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>> Sunday, October 18, 2009

I always thought I like wintry weathers but these few days of drizzly rains and with temperatures around 30s and 40s are really off-putting. Leaving the window a tad open for fresh air turned out to be a bad idea, but then closing it make the whole apartment a sound box, everything my neighbors are doing upstairs pass midnight are emphasized like they are moving furniture or something, every time they walk around makes it sounds like they are playing basketball with their feet squishing against the floor. Maybe my ceiling will one day crumble down and be done with it.

I hope the weather will warm up a bit in the following two weeks, especially for Halloween. The boyfriend with his new muttonchops are planning to go out for drinks in a Logan costume, we've gotten a flannel shirt and some claws. He's going to look real cute, which he already does in or out of costume anyhow. Me on the hand is another entirely different story. I thought about doing Frankenstein, since I do regard my forehead as a little large, almost a five-head, so it could be fitting.

I've also thought about dressing up as one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. I have a friend who was very much into the convent. I do believe wearing a bra (wimple) on my head, painting my face white, wearing a black low-cut tutu with my chest hair sticking out with gender-freak out quite a bit of folks. It should be quite fitting for Halloween and afterwards I can say that I've done drag. On the downside though, I might get harassed by homophobes and it might freak out the boyfriend too much and never get sexed again. Besides, the acquired girl's clothes are probably not refundable and picture me going to Victoria's Secret trying on bras on my head.

So to match up the Boyfriend a little bit without going all matchy-matchy, I've chosen to be Colossus this year. Colossus is tall, he has black hair and a larger forehead too, I might be able to pull it off. I went to a major costume store in NYC but it turned out they don't have much X-men costumes, so it is going to be a duct-tape costume. It's a bit ambitious I know, but we do sorta have a DIY spirit and it seems like a fun thing to do. I have already bought a pair of super hero red boots from Target. Since Colossus has a silver body, I'm going to wear an old white long sleeve t-shirt and long johns and use the silver duct tape to wrap all around mimicking the silver stripe pattern of Colossus. Red and yellow duct tape for the torso, the belt and I'll use red duct tape to wrap around a pair of boxer-shorts, with some card board and silver face paint, it just might work. Maybe next year I can reuse some stuff and be Omega Red.

Maybe I can pad some duct tape up to imitate muscles? lol.

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