>> Thursday, May 17, 2007

ES finally gave birth on May 15th, 2007 to a healthy 7 lb 3 oz baby boy. She decided to name her second boy Yujiro way ahead. She liked the name even though it was similar to the name of a well known old style actor in Japan. Part of the reason why she chose Yujiro, is that she can nickname the kid "Eugene" or as MP called him "Geno", which is good since he'll be raised in US. His middle name would be Apollo which I thought is very strange but I'm in no place to protest. It was better than her husband's choices which were Naruto and Musashi. It would be quite embarassing to be named after cartoon characters who is named after food products. Well, if people can be named after clothings and cars like "Cartier" and "Mercedes", I guess "Fish-Cake" is not so far fetch.

But all jokes aside, the baby is "Tres-Cute". I dare not hold the baby, a brute like me could have easily broke some bones or drop him. It's a nightmare that plays over and over in my head. I know it's probably not gonna happen, but what am I gonna do to repay them if it does? It's funny that the first thing ES wanted was a chocolate-covered banana from an Italian pastry shop. She hasn't eaten for days, they won't let her eat 8 hours before the surgery and 12 hours after and they kept pushing her operation back. Well, now Yujiro or "YAL" from now on, will share the same birthdate as my best friend. YAL is so cute with his little feet and little hand... even when he cries, he sounds so cute. It really makes you want your own.

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