The Little Red Phone

>> Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just bought this little number for Principe, since he somehow destroy his old one with his sweat or something like that. Took his old phone to fix because he was complaining that he can hear other people on his phone but other people can't hear him. The repair guy said the motherboard must have short-circuited, and he says it would cost more to repair it than to get a new one. (It's such a standard answer...) So I got this Nokia 5300 Music Xpress for about half its retail price on Ebay.

I like Ebay for this very reason. Same stuff for less, I get what I want and don't have to pay for the same price. It usually has no drawbacks, but the phone doesn't come with the option of changing languages. There's only English and Arabic, which presents a problem since Principe can only read Spanish. I searched around Nokia's site and even called them up, but there's no obvious resolution at this point. I tried to update and reinstall the phone's operating system to no avail. So I emailed them and hope that the one responding to the emails are more knowledgeable then the ones answering the phone.

I'm sure sooner or later Principe will drop it or break it again anyway. (Positive thinking, positive thinking!!!)

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