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>> Saturday, October 07, 2006

Don't laugh, but I've signed up for a knitting class. I signed up for it probably because of Project Runway. Making clothes seems so much fun, so I thought maybe I can do it too. It's finger work, and since I watch so much TV, maybe I can just sit in front of it and do something productive on the side. Plus winter is approaching, it just seems to be the perfect time to pick up another skill. Last time when ES and I went to Mitsuwa we passed by Sanseido and I saw a few Japanese knitting books that looked very nice, suddenly the thought of learning to knit litted brightly in my head.

So I found this shop online called Loop, they are in my city and on their website they advertise the classes that they offer. Ninety-six dollars for four two-hour classes, perfectly designed for beginners. It seems reasonable enough and a good chance to meet new people, so I called them up and joined. My friend ES said that I'll probably be surrounded by older women, but it's really not a problem.

I went to the class on thursday. It was a really nicely decorated shop, it looks very trendy. There are a lot of yarns and needles and other tools for sale, and also some knitted products like scarfs and little boots and teddy bears all around the stores. I was the first one to arrive and I sat down by a small table. The class is only for 8 people, actually mostly young girls in their 20s to 30s. Most of them are from medical schools or the hospital nearby. We learned how to knit, purl and how to change yarn on our first class. It was fun enough, now we just have to practice and get used to knitting. It is actually quite fun, not hard only time-consuming. But you get very excited by what you can do.

I want to knit whenever I'm static or have nothing to do. But I really don't know if I can do that. Especially when I'm on the bus, I could get too embarassed. El Principe was telling me that a guy knit on the bus every night when he comes home and the whole bus load of people stares at him. Gosh, I wouldn't want to be that guy. But kniting seems to be a good way to pass the time, it's at least constructive. I should just get over myself.

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