The Versatility of Duct Tape

>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Turns out making a duct tape costume can be quite complicated. Well, I'm still rushing ahead but there is a whole world within the duct tape costume community. People win prizes, scholarships, become prom kings and queens or at the very least, cause a spectacle.

The avid duct tape costume pro would actually create duct tape fabrics and then use the fabrics to tailor a form fit suit or costumes:

Nope, not for me. While I went to the bookstore looking for a book about duct tapes, the store clerk asked me whether I was an art student of sorts. It took some convincing for her to believe that I was just being creative and eccentric. Just look at these people:

More costume can be seen here and here and the tape is also featured quite often here.

I guess you've got to be just a bit crazy to create a costume out of duct tape. It'd be a lot easier to convince people that I'm a psychopath and just buying tapes for easy disposal of a body or two. Well, I'll keep some leftovers. Who knows? Right?

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