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>> Saturday, May 10, 2008

As much as I'm a homebody, I absolutely hate cleaning. Sure, I'll do laundry and the dishes but that's about it. The dusting, the wiping, the vaccuming and the scrubbing are done when it's absolutely necessary. (Yes, one time Principe and I cleaned my place and ended up with 13 trash bags full of trash) So through a friend's recommendation, I got myself a house cleaner a few months back. Lin is a very nice guy from Indonesia, he's Chinese but we still have a little bit of a tough time communicating. I almost feel bad when he cleans and me sitting there doing nothing at times, so I tried to go somewhere when he's around but more often than not I stayed behind just because I really have nowhere to go.

We got to talk sometimes and Lin told me he's gay and he's trying to make a living cleaning people's places and send the money home. Being an immigrant myself and watching Principe doing it for years, I understand how tough that life is. He told me one older gay couple tried to ask him to move in with them in the city, he'll have to clean, cook and feed one of them but they will not charge him rent and they won't pay him either. He told me sometimes people just take advantage of him because they associate no being able to speak English as stupidity or something and I know what he means.

One thing I noticed about Lin is that he's not really shy. He likes to take off his shirt in front of me before he start cleaning to put on something else so he won't dirty his clothes and when he goes to the bathroom to pee, he doesn't close the door behind him. I thought it was kinda strange but later I found out from the guy who recommended him that he actually had a crush on me. Well.

Since cleaning is how he makes a living, Lin asked me to recommend him to anyone I know who needs a cleaner and I did. I brought him over to a friend's place one day after he cleaned my place. I made the introductions, he assessed the place and gave my friend a price and my friend said he'll call him first thing during the weekend. So a few days later, I got an email from my friend saying that he called and left a few messages for Lin but he never called back so he said maybe Lin wasn't so interested in cleaning for him. I thought that was weird, I'm sure Lin needed the money even if he doesn't like my friend, so I told my friend that I would talk to him next time he comes over and find out why.

The week for my cleaning comes along and I called Lin to set up the time but everytime I called is straight to his voice mail. And I thought "Did I do something to offend him? (or more like... Did the threesome scared him away?) A few days later, still no news from him. But this time I was imagining things and starting to remeber that the friend I introduced Lin to actually like BDSM, so it's possible that Lin became his slave and got caged somewhere in his house. (Although he denied it) Or maybe the elderly couple finally get him to live with them or something. I was a bit worried and I do have a vivid imagination.

At the long last, I got in touch with the friend who recommended him to me and asked him what has happened. Apparently Lin's family back in Indonesia has an emergency and he has to go back immediately. He's not sure what kind of emergency it is which doesn't make me feel better but at the same time I'm relief that he's, at least physically, ok. I just wish he would give me a call before leaving or send me and IM so at least I know.

Other than that, who's gonna do my cleaning now? (>_<)!

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