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>> Friday, October 02, 2009

Last week when A&Y threw a party, the one that I happened to have made a cheesecake, helped move and won some money at the mahjong table, they had also given me an industrial mouse trap. We have mice in our building, not fierce huge rats, but little bratty mice. Since I cook so much at my place, they like to come to hang from time to time. They don't do much harm but it's just annoying, really, and I'm not much for uninvited guests.

So late last night after I went to bed, I heard a loud clank like a robot had stepped on the ground and then a lot of lighter metal clinking sounds followed. Somehow I've forgotten that I've set out the metal trap and apparently one of the mice got caught. It's one of the humane trap that doesn't kill the mice and it's designed as a little metal tunnel where the mice see the other end and thinks that it's a passageway but in the middle of the tunnel there's a trigger where it'd turn and flip them to the other side of the box with a little glass window so the user can see what's in there. It is also recurring where it will keep catching mice until it's full. I try to ignore the noise as much as I can until I wake up in the morning.

My friends had instructed me that I could perhaps starve the mice to death or submerge the whole contraption in water to drown the caught creatures, but I know it's not something that I can do. So here I am with the cage in my hand walking two blocks away and release the mouse near a park. The mouse leap out two foot away, if there was ever a record for the furthest leaping mouse, it could have broke it. Here's to hope it doesn't run back to my building and make a habit of being my roommate. And if he does, maybe he can tell his little friends (assuming that he has any) to leave me alone too.

Gone to my barber yesterday afternoon to get a cut this afternoon in Chinatown. The guy had been cutting my hair for the past 8~10 years, followed him around 3 different barbershop until he got his own, I guess I can call him a friend. I've known him before he knew his wife when I thought he might be gay and now he's expecting his third child. Time flies. In the past, he had me helped him repairing his computer. Yesterday, he asked me to see if I can go to his lawyer's office to help translate something to him. Apparently 2 years ago someone fell down in front of his barbershop and now the person is attempting to get some compensation out of it.

My barber has insurance just for these kinds of occasions, so everything is taken care of. The person who fell, didn't fell because of there were merchandise in the way or because of the street is badly repaired, so I don't think it'll stick. Since he is sorta a friend and I don't want people to take advantage of him just because he doesn't speak much English, I guess I'll go help him even though the meeting is three weeks from now at 9:15am and I haven't woken up that early for anything for a while. At least, it'll give me a sense of belonging and usefulness.

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