>> Sunday, October 08, 2006

Principe Rana finally broke down and said the words I want to hear first. I didn't force him or anything, but he probably know I was pissed about something. He said it this morning before he went to work, I see this as a tremendous victory. I watched TV all day today, there really wasn't anything on the telly. But since they have a trial weekend for Showtime and there was a show called Weeds that I really wanted to see, the TV was on all day. Of course, I did laundry and went to get groceries and other Sunday rituals that I have and I also managed to finish my knitting homework. I have been destructing the work I did and re-knitting it several times because of a small mistake here and there or I didn't like what I was doing. I also got a little creative and knitted a big smiley face on it. Just trying my skill, it didn't come out exactly how I like it, but I was gonna show it off to the class next week. Sometimes, I think I'm really anal and vain.

Bought six different pasta sauces from Mitsuwa last week and I've almost tried all of them but one. Two of them are "soup" pasta sauces, one is three mushrooms and the other is a clam sauce. The three mushrooms is too diluted and did not taste much, the clam sauce was pretty good. The others are cream sauces, there was a cheese sauce that tasted like brie, a squid ink sauce, a shrimp roe cream sauce, a cod roe cream sauce. The brie one is very, very tasty, ten times better than regular macaroni and cheese. The shrimp roe cream sauce is absolutely heavenly, a little smoky and salty with a tons of flavor. I haven't tried the cod roe sauce yet, the squid ink sauce is different and quite pleasant but there are some awkward effects. It manages to make your teeth, spit, tongue and all your insides dark. A bit scary really.

I took tomorrow and Tuesday off. Since this four day weekend started off on the right foot with me being victorious and finishing my homework and all, maybe I'll attempt to clean my refridgerator and finish my long forgotten scrapbook project for my recipes cut outs from my dozens of magazine I started 2 years ago. Now the cut ous are just sitting on a corner covered with dust. I should really clean my place up too.

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