Let's Go, Phillies!

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Philadelphia had been buzzing with the news that our baseball team, the mighty Phillies are almost at the point where they will make the World Series. By the way, what makes that the 'World' series? Not very worldly if you ask me, there are people playing baseball in Japan and Taiwan and... Um, whatever. Well, Philadelphia is quite excited about our team making such prowess. It seems to be THE topic that everyone has lingering on and I don't blame them. Even a person like me who doesn't know much about baseball had learned something and quite proud to acquire some butch facade.

Last year when 'we' won the world series, car were flipped, stores were looted, fans were celebrating like pirates. So since the economy had gone so downwards, I'm thinking about my needs so the time comes, I know which stores to stand around. Too bad we don't have an Apple store in Center City, I would love an air book, a couple of iPhones and iPods if not for the resale value. I'm sure the luggage store learned their lessons from last year and got insurance and some metal gates. To my surprise, they are have helicopters, riding cops and painting lamp posts and tree with grease as a prevention mechanism.

Store front were encouraged to board up their windows on night where there are matches. Out new street corner solar compacters (trash bins) were picked up and replaced by cheaper, harder to climb metal trash baskets that get chained to aforementioned petroleum jelly-greased up lamp posts. All on a night that is not even the World Series finals. I guess we are just looking for an excuse to lash out and riot.

Maybe during the World Series, I can go watch the game at the local bear bar. It's always so much fun to feel the testosterone around you and feel excited along with everyone else. Besides, I should really get something out of the deal if I can't get any looted merchandise for sale. Drunken, excited baseball fan and petroleum jelly on posts should be a killer combination.

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