Blog Intro: People of Walmart (Parking Lot Edition)

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

I've entered a haiku contest on 8Asians about 2 weeks ago for 3 little humorous coffee table books and I've won. Actually it's no big deal, they chose 2 winners from merely 3 entries. So almost everybody who bothered to write something gets it. I'm not gonna post my winning entry here since one of the rules is that you have to either use the words "FAIL" or the expression "lol" and I've mistakenly use "lol" as one note instead of spelling out L-O-L, so needless to say, I'm quite embarrassed. All three books are blog related, they are How to Take Over the Wurld, Graph Out Loud and FAIL Nation, total around $30 in value. Not too bad, huh?

I feel like I must post this parking lot edition of People of Walmart. I swear it will be my last post for that site. I feel slightly awful that I'm utilizing so many pictures from them but it has been very enjoyable. So enjoy this very last piece.

Did someone died?

Or did they hang themselves?

Oh deer! I think I see the body.

Do you REALLY like that line that much???

On the other hand, THIS guy can't shut up.

This is what I called a utility vehicle.

Double as a tree house for the kids.

For the imaginative. Is this guy the captain...? My bad thought that was a boat wheel.

Is this where they got the turducken idea?

As if the parking lot is that far away... Who would need valet at freakin' Walmart?

Oops... spoke too soon. Can you spot the nouveau riche?

Um... (speechless)

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