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>> Thursday, October 12, 2006

I think my next conquer would be learning how to do Kung Fu. It might sound like it's fulfilling one's stereotype, but somehow being an Asian in the States I feel like I need to learn how to do martial arts in order to "represent". I really want to learn Kung Fu, just because it's Chinese. Much like mahjong, Kung Fu is one of the greatest art from of my country. But it's really hard to find a place to learn Kung Fu in the city I live in. I would love to learn some kind of grappling and also to play with some time of weapon. But if I can't find a place to learn Kung Fu, maybe I'll find a place to learn Judo, Karate or maybe even the Brazilian Capoeira. My gym teaches Capoeira Basics and Capoeira. Since I already belong to the gym, I don't even have to pay extra to learn.

I find it funny sometimes that people have an urge to fit in stereotypes about themselves. I don't even think it's a cultural thing, I think people just do it to fit into their own crowd. I was flipping channels the other day and saw a game show called Mega Match Sensacional on TeleFutura and I was surprised that one of competition was to see if they can fit like 40 people on a small platform. Why would any producers think that it was a good idea to do on a Hispanic show is beyond me? It's like watching Mind of Mencia where they have a bunch of contestants of different races eating watermelon and see if the black guy would win. I've befriended this Mexican guy once and we traveled in a small Buick with his whole family. I'm talking about 7 people in a small car. This kind of racial and stereotypical reassurance is funny for sure but it is also very unnecessary.

Dave Chappelle, Carlos Mencia and the "Blue Collar" boys are using stereotypes for comedy and made quite a name for themselves. I guess that makes for some wonderful comedy materials.

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