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>> Saturday, October 28, 2006

So I started knitting the blanket today. Started a fight on a "Haiku" forum in some random website. The whole thing is quite stupid, really. People spending time arranging what they want to say in 19 syllables 5-7-5s. I just told them to stop wasting time and do something more productive, something more beneficial to society - in Haiku form. Especially when you do it in English, it just loses the whole point and they were bad anyway.

Dinner at Susanna Foo's was lovely last night. We had 4 appetizers (Trio of Crab, Seafood Wonton in Lemongrass Broth, Chilled Buckwheat Noodles, Ahi Tuna Sampler), 1 dumpling sampler, 4 entrees (Crispy Jumbo Shrimp, Honey Walnut Chicken, Tea-Smoked Duck and a Beef and Scallop Stir Fry), 3 desserts (Chocolate Sampler, Apple Tart with Cinnamon Ice Cream, and a Banana Tartlet), 4 coffees and 7 cocktails and spent $86 dollars each. The food was really good. Great ambiance and service as well. I had the buckwheat noodles, the duck and the banana tartlet, although we had a taste of each others' dishes as well. We had a great time, at least I did.

DC just accepted an offer from another pharmaceutical company and he needs to move near the new company. So we drove around all day looking for an apartment around there. We couldn't find anything he likes and since his new company will help him relocate, we gave up. DC is a medical researcher and earning 6 figures right now. DC has been with his boyfriend JEW for 12 years, I always thought they were a great couple. JEW was the director of the Asia division of his company, earning near 7 figures, bought a 2-million dollar house which comes with a huge yard, a mini-lake and a few separate guesthouses. I go to their house at least once a year around X'mas or New Year. For work, JEW used to stay in Asia for work 90% of the year, leaving DC here in the big house all alone. We saw each other almost once a week, so I can keep him company. Now that JEW transfers back, we hardly see each other. He's only around today because JEW is in Amsterdam this week.

DC told me that they are fighting recently and words has been exchange about breaking up. I was totally shocked, because I really regarded them as the model couple. Both successful, rich, good looking, smart and skinny. But DC says they are just too different from each other. JEW is a yard work, home improvement kinda guy. His estate is so big that the work he wants to do is non-stop all year round. DC wants urban life, he likes to travel around, seeing new things and doesn't get why they need the big yard in the first place. After traveling for years, JEW seeks stability and DC is upset because for JEW's career he has made certain sacrifices, but the effort does not seem to be recipocated. Although I do think there's a power struggle between them two, one might resent the other for making more money or something. I did recommend DC to go for couple counseling. The fight might be due to the fact that the relation has changed from a short-distance relationship to a long distance and then back to a short distance again. Once you have too much freedom and space and now you are too close, it's hard to adjust and DC does seem to be too strong-willed at times. They are in their 40s, DC says it's too late for them both to start over and meet new people. I do agree but didn't want to verbalize, but being 40s is like being 80s in gay years. Anyway, it will definitely upset me if they call it quit.

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