The Wonders of Mitsuwa (Repost)

>> Monday, October 02, 2006

There's really no mystery to my weight gain. I've given up going to the gym last week because of the stitches on my back and ES and I went to Mitsuwa on Saturday. I wrote a post right after I got back but I guess because I posted two pictures along with it, I got an error message an the whole thing I typed up was gone. After that I was just too discouraged by it and gave up on the retype.

The gist of it is that I always like going to Mitsuwa because of the great food and grocery available in there. Of course there is chinatown and different Korean or other Asian supermarket around. But none can compare to the great Mitsuwa. People do travel hours just to be there. I spent more than $200 for groceries that day. Half of it was for Kobe beef and pastries. At $20 a pound, you can really get lost in the marbling of the beef. And then, there's the different snack food. Right now in the office, I'm surrounded by Rokkatei's Baby Chocolate Mix, Morinaga's Choco Flake and Tameda's Tsumami Dane Cracker Mix. the best way to eat them is to mix them all together and shove them in your mouth.

From when I got home on Saturday at 5:00 pm until now, I've managed to finish the 10 onigiris within the first 24 hours, 5 Kobe Bouchees and still had oden for dinner one night and sukiyaki for dinner the other night. I feel like I'm punishing my body with food. Am I addicted? Is this an addiction? My allergist told me that I've gain four pounds between the two appointments I've had with her in a two-week span. God, I've got to stop. Under ES' recommendation I've also bought a whole bunch of individual packaged pasta sauces. Exotic ones too, like squid ink, ebi cream, three mushroom and cod roe. I guess I'll be eating pasta for a while.

I also got a claypot for sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. But after I took it home, I realize that I don't even have space to put it and that I don't really need it. Maybe I should take it back and return it. But that would have to wait until next weekend, or until Principe have time to go with me. He went there once and enjoyed taking pictures of Manhattan across the river tremendously.

We have had great food over there. The picture on the left is of sushi kaiseki from Matsushima and the right one is chocolate parfait from Cafessa.

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