Movie Review: Shrek The Third

>> Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Since I reviewed Spiderman 3, I thought I might as well review Shrek 3 as well. I always like Shrek, it's fun to make fun of fairy tales and Disney. In this installment, the king of far, far away died and Shrek is the next in line to succeed the position. But being the simple life-loving creature that he is, he went to look for the distance cousin Arthur to be the king instead. Fiona is pregnant and Shrek is terrified that he will need to be responsible enough to be a father. On the other side, Prince Charming is planning with the other villains to take over far, far away.

In Shrek 3, they failed to introduced a lot of new fairy tale characters to be ridicule. Other than King Arthur and Merlin, there's nothing much new. The issues that Shrek has to deal with is so serious and adult that not much fun is had by the kids and the adults. While it is still a bit slapstick and there are a lot of fighting scene to sparks some excitement, the charm that is shrek is fully unrecognizable. DC sitting next to me took a nap during the movie and I'm a bit bored sitting there watching the thing. Disappointed, it is definitely better to wait for the DVD to come out.

"C+" for me.

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