dogs?)

Bob Mould and his groupie Joe.My.God

David, Sue and Me (Can't believe no one told me to fix my hair...)

More Pictures at Father Tony's Flick Album

Update: Missed one pretty picture...


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