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>> Saturday, October 14, 2006

There are days that my laptop can't connect to my neighbor's wireless connection, like today I have to drag my laptop to the neighborhood coffee shop to get some work done. But then the network connection of the coffee shop is not that reliable either, so I finished my Vitamin Water and walked over to the Starbucks nearby and start all over again.

I bought a bunch of CDs and DVDs from and, so that's what I'm doing now. Importing songs to my iTunes. I needed an online connection so my iTunes can access CDDB and I don't have to type the song names of the whole album into the computer. Given that my typing skill for Chinese is slow and poor, it does give me tremendous convenience to be able to access stuff automatically.

I use my computer mostly to access on information right now. Whenever there's a word or a concept that I don't really grasp I go online and look for the information. is my latest friend, my latest searches include "Mace/Teargas", "Mason", "Marijuana" and "Stomach Ulcer". It gives you detail information as well as links to more resources. Of course I manage my bank accounts online. Savings, checking, loan and credit cards. I balance my account and check my expenses everyday. I shop online, but mostly for music, movies, books, comics and electronics. Ebay, and I don't buy clothes online, I like to be able to touch and see them in person when I shop for clothes. Occasionally, I'll look for recipes or chat with friends and look for things to do or places to go to and that's about it.

In some ways I'm glad I'm spending less time on the computer, it freed me up some time so I can go to the gym and do something good for my health and I really do enjoy my knitting class. It's not as hard as I thought and I'm very happy for knowing what I can do when I put my mind to it. I have to say me and knitting is a pretty good match. I have the patience for it and Craig from the yarn store just sent me a flyer for a gathering of men who knit and they get together once a month near my house. It will do good for my social life.

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