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>> Friday, September 29, 2006

I took a day off today for some medical appointments I've set up a while back. One of them being my dermatology surgeon, I've been looking forward to this one all week. I have him took a cyst off my back last week and he stitched me up afterwards and I've been itching to get them out ever since. Not for nothing but it's time like this that I can really appreciate El Principe. He has been cleaning my wounds and reapplying my bandages all week day and night, twice a day. He was very attentive. I was gonna write an entry dedicated to him, I might still do it but for now I decided to keep his feet on the ground. The whole reason I have the surgeon cut off my cyst is quite vain. First, it is seriously quite strange and unattractive to have something probing out of my back. Second, I keep remembering the scene in Alien where eventually a beak will poke out of it and start killing people. But after I have it cut out, I start thinking what if it will grow into a wing? Since I was a child, I always wanted to be able to have a pair of wings and fly. Given I've grown into a chubby kid and I doubt that I'll be able to fly even if I have wings. I'll be like a turkey or chicken, the best I could do probably will be jumping a bit further than normal people. I know it's all just my imagination, and it won't ever grow into a pair of wings, but I feel a loss somehow.

I went to an allergist last week and she gave me a breathing test and somehow my test result were not as ideal. My lung capacity comes back as 66% of a normal adult. Today I went to have a more extensive test and the results comes closer to 80%. My allergist told me that with my chest x-ray comes back and my lung seems fine and with exercise, I should be able to train my lungs into normal capacity. After that I took a skin test.

I took the skin test because usually when I wake up in the morning especially in winter, my nose is always stuffed up and I quite hate that feeling. So my allergist suggested I take a skin test to find out the agents that I'm allergic to. The nurse gave me a very strange looking paper robe to put on and she starts drawing all over my back and prickling it with forty-some toothpicks, then we waited 15 minutes and the doctor starts looking and measuring the effects. After that the nurse drawn on my arms and injected 20 agents with needles and we waited again. I'm a wuss when it comes to needles. I hate them, never liked them and never will. After another 5 minutes, we measured the effects again. So we found out that I'm allergic to some trees, some weeds and also some dust mites. That's why I can't breathe well at night. She suggested I get special casing for my pillow and start using nose sprays. Both of which I don't think I will do at all. Not to be rebellious, I'm just not fond of those ideas. But now my back and arms look very busy, with pen marks and red dots all over it, I hope I don't scare anyone.

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