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>> Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nice thing about living in the city is that there are so many things happening around you without notice like nice little surprise just waiting for you. I devoted today to do some knitting today, I was expecting to stay home today the whole day. But I needed to do some grocery shopping, so I stepped out of my apartment after doing laundry. Lo and behold there is a street fair happening right around the corner. I love street fairs, there are so many things to see and they all stuck together for you to browse as you will. The restaurants around are selling food on the street. Antiques, photographs, art, jewelries, clothings, there are even pet looking to be adopted. Clowns on stills, balloon shapers, different bands, you can feel the culture while you are walking on the streets. Plus it's a nice day, I can't help but smile while I'm walking.

I saw these sterling silver emblems at one of the antique booth that I really liked. I have no idea what I can do with them but I really like them because they are very tiny, colorful and cool-looking. Each of them represents an European country or a city or province in Europe. There are also ones for the States and Canada. But tiny though they maybe, each of them costs like $15-$25. I can probably fit 25 to 35 of them on my palm. It might be too expensive for me to collect. When I watch Cash In The Attic on BBC America, I used to envy how they can find forgotten treasures in their house that worth a bundle, while I look around my own place and everything is all junk from Ikea or Wal-Mart or Target. Nobody would want them even if I gave them all out for free. I don't have antiques, and I don't have money to invest in some.

I think another stye is developing along my right eye. It happened to me before and I went to an eye doctor to have it cut out. My doctor told me it's because I don't clean inside my eye properly and caused an infection. How do you clean inside your eye, really? It's like putting on contact lens, how do people do that exactly? It's so invasive. Normally I just wash my face and rub the sleep off of my eye. I never had a problem until now. My right eye lid is all bruised up like I'm been punched. Half of my head looks like a frog's which is appropriate given that my life lately revolves around frog so much. I think it's a stye but if not I must have got sucker-punched by Principe Rana in my sleep. I'm wearing my sunglasses everywhere so nobody sees, I should really just go and make an appointment with my doctor comes Monday.

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