Yet Another Day

>> Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I can't believe I missed an episode of Heroes last night just for watching the first season of Weeds. Not that Weeds wasn't worth it, I haven't laughed so hard for the longest time but I could have managed my time so much better.

Ran around in New York today. Principe Rana needed to go to the Argentinean Embassy, because his passport expired, but he accidentally mailed it to this family in Argentina, so he won't be able to get a new one until his family send it back to him. I told him so, but he wasn't gonna heed my warnings. I also told him not to tell the embassy that he's in the States illegally, but did he listen? Thank god they didn't detain him and ship him back to his country, that dumb m@t#er-f#(ker! Well, we found an Argentinean restaurant to have lunch. They had really good steak. Argentina actually is the only country that still have real cowboys till this day. Beef and Tango is pretty much their biggest contributions to the world.

Afterwards, we went to Mitsuwa so I can go return a clay pot for sukiyaki that I bought a week ago. It's was a bit too big and I really didn't have the space to store it. The store clerk didn't want to give me a refund because I don't have the receipt with me. So she got me store credit instead, and I picked a couple of bowls, maybe I'll give them away for X'mas. We were hungry for Japanese food after the parrillas and the churrascos at the Argentinean restaurant and I couldn't find my snacks, so I got some groceries and tons of onigiris for later. Got home around 10:30pm and between us two we had six onigiris already and of course the receipt for the claypot was sitting on my desk staring at my face. All and all I was quite happy. Although I do realize my habit of walking really fast and really far when I'm in New York. I wonder why.

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