TV Review: Weeds

>> Monday, October 09, 2006

I finally finished the eight episodes of Weeds available on Showtime's trial weekend. This TV series is so hilariously funny, the dialogues are amazing. I got hooked on it immediately. It's a series about a women named Nancy who lives in a gated community and lost her husband leaving her with two kids and somehow got into the business of selling "weeds" (aka Marijuana). All the available episodes are from the second season, so I don't know how the whole thing started out.

The second season started from Nancy finds out the guy that she slept with was a DEA agent. The DEA agent later knew that she was a drug dealer but since he "loves" her they secretly got married so he will not be forced to testify against her. He said there are only 400 DEA agents in the world and she's too "small time" for her to be arrested, he even helped her take off her competitors. She has a bakery to cover her operation, and one of her staff burned it down, so they can claim the insurance money to start "growing" themselves. The whole show is like a heavily spiced up "desperate housewives" with a more dangerous touch. It's really great. Plus, the songs in the series are very funny too. They have a myspace blog for the music alone. I especially like "Little Boxes" by Elvis Costello. The show has so many different ethnicities in it, there's even a deaf actress in it. It's really wonderful, I can't wait and get season one somewhere and watch them all. I almost subscribed to Showtime just because of that.

The argument in the series is that weeds unlike other drugs are not addictive and not harmful to health. It is controlled by the government because it does not profit pharmaceutical companies or the government. Yet, the government produces false claims against marijuana for that reason and made it illegal. I understand that in Holland, smoking marijuana is legal as long as they do it in the "marijuana bars". I don't see that country tumbling down. Personally, I would love to try it once, ES tried it once when she was in Jamaica. She said it was nothing special, she just became very giggly and she got the munchies afterwards. My theory is that I should try everything at least once just to judge for myself. I tried smoking, I didn't like it and that was that.

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