Marriage Debate

>> Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Since I know I'm gonna have a job after December, I have been thinking about going back to Hong Kong for my friend's birthday and my cousin's wedding. My pay will be the same, actually I will get an extra bonus from another organization for helping out with the closing of some contracts and I need to spend two and a half week worth of vacation time before the end of the year anyway.

But there are things to consider, given the current situation, I will still need to save money for my unstable future. Unstable, because I don't have much confidence in the organization, I think it may fold sooner that upper management thinks. I will be given the responsibility of the CFO, the director of Operations, the Planning and the IT. It's hardly fair, and I might be set up as the fall guy. So this is a situation where I should get what I want, naming the green card, document everything and get myself out of there as soon as I can.

Furthermore, El Principe is gonna go back to Argentina sometimes next year. He doesn't have to tell me, I know it. So I really want to spend as much time with him as possible. At this point he is truly the best boyfriend I ever had, and I doubt that I would have better down the line. So maybe two week will pass with nothing exciting happening between us, at least I would have spent the time with him. After we seperates, maybe I'll go back to Hong Kong to distract myself. It's not like I want to see my family anyway.

Although I do want to attend my cousin's wedding. Maybe because I'm an only child, I always liked my cousin's. There are 5 of us that are closer and we pretty much grew up together. Among us 5, I'm the oldest. Always terrorizing, abusing and misleading them, but they were all good company. The one who's getting married VM is the smartest one amongst us, she got a couple of 7 As and 1 Bs from A-Level and got into a good university in Hong Kong, which is a very hard task. She met aboy at school and fell in love. First boyfriend ever and now they are getting married. Actually, I kinda dispite that. How can you not look around before you decide on what you want? And it is for life. Later in life you'll meet different people, understand how different realtion works and resent that you got married too fast. A lot of my friends got married with their first girlfriend/boyfriend. I'm worried for them. Plus I don't like the boy so much. Don't get me wrong, he definitely seems like a decent guy, he bought me dinner once. Seems good-natured, kind, understand responsibility, my aunt told me his family is pretty well off, a lot of good quality really. But he does not seem that sharp and he got a J-Shaped neck and he's not that good looking. I keep thinking of him as a turtle, VM s pretty and she can do a lot better, at least that's what I think. But it is her life, I'm in no position to approve or disapprove her marriage.

I don't know what to get her. I was thinking maybe just to buy a banquet table, give her a US$500 check, I know that's what married couple really need but it seems tacky. Maybe a gift like a timeless pearl necklace that she can use for a long time and give it to her children, but my friend DC says it's too personal and I probably don't know her taste. What about the groom? I went to Tiffany's and there's really nothing in there that I would buy. They are all badly designed, cheap silver, over-priced junk. And I thought they would have been the best jewelers in US, I've been jewelers in Chinatown with more interesting stuff. If I don't fly back, I can send her a pricier gift. If I buy her something and fly back, it would be too expensive.

I'll have to think harder.

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