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>> Friday, May 11, 2007

I saw a brilliant video online beautifully done by Mr. Francesco D'Macho's MachoTube on YouTube. Francesco is a charismatic, good-looking guy who has joined the porn industry less than a year ago. This first installment featured some random shots of his personal life as well as some backstage shots with him and his friends. It's very sexy, most of the screens features him half-naked prancing around film sets with other muscle-bound guys. What impressed me the most it's his choice of music as well as his editing skills. At the 3:20 mark, he reserved a shot of him plunging into the pool which has a brilliant effect. I read somewhere that he went to college to study CGI, no wonder everything looked so brilliant. I think he might have a neck to be a director too.

From this video and the previous video, I have concluded that I really like his taste in music and I have downloaded the songs from iTunes. One is "Mad World" form Donnie Darko's soundtrack, which has a very somber piano thing that I usually go for. This latest one, I found out, is from NeYo and the song is called "Because of You" whose CD has just came out less than two weeks ago. I'm a big R&B fan myself, but I have yet notice NeYo. Apparently he is very talented writing songs for big stars like Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Beyonce and such. I really like the cheerful beats in his music, and tracking from his records he seems to be a solid songwriter. I was persuaded to get both of his album and after I found out that he is gay, I'm sold.

In researching about Ne-Yo, I came across rumors about him having a baby's momma and denial about his relationship with another guy in college and even a rumor of the existence of a homemade porno with a girlfriend, just to cover up that he is gay. They say the hip-hop music industry is very anti-gay and that explains why he has to go through all those trouble and spreading the rumors just to fit in. I was convinced that he wasn't gonna come out unitl a former lover threatens to expose his sexuality to the world. But if he is a man with true talents, and I think he is, why is he so afraid of telling other people that he's gay? Maybe I don't realize it as much but apparently in the world that we live in, being gay is a big deal and gay people constantly have to fight for acceptance and equality. I say f#(k'em, who cares what they think?

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