>> Friday, November 03, 2006

I finally decided not to go back to Hong Kong. Of course, I would love to see my friends, but i would rather save my money. I figure if I go back I'll have to spend US$ 3-4000. Since I'm pretty sure I'll be entering a rather unhappy working environment, I want to have some money on the side just in case I need to quit.

Started doing a big blanket for my bed. Not that I need one, but my ultimate goal to learn how to knit is actually making a blanket and maybe making a sweater that I designed myself. So I'm knitting like crazy. I have a concept on making the blanket with coffee-toned, multi-long strips with different patterns, width and color. So I'm frantically knitting the strips right now. As of now, I've already spent $228 on yarn and the whole project will take around 20 weeks to finish, I suppose. And I need to buy another $100-200 worth of yarn to finish the whole blanket. With that kind of money, I can afford a drug habit. I figure that it is really not worth it to knit at all. If I go to Macy's or Lord & Taylor to get a big blanket, it'll probably cost me $200-250. It's more time-consuming and expensive to knit yourself. I best forget knitting after I finish this blanket.

I made Jambalaya my way on Wednesday and it was Good with a capital "G"! Usually you make Jambalaya on a same pot, pretty much like congee. But I was thinking, if I have a restaurant, I won't be able to make it ahead. It'll absorb all the liquid and turn into mush. So I made the sauce and rice seperately and put it into a baking dish and bake it right before it's served. it turn out to be great and delicious. Since Principe Rana don't eat shrimp I steamed some mussels, shelled them and put them in the Jambalaya. Anyway, trust me, it was Good!

El Principe is saying that the restaurant he works at don't want Hispanics working there anymore because they are afraid of the recent reinforcement of the illegal immigration law. Honestly, I think it's just talk. Where are they gonna find people that would work as hard a they do for next to nothing? Americans rather collect social security than work, and they get paid pretty much the same amount. And low income people are eligible for so much more social programs that actually it's better for them to not work than to work. But El Principe is looking for a new job now. He is notorious for making bad choices, but then he always seems to be able to land on his feet. I hope everything will be ok at the end, but I'm worried for him.

Gotta go back to my knitting, the blanket is not gonna finish itself. God, I need to get a machine.

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