Aren't You Hard 'N Phirm?

>> Monday, October 12, 2009

The Boyfriend and I watch a G4 show called Web Soup which is sort of a new spin off of E!'s The Soup. Web Soup take the same concept with VH1's Web Junk 20 or Comedy Central's Tosh.0 which is just showing funny and interesting amateur clips found online and show it to the TV audience in a categorized format like The Soup. These clips shows are like some sort of news program to me, capturing what happened online during the week, since the Internet is such a big part of our lives now. The Boyfriend and I like them. Chris Hardwick, the host of Web Soup, was coming to Philadelphia for a stand up show, so the Boyfriend and I got tickets to go see him at the Trocadero last night.

I guess you can say the Trocadero is an institution in Philly. Located in Chinatown, they often host underground rock and punk concert which seems odd at times when the attendees are so un- and non-Chinese, wearing black T-shirt and wearing goth make-up lining up to go into the venue. In the past 10 years of my time here, I've never got the chance to go and see inside, so I'm glad to have the chance to do so.

Honestly, I wasn't quite excited to see Chris Hardwick perform, I much rather go see Joe McHale but I guess it is that I didn't know much about the guy but that was probably because the guy's porn-staresque name escaped the me and I didn't recognize who he is until the opening act person turns out to be Mike Phirman, which I've just seen a Comedy Central special with them two together and referred themselves to be the comedy group Hard 'N Phirm which they like to perform odd ball comedies and do funny songs together.

They are essentially two nerds who made it big, both funny and witty, we were pretty entertained. Some of the bits include singing a song about Pi and reciting digits down to the 50th place, singing a song in Spanish about the real functions of the heart, dinosaurs, girls and other nerdy topics. My favorite is when they did some Harry Potter jokes in a session called the Hogwarts Snaps:

"Your momma so fat, the sorting hat put her in all four houses."
"Your momma so fat, her wand is a Slim Jim."
"Your momma so fat, her patronus is a cake."

Go see them if they stop by in your area.

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