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>> Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween! Although I don't know why you are supposed to be "Happy" on Halloween. Isn't this supposed to be the day where ghosts roam the streets? How happy should you really be?

I really wanted to update the blog for the past few days, but more and more I find myself with nothing to say. Life is life, it's pretty much a bunch of things occuring each day. There's no point of making a big deal out of them unless something happened out of the ordinary or we found a way to break the cycle.

I finally got to see the new space that we are gonna be in, It seems bigger and brighter. I'm quite excited about that. It's actually in the same building and it only occupies half the floor, but by the way it's divided somehow it seems larger. I have to do inventory for equipments and furnitures in order to get ready for closing. I can't believe that there are 88 chairs in our small office.

It was the birthday of someone I dislike yesterday. I got him a cake anyway, but I told the person at the bakery that I don't want any writings on the cake. But my colleague JH made me feel guilty, so I got some jelly beans and scatter them on top of the cake, just to make it decorative and cover the blank space. I ended up spending more money than I should for the guy I don't like.

It's funny how psychology works. I went to a videogame shop, ready to buy 2 new games for $50 a piece. But then the shopkeeper told me that they are available used for about $40 a piece and I can buy 2 used one and get one used one free. But then I looked around the whole store but could not find another used game I want. So I left the store without buying anything. Because I want to be able to get the deal. If I don't get the extra free game, I feel cheated somehow. It's funny because if he had kept his mouth shut, I would have been completely happy to get the 2 games in their original prices.

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