Street Fighter (Muni Edition)

>> Friday, October 16, 2009

I've resisted posting this as usually I feel quite embarrassed posting any videos involving my own people making a big scene. It's silly self-hatred, I know. But after the crazy Chinese lady throwing a fit in Hong Kong, the crazy girlfriend who got into a car inside the dealership showroom and threaten her boyfriend that she'll drive threw the windows if he refuse to buy the car for her amongst other equally embarrassing videos we have this lovely addition:

Two ladies (if you can call them that) fist fighting in a San Francisco Muni bus over a seat. The background as told by the Chinese lady in her heavily accented mandarin and a bystander older gentleman who's egging on the fight. The Chinese lady was trying to get a seat while the Black lady was sitting down with her bag occupying an empty seat. When the Black lady didn't move her bag after being asked, the Chinese lady took the initiative to move it away and got slapped in the hand and the whole argument starts. While the Black lady yelled at the Asian lady that she had no rights to touch her stuff, the Asian lady starts to yell back "You're Stoopid!" and then "Fark You!", then you can see the Black lady started throwing the first punch and got her ass kicked.

I watched an episode of Family Feud the other day and one of the answers to the question "Name one of the places that you're surrounded by grumpy people" was "Bus/Public Transportation" and I didn't know why. But apparently different cities have different system and some are better than others. The guy who taped the video put up side notes that he himself had been attacked two days before this incident and from my experience in San Francisco it can get pretty crowded and sometime right around 5 or 6 O'clock, you can see hobos bringing bags of smelly recycling materials on the bus or trolley to go to recycling facilities to cash in before they close.

Good thing I'm still sorta a young'un and can stand for the duration of most bus rides. If I get to an age or a state that I really want to seat down and something like that happens to me and I get punched in the face. I will so trip the other person on the floor straddle and pummel his/her face until that person is exterminated. I have to give some prop to my Asian sister to hold back on that can of whoop ass until the other person threw the first punch. Although that accented yelling and cursing business is quite unattractive.

Speaking of which, maybe an American video game developer can make a 2-D fighting game with viral video stars? I would like to see this Asian lady, Afro Ninja, Star Wars kid and the DEA agent who shot himself in the foot. Hm... Who else? And can we have the Muni bus for at least one round?

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