Food Review: Dairy Queen's Waffle Bowl Sundae

>> Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am usually not a sucker for commercials but when I saw dairy queen's commercial for their waffle bowl sundae, I have to say I couldn't have resisted. It did sound and look marvelous on TV. I love ice cream, I love chocolate and I love waffles, so it only makes sense that somebody would have the brain to put them all together. So I went to the nearest dairy queen and tried it. Well, let me just put it this way, it is far from what I would imagine it to be.

It is what it is, vanilla yogurt type ice cream in a chocolate-dipped waffle bowl, drizzle with a strawberry sauce and chocolate syrup and decorated with dabs of whipped cream but there are so much details that is left out. You can't ruin, ice cream unless it's runny and thank god it wasn't but the waffle is premade in bulk and they are stale and thin, the strawberry sauce is so watery, given there are bits and pieces of actual strawberry which gave it a good taste but I didn't care to have watery sauce in my ice cream. The chocolate syrup is not really chocolate syrup but those chocolate sauce that solidify when it gets cold. So the whole chocolate sauce turned out to be chocolate tasting wax that's far from appetizing and he whole mess costs nearly 6 bucks. I could have gone to my neighborhood convenient store and get a triple chocolate king cone for one-fourth of its cost and be much more satisfied.

That'll teach me to believe what I see in commercials. I rarely do, but that damned thing looked so good on TV. Arghhhh!!!

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