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>> Sunday, October 22, 2006

There aren't a lot of good TV shows on Sunday nights. I know, it used to be worse now there's at least Extreme Makeover, Desperate Housewives and Amazing Race. When Exteme Makeover: Home Edition came on I was happy at first, especially since they made it about helping people in need, I'm all about that. By helping people on TV, you are promoting helping others and voluntarism to viewers. It is great, even the viewers are doing nothing but sit on their butts watching, they still get the instant gratification to know that somebody is being helped by viewing the commercials which funds these programs, but I'm getting a bit tired of the show.

I liked Ty Pennington when he was on TLC doing Trading Spaces. But now he turned into a TV personality making cheesy expressions that comes across less than sincere. Adds so much melodrama to the story that makes me feels like I'm watching the local news. The causes that they are helping are quite unnecessary. A family of seven lost a son to brain cancer living in a small house and needs a brand new house because the mother is pregnant. Have they ever heard of family planning and birth control? If you can't provide to your children, don't have any! Another family, the mother was trying to have children for the longest time and can't, so she go to the doctor and took some birth-induced drugs and out come eight children all at once. She says, if god wants her to have eight children, then she'll just have to try her best to take care of them. God did NOT want you to have children at all, that's why you had problems conceiving children in the first place. Now you get a new home, college funds and a car for giving birth to eight children, how bad am I supposed to really feel for you and your family? Others get their nice house destroy from a tornado or Katrina or other causes. "They lost everything!" There are so much more people that don't have anything nice to start with. I love how they goes to Philadelphia to help a family out and they are not even black. The majority of people in Philly are blacks, the majority of poor people in that city is also black. Ha! What about helping more people of color? Like Native Americans who are forced to live in trailer parks. What about helping people who are poor from the start, people who don't even have a piece of land to build a house on to start with? What about single people, or people who don't have 8 children because they are smart enough to know that they won't be able to feed all of them? Why is it the ones who cries the loudest who get help and not the ones who hurts the most?

I didn't understand why companies will pay so much money to advertise on TV or radio or even the internet for that matter. I always ignored commercials. Commercial time is actual channel flipping time for me to see what else is on TV. I know what I like and there's really little commercials can do to change my mind. Plus, I hate to be force fed information. Like junk mails are all trashed without being read at all. Pop-ups are blocked or closed at first sight. All commercials and product placement are ignored. Of course, I understand they are the main sponsors to good TV shows, without commercials, those shows I loved would not be able to be produced. But how do they know that all the money they invest in commercials are worth it? So I brought the question with ES during our little office break and she says actually only Men flip the channels during commercials. Women like her would actually watch through the commercials and see what's out there on the market. Weird. I guess after watching years and years of TV, I've learned to zone out during commercials, while people who doesn't watch as much would actually pay more attention. Could that be true? I guess people do come in different types.

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