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>> Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This is my 52nd post since my first post on July 18th. Fifty-two posts in seventy-eight days, so it just work out to 2 posts every 3 days. Not bad, huh? But I know I'm lazier and lazier these days. Like a new singer, I used to have a lot to say. But the topics are running out and I'm posting exponentially (see Lewis Black) less than I used to. Lately it's more about food than anything else, I really should change the name of my page to "The Weight-Gain Diary of a Compulsive Eater".

OK, lately ES has somehow become pretty good friends, I don't know how. She's from Japan, a few years older than me, married to a Cambodian and have a 2-year old son name Ken, but since I use initials on everyone and I know his middle name, I'll call him KEL. I think the reason why we became friend is that I'm very interested in Japanese culture and since we are both from Asia, we kinda think alike. ES is very outgoing, and she's pleasant to be with. Unlike myself, who seems to be a dark cloud no matter where I go. We have been going to dinner at least once a week, we went to Mitsuwa together, sometimes we go to the gym together, and she comes to my office and we chat for at least an hour a day. We are so close that KEL called me "Dad" in Japanese once. I was thinking to myself, if I were interested in girls, she probably would be the type. But too bad... Sooner or later we'll run out of things to talk about and this friendship will probably end, at least now I got the feeling that she talks a bit too much and I get the "husband mentality" and pretend to listen to her while I'm really not paying attention to our conversation. But it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate her being there.

ES told me about a lottery program that the US government has. Every year the US government gave out 55,000 green card to people who particapate in the lottery. I must have heard of it before and either thought it wasn't for real or just plain didn't do anything about it. When she told me that a few of her friend applied for it, and got it after their second or third try I got interested. I don't know why but it's very hard for me to believe that something is true unless I or somebody close to me experience it first-hand. So I when online and find out that and read that the application for the lottery will open tomorrow, talk about timing. The application is relatively easy and it is open to people born from Hong Kong. And it's completely free, how wonderful is that?

ES asked me to call my lawyer to see if I can apply for it or if my current application through my lawyer will be in any kind of conflict. My lawyer assured me that there won't be any conflict but the chances are quite slim (about 10%). I can that he has a dismissive tone in his voice and I think he don't want me to apply because if I got it that way, he won't get paid. But it is really not about him at this point. But then I got nervous, the application says that each person can only apply once, anyone who did it more than once will be disqualified immediately. What if my lawyer sabotage me and applied more than once in his office? I hope he won't. Another thing is that the application called for a very specific digital photo from the applicants, it has to be 320 pixels high by 240 pixels wide, 24-bit color jpeg file under the size of 62.5 Mb if it is taken, if it's a scanned photograph, it must be 2-inch by 2-inch scanned in 150-dots per inch scanner, 300 by 300 pixels square. What if I screw up?

The whole thing is getting me pretty nervous. I think I don't really have a full deck.

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