Blog Intro: People of Walmart (Swimsuit Edition)

>> Thursday, October 29, 2009

As I was entering my building yesterday after shopping for groceries, a bunch of people got in the building along with me and one of the 20-something girls touched my sleeve and says "Well, you're cute. What do you think about giving me your number?" I appreciate her compliment and thanked her then blurted out that I'm not interested in girls. She proceed to jokingly refer her male companion to me but by then I'm already out of sight.

At night I went to watch the World Series at a neighborhood gay bar. It was a lot of fun with loud fans huffing and hawing about the game. High-fiving with strangers, a young gentleman rubbed his face against mine right after the 8th inning, he's probably high or drunk that's the only explanation to reason his behavior. I take this sudden act of friendliness to be a compliment.

It's great to be at a place with so many excited people when our team, The Phillies, are winning, I doubt that it'd be fun if "we" are losing. Since the only leather/bear bar in town is rumored to be closing soon with a notice at the front door for proof. This neighborhood sports bar could be a replacement, people seems friendly enough.

These pictures are from People of Walmart. If you haven't check them out yet, do!

Looks like an over-sexified extra on MadMen.

Apparently no one is eating Gilbert's grape or any other fruits or vegetables.

Pregnant stripper?! Do you have to pay extra?

Looks like one of those toys that won't fall.

The silhouette of the body is so altered that it has become inspiring.

My gay brother needs some help.

I hope there's blood circulation somehow.

Laundry Day?

I like a hairy guy but not Sasquatch here trying be normal around humans.

Um, this is attractive, how? Just because it looks funny in a souvenir shop doesn't mean you HAVE to buy it.

Now for some rare eye candy:


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