Movie Review: Zombieland

>> Sunday, October 04, 2009

Went to see Zombieland with the boyfriend because he likes zombies and it seems like a fun movie. For some strange reasons I have found Woody Harrelson to be quite sexy, Matthew McConaughey and him seems to emit the same kind of energy even though Woody has a lot less hair.

Anyway, zombie movie... another virus outbreak. In the beginning of the movie, they showed a globe seemingly destroyed; The oceans seemed to have gone and replaced by and gleaming, menacing red lava lines. In this post apocalypse world, most people had been turned into zombies, so a young kid nicknamed Columbus developed a list of rules for himself in order to survive. Along the way, he meets a crude drifter that takes too much joy out of zombie slaying and driving big cars, also two female tricksters that have serious trust issues, but who can blame them? The zombies are everywhere.

Lately, I've seen a couple of movies that features fast moving zombies, zombies that can run, climb and jump. I always thought that zombies were slow and move in drones, that's why it wasn't exactly threatening to me, but these are different. Other than the usual goo spewing, broken limbs and the chewing of human flesh, it was explained that the virus they contracted inflamed their brains and make them violent and hungry, but how come they only attack humans and not each other?

But that's besides the point. It's about fright and flight and big guns! Inventive ways to smash and kill zombies. To the contrary of the common sense on epidemic outbreaks the quartet chose to go to a metropolis and go to an attention grabbing venue at night, but of course it's not logic that we needed, they were asking for trouble for sure. I especially enjoyed the opening sequence of the rules and zombie outbreaks, smashing stuff in a Native American souvenir shop, flashy guns and different action sequences. It's like being a little kid at the candy shop, though the ending sequence is a little bit lazy. I would enjoy a Kill Bill style sequence with more inventive ways to kill then guns.

It was fun, it could be more enjoyable if there were more substance, in the form of a few more rules might work. B

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